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Interesting mango food items for summer

Mango is the fruit which is best suited for summer and healthy glowing skin( and there are number of recipes being prepared with mango, the ppt shows the mango recipes for summer.

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Interesting mango food items for summer

  1. 1. Interesting Mango Recipe For Summer
  2. 2. Foods On Mango • Mango is the kind of tropical fruit which is of many types and has sweet and bitter taste based on the varieties. • Mango is enriched with many nutritious factor and they are considered good for skin. • There are some researches which shows that the anti- oxidants in mango has the chance to prevent the cancer. • This fruit is seasonal for the summer season in India. • The below slides shows some of the summer special recipe on mango.
  3. 3. Mango Ice stick • As the summer is approaching the ice creams and cool drinks get more demand. • There are number of ice stick varieties which provide ultimate taste. • The mango ice stick is the simple dish done with the mango and sugar. • To make the dish more hygienic, it is preferred to do it in the house. • The mango ice stick recipe -
  4. 4. Mango Falooda • The falooda is the cold beverage which is done with the vermicelli. • This very popular dessert in India. This dessert is very often done with basil seeds, milk and water. • The mango falooda is prepared at home with the basic ingredients and mango. • Mango falooda recipe -
  5. 5. Mango Smoothie • Smoothies are the extraordinary beverage for the summer. • They also provide healthy and tasty factor when consumed. • The smoothie is prepared with thick milk. Number of ingredients can be mixed together to show differentiation in flavor. • Mango is mixed with any varieties of fruits or consumed as solely. • Mango and banana smoothie recipe -
  6. 6. Mango Cheesecake • Cakes are preferred by all sort of people for all the seasons, but since mango is confined to summer season, mango cheesecake becomes the demanding one. • Mango is either made solely or mixed with some other fruit to enrich the taste. • The mango cheese cake is prepared even at home with the easily available ingredients. • Check the mango cheesecake recipe -
  7. 7. Aam(mango) panna • Aam panna is the Indian origin beverage which is consumed to resist the heat during the summer. • This is prepared from raw mango which gives refreshment and energy to bare the Indian heat. • This aam panna is made tastier with little lemon juce, cumin seeds and jaggery. • Aam panna preparation method -
  8. 8. • These are some of the mango varieties which provide awesome taste with equal health benefits and they are delightful dish during summer occasion. • A to Z food recipes( is the blog which contains elements about the Indian food items with clear description about the ingredients and preparation method.
  9. 9. Thank You