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Using Google Sites to Create An E-Portfolio

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Learn how to use Google Sites to create an e-portfolio to showcase your work, experience, and skills! In this Webinar, inspired by an earlier program that introduced the idea of e-portfolios to attendees, presenters Lisa Chow and Sandra Sajonas will show you how to get started on your e-portfolio and demonstrate step-by-step how to create one using Google Sites. Then, you'll learn strategies for sharing and promoting your e-portfolio. Join us, and you'll be ready to create a visual and interactive representation of your knowledge and career experience...and stand out from the crowd.

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Using Google Sites to Create An E-Portfolio

  1. Showcase Your Work, Experienceand Skills: Using Google Sites to Create An E-Portfolio Lisa Chow | Sandra Sajonas November 14, 2012 SLA Click University Webinar People Interact ~ Its about people.
  2. TODAYS AGENDALearn how to use Google Sites to create an e-portfolio toshowcase your work, experience and skills. In this webinar, we will cover:• Getting started on creating an e-portfolio• Using Google Sites to create an e-portfolio• Sharing and promoting your e-portfolio
  3. CRITICAL QUESTIONS• What is an e-portfolio and why should I have one?• How do I get started on creating an e-portfolio?• How do I use Google Sites to create an e-portfolio?• How do I share and promote my e-portfolio?
  4. The basics of e-portfolios:What is an e-portfolio and why should I have one?
  5. What is an e-portfolio?
  6. How do they compare to traditional resumes and CVs? RESUME/CV E-PORTFOLIO• work experience • work experience• skills • skills• education • education• research • research• publications • publications• presentations • presentations• page limit • interactive• tailored for print medium • links• text-based • video, audio, photos • slideshows and presentations
  7. Why should I have an e-portfolio?
  8. How do I get started on creating an e-portfolio?
  9. Getting Started: Tips & Advice• Gather and compile your information, resume, presentations, sample work, etc.• Organize into categories and headings.• Write or draw out how you want your e- portfolio.
  10. How do I use Google Sites to create an e-portfolio?
  11. Google SitesPros • No need to sign up for another account if you already have a gmail or google account • Gadgets and widgets to enhance your e-portfolio • Can revert to previously saved versionsCons• Like many tools, Google is constantly changing.
  12. Step 1: Creating a Site
  13. Step 1: Creating a Site (Continued...)
  14. Look and Feel (Templates & Themes) • For templates, you can browse various categories or search directly (i.e. portfolios) or you can start off with a blank template. • There are also themes to choose from. • You can change your template and theme at any time.
  15. Privacy SettingsMake your site private or public or only viewable by certain individuals.These settings can be changed at any time in "Sharing and Permissions".
  16. Step 2: Adding Content• Text• Links• Images• Documents• Presentations• Videos• Podcasts
  17. Google Sites Toolbar
  18. Image Resources
  19. Step 2: Adding Presentations3 WaysInsert → Presentation → Select from Google Docs listInsert → Picasa Web slideshowInsert → More gadgets → Embed gadget→ Copy & paste embed code from Slideshare, a slidehosting & sharing service
  20. Step 2: Adding Videos & Podcasts3 WaysInsert → Video → Google VideoInsert → Video → YouTubeInsert → More gadgets → Google Docs Video3 WaysInsert → More gadgets → Embed gadget → paste codeInsert → More gadgets → search mp3 player → pasteURLAdd files → select mp3 file
  21. Lisas e-portfolio on Google Sites
  22. Sandras e-portfolio on Google Sites
  23. How do I share and promote my e-portfolio?
  24. If you build it, will they come? How do you effectively promote your e-portfolio? Here are some ideas: • Email signatures • Presentation bios • Resume --> -->
  25. Business Cards
  26. Your Online Presence Cross-link your e-portfolio and yourweb/social media presence & profiles.
  27. Is anyone visiting my e-portfolio?How do I gauge the impact of my e-portfolio?
  28. How to Activate Google Analytics 1. Go to 2. Admin → what would you like to track? 3. Select website → paste URL → copy tracking ID 4. Go into your Google site → More → Manage Site → paste tracking ID
  29. Using Google Analytics to Gauge the Impact of Your E-portfolio
  30. Making It Better: Tips & Advice Your e-portfolio is a work in progress.• Tweak along the way.• Ask others for feedback and critique on your e-portfolio.• Keep an eye on your web analytics.
  31. Resources*This resource list and more can be found via this link: Fran’s Getting Started with Google Sites Unofficial Google Sites Help Center Employability Through E-Portfolios eportfolios
  32. Questions?Blog: People Interact ~ Its about people.