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Nice UX

Little big details in User Experience design - small delights and what is the purpose behind them

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Nice UX

  1. 1. Nice UX Leonid Jack
  2. 2. Little Big Details EXTRA or MISSING mile ?
  3. 3. in real life…
  4. 4. Kleenex
  5. 5. Tesla
  6. 6. Nice UX is Solving problems Providing feedback Adding value Unforgettable
  7. 7. Nice UX solving problems
  8. 8. 1) Solving Problems: Chrome Speaker icon on a tab if a sound played in it
  9. 9. 1) Solving Problems: Google a reminder about upcoming movie release date on google search
  10. 10. 1) Solving Problems: Google Camera a rotate icon while phone is vertical and in video mode, encouraging you to record proper horizontal videos
  11. 11. 1) Solving Problems: Google Hangouts automatically mutes your mic if it hears you typing while others are talking
  12. 12. 1) Solving Problems: Paper the category title fade out as it gets closer to the icons in the upper right corner
  13. 13. 1) Solving Problems: Uber In the subject line for a receipt, the time of day of your ride is in contextual and in plane language
  14. 14. 1) Solving Problems: iOS The camera app dynamically casts a drop shadow for text when displaying over a bright background
  15. 15. 1) Solving Problems: Etsy the site gently encourages you to the requisite five words and beyond
  16. 16. 1) Solving Problems: Amazon faux 3D animations to guide the user to view the back and internal book details
  17. 17. 1) Solving Problems: Foursquare ”When no data for opening hours, they suggest “See when people check in
  18. 18. 1) Solving Problems: Slack send an email to your phone that will automatically sign you in
  19. 19. 1) Solving Problems: InVision mislabelled a PSD as an PNG ? (the file you’re trying to upload is too large)
  20. 20. Nice UX providing feedback
  21. 21. 2) Providing Feedback: Pinterest helping understand the context of my actions
  22. 22. 2) Providing Feedback: Paper closing the messages popup
  23. 23. 2) Providing Feedback: Paper Click on the “more likes” box on a popular post to see people’s names fly out into a long list
  24. 24. 2) Providing Feedback: Paper a feedback upon “Like” received on paper
  25. 25. 2) Providing Feedback: Flickr the placeholder text in the search field changes depending on the search filter
  26. 26. 2) Providing Feedback: Google Now Tapping the information icon on a card flips it around, revealing the back and some additional text
  27. 27. 2) Providing Feedback: Skype First-time user popup
  28. 28. 2) Providing Feedback: Hyperlapse Speed (dropped frames) both on a button and a view itself
  29. 29. 2) Providing Feedback: Google Now Setting a reminder on Google Now
  30. 30. 2) Providing Feedback: Path Back icon is Path’s signature ‘P’ logo. Text stays readable while rotating
  31. 31. 2) Providing Feedback: Path Continuing to scroll adjusts the date and time dynamically based on which post is underneath it on the view
  32. 32. Nice UX adding value
  33. 33. 3) Adding value: Instapaper The “add a folder” button automatically turns into a form field for the name
  34. 34. 3) Adding value: Medium select text in a post, share buttons come up, tweet is pre-filled
  35. 35. 3) Adding value: Twitter Pull down for multiple Twitter accounts menu
  36. 36. 3) Adding value: Amsterdam Museum opening hours for today
  37. 37. 3) Adding value: Flickr live-filters showing the effect on an actual photo
  38. 38. 3) Adding value: Google Maps the path home has a light blue outline
  39. 39. 3) Adding value: Fiverr shows the explanation of your account balance on figures hover
  40. 40. 3) Adding value: Waymate the loading page shows you the weather info for the destination
  41. 41. 3) Adding value: Tweetbot 3 when adding a photo to a tweet “Use Last Photo Taken” is an option
  42. 42. 3) Adding value: TED video continues to play at the top left corner
  43. 43. 3) Adding value: Path a tap on the frosted-glass search bar in the main app view, bring up a few filtering options bubbles
  44. 44. 3) Adding value: Slideshare mobile preview on desktop monitor
  45. 45. Nice UX unforgettable
  46. 46. 4) Unforgettable: Twitter Launching the Twitter app builds energy and emotion right from the start
  47. 47. 4) Unforgettable: Hyperlapse Impressive short introduction to a first-time user
  48. 48. 4) Unforgettable: Basecamp on a form field error, the character makes a surprising facial expression and points to the relevant field
  49. 49. 4) Unforgettable: Pinterest focus on benefits, not features
  50. 50. 4) Unforgettable: Secret Tapping view the comments – the card slides to the top of the screen, pushing the status bar out of sight
  51. 51. 4) Unforgettable: Flickr delightful experience that adds a personal touch to the entire app
  52. 52. 4) Unforgettable: Facebook nearby friends feature shows your own picture with your partner’s to illustrate its use
  53. 53. 4) Unforgettable: InVision Blog Title changes to “Don’t forget to read this…” if you on a different tab
  54. 54. 4) Unforgettable: TeuxDeux the copy of plans engages users personal attitude
  55. 55. 4) Unforgettable: Vimeo it makes fart noises when you scroll up and down
  56. 56. 4) Unforgettable: Nice Ocean
  57. 57. 4) Unforgettable: Nice Ocean
  58. 58. 4) Unforgettable: Nice Ocean
  59. 59. 4) Unforgettable: Nice Ocean
  60. 60. 4) Unforgettable: Nice Ocean
  61. 61. Nice UX is Solving problems Providing feedback Adding value Unforgettable
  62. 62. Thank you !