high school world history us history history 19th century honors advanced placement age of enlightenment japan french revolution china theodore roosevelt industrialization europe imperialism strayer reformation russia india ottoman empire scientific revolution ap world history africa edo period napoleon ming dynasty qing dynasty world war i suffrage woodrow wilson trust buster william taft progressiveism rough riders spanish american war andrew carnegie robber barrons big business isolationism mexican revolution pancho villa ww i unrestricted submarine warfare zimmerman telegram chinese exclusion acts immigration farmers' alliance populism sitting bull sioux little big horn custer native americans labor unions unions wilson women's suffrage roosevelt progressivism open door policy progressive era westernization peter the great ivan the terrible romanov tsar glorious revolution restoration cromwell english civil war fall of communism ussr cold war bolshevik chinese civil war communist revolution russian revolution culture 1750 1450 christianity the counter reformation the reformation the enlightement feminism nationalism haitian revolution american revolution atlantic revolutions capitalism socialism latin america united states ways of the world world war ii fascism great depression vigee le brun samuel richardson catherine the great fredrick the great joseph ii mozart neoclassical locke philosophes wolstonecraft rousseau hobbes montesquieu voltaire bacon galileo newton organization notebook study habits notes outlining council of trent john calvin john knox pope paul iv pope paul iii counter reformation protestantism 30 years war peace of westphalia ferdinand ii gustavus adolphus alfonso i slavery new world slave trade plantations tokugawa period kabuki daimyo tokugawa shogun haiti simon bolivar toussaint l'overture iturbide portugal spain peru mexico dominican republic brazil argentina jose de san martin great britain prussia congress of vienna austria france metternich duke of wellington industrial revolution economic reform social reform josephine tuileries napoleon bonaparte horatio nelson battle of the nile coup d'etat french revolutionary calendar reign of terror maximillian robespierre 7 years war french-indian war east explorers european trade religion protestant england tudor trench warfare weapons
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