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Food supplement XShape

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  1. 1. www.zivisastilom.comMOVE AND EAT to be fit!
  2. 2. Facts about OBESITYObesity is a leading preventable cause ofdeath worldwide.Authorities view it as one of the mostserious public health problems of the21st century. Source: Barness LA, Opitz JM, Gilbert-Barness E (December 2007). "Obesity: genetic, molecular, and environmental aspects". Am. J. Med. Genet. A 143A (24): 3016–34.
  3. 3. Facts about OBESITYObesity is a medical condition in whichexcess body fat has accumulated to the extentthat it may have an adverse effect on health,leading to reduced life expectancy and/orincreased health problems. Sources: WHO 2000 p.6, Haslam DW, James WP (2005). "Obesity". Lancet 366 (9492): 1197–209.
  4. 4. Facts about OBESITYObesity is an increased risk for thedevelopment of the following diseases*:• Cardiovascular diseases (for example hypertension)• Metabolic diseases (for example Type II diabetes, gout)• Locomotor diseases (for example joint problems, spinal complaints)• Tumor diseases (for example breast cancer, cervical cancer)• Diseases of the digestive system (for example reflux disease, gallstones)• Venous diseases (for example varicose veins)• Mental/nervous problems (for example depression)• Other: dermatological diseases, respiratory or hormonal problems etc. Source: Imre Rodler: Élelmezés és táplálkozás egészségtan (Nutrition and Food Hygienics), Medicina Könyvkiadó Zrt. Budapest, 2008.
  5. 5. WHY?
  6. 6. MAIN REASON 1Excessive energy intake.High energy but low nutrient food products,with lots of sugar and saturated fatty acids.
  7. 7. MAIN REASON 2We ”combine” the excessive energyintake with stressful lifestyle withoutproper physical activity.
  8. 8. Energy intake
  9. 9. Energy intake World map of energy consumption 2001-2003 kcal / person / day Source: EarthTrends: Nutrition: Calorie supply per capita. World Resources Institute. Retrieved Oct. 18, 2009.
  10. 10. Energy intakeLet’s take a closer look at Europe!
  11. 11. Energy intake 3400-3600 kcal/person/day > 3600 Romaniakcal/person/day Hungary Switzerland 3200-3400 kcal/person/dayPortugal MaltaAustria Norway Lithuania 3000-3200 kcal/person/dayIreland Netherlands PolandItaly Germany Czech Republic FinlandGreece Denmark Iceland Russian FederationBelgium United Kingdom Estonia UkraineFrance Spain Sweden Latvia 2800-3000 2600-2800 kcal/person/day kcal/person/day Slovenia Croatia Belarus Slovakia Bulgaria Moldova Albania Serbia and Montenegro Macedonia Bosnia Sources: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). 2006. FAOSTAT Online Statistical Service. Rome: FAO.
  12. 12. Energy intakeAverage energy consumption in Europe(2003) was 3354 kcal/person/day.Although the recommendations given for adaily calorie intake (refer to an adult personwith moderate activity):- for women it should be around 2000 and- for men 2500-2800 kcal per day.
  13. 13. Proper physical activity
  14. 14. Proper physical activityWatching sport is not equal with doing sport!
  15. 15. Proper physical activitySitting all day in the office is also not a sport.
  16. 16. Proper physical activitySitting in the car... Sources: EarthTrends: Nutrition: Calorie supply per capita. World Resources Institute. Retrieved Oct. 18, 2009.
  17. 17. THE MAIN CAUSES OF OBESITY Overeating Inactivity BUT!
  19. 19. Can you remember this? PortugalEnergy consumption Austria (2001-2003) Ireland Italy > 3600 Greece kcal/person/day Belgium France
  20. 20. England Germany Malta Greece Hungary Finland Czech Rep. Spain Lithuania Slovenia Portugal* Slovakia Overweight people, 2003 Ireland Bulgaria Cyprus Latvia Austria* Estonia Sweden Poland Netherlands Overweight Belgium Denmark Romania Italy What do you think about this? Obese France Sources: Eurostat (hlth_ls_bmia)* European Community Household Panel data, 2001
  21. 21. French cuisine is world famous > 3600 kcal/person/day
  22. 22. French sport is also world famous One of the ”thinnest” countries
  23. 23. ConclusionPhysical activity has to be inproportion to energy intake!
  24. 24. THE MAIN CAUSES OF OBESITY Overeating Inactivity TOGETHER
  25. 25. Facts about OBESITYObesity may have other causes. The reasonsfor the imbalance between calorie intake andconsumption may vary by individual.Your age, sex, and genes, psychologicalmakeup, and environmental factors all maycontribute.
  26. 26. Facts about OBESITYCertain medical conditions and medicationscan cause or promote obesity, although theseare much less common causes of obesitythan overeating and inactivity.
  27. 27. Overweight or Obese?A simple measure method of the relationshipbetween weight and height called the BodyMass Index (BMI).BMI = weight in kilograms/height in meters2Example.: (180cm, 80 kg) 80 / 1.82 = 24.69Let’s count your BMI number!
  28. 28. Overweight or Obese? BMI weight status categories underweight < 18.5 normal 18.5 - 24.9 overweight 25 – 29.9 obese > 30Different nations & organizations may use different BMI ranges to classify weight status.
  29. 29. Overweight or Obese?BMI is commonly used by doctors and otherhealth professionals to determine theunderweight, overweight and obesity inadults.BMI is NOT as accurate if you are anathlete or very muscled (muscle weighs morethan fat). It is also not accurate for women whoare pregnant or breastfeeding.
  30. 30. Overweight or Obese?The BMI calculator is only ONE guide aboutyour overall health.Waist measurement, body fat level, bloodpressure, cholesterol, physical activity, notsmoking and the healthiness of your diet arealso important!
  31. 31. Let’s move ...
  32. 32. ... and eat healthy ...
  33. 33. ... to be fit!
  34. 34. Let’s move and eat healthy to be fit! There is no such diet which is healthy and quick at the same time! Think about how many years it has taken to gain weight to the present level and give yourself as many time to regain your more slender shape and health! Proceed with small, rational steps!
  35. 35. Let’s move and eat healthy to be fit! With already as little as 30 minutes walk and with more carefully planned and healthier diet you can do much for your health and slenderness! Forget fasting, one-sided diet and fad slimming diets promising quick weight loss! Change your nutritional habits and way of life!
  36. 36. Do you need help?
  37. 37. The helping hand of your family and your friends is invaluable!
  38. 38. Let’s move together!
  39. 39. Let’s check your brand new ”CaliVita® friend”!
  40. 40. XShape The new member of the FOOD SUPPLEMENTSFOR BODY MASS LOWERING DIET product group!
  41. 41. XShapeThe formula, along with adequate amounts andquality exercise, healthy way of life and dietmay help you obtain a more slender andfirmer body.The main active ingredients of XShape areamino acids, which we have complementedwith vitamins and chromium picolinate.
  42. 42. Amino acidsAmino acids play an essential role inour body.Our proteins are mostly composed ofamino acids, but they are necessary forthe synthesis of other substances, forexample certain hormones as well.
  43. 43. Amino acidsIn addition they help maintain normal acid-base balance and many other functionsincluding adequate muscle functions.In case of body weight reduction adequateamino acid intake is especially important.
  44. 44. Amino acidsAmino acid complexes may offer you helpNOT losing weight from the water found inyour body or your muscles during body massreducing!
  45. 45. XShape - active ingredients / capsule Vitamin C 33.3 mg Niacin 6.6 mg Vitamin B6 1.0 mg Vitamin B12 1.0 mcg Chromium 46.6 mcg L-Arginine 136.6 mg L-Lysine 133.2 mg L-Glutamine 106.6 mg L-Ornithine 77.0 mg L-Phenylalanine 66.6 mg L-Carnitine 50.0 mg L-Tyrosine 46.6 mg
  46. 46. XShape - active ingredientsXShape contributes to the adequate aminoacid supply of our body, so we can avoidweight reduction resulting from muscle loss.Moreover its components take part in theproduction of essential substances in ourbody which may effectively support bodymass reduction.
  47. 47. XShape - active ingredientsOur formula contains chromium, which, bypromoting the effects of insulin produced inthe body may affect carbohydrate, proteinand fat metabolism, curbing craving forsweets by doing so.The chromium picolinate form is anorganic bind, which promotes the betterutilization of chromium in the body.
  48. 48. XShape - active ingredientsVitamins B support carbohydrate, fat andprotein metabolism, while vitamin C, by itsexcellent antioxidant effects protects our cellsfrom the harmful effects of free radicals.
  49. 49. If you decide to fight against kilos, XShape, the newformula of CaliVita® may offer you the necessaryassistance!
  50. 50. Move and eat to be fit!