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MO Library Association Web Tools to Make You Look Cool 2013

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MO Library Association Web Tools to Make You Look Cool 2013

  1. 1. Tech Tools to Make You Look Cool Cynthia Dudenhoffer Director of Information Resources - Central Methodist University Good Web tools should be cross platform, (mostly) free, around for a little while, actually useful, intuitive, and sync-able across devices! Never pay for anything; the internet is like a librarian, it wants to share and save you money! My Powerpoint is Boring! HaikuDeck– a great cross between prezi and powerpoint Animoto - New and improved for better photo slideshows PowToon- Make easy, animated presentations! SpeakerDeck– Converts PDFs to lovely online presentations – Beta, but looks super cool! Interactive presentations through any browser Emaze – Super cool animated templates and online tools – Online poster/presentation tool, in a more user friendly format I’m A Busy librarian! Help! Pocket or Instapaper - Save articles, tweets, links for later. All platforms. Yammer–Build your own social network for work or your imaginary friends! Presenter – Make super cool presentations or infographics! Vizify – Distills your social media presence into a visual biography! Boolify – Use Boolean logic to create a smarter Google search Yast – Track time, projects, performance, etc. Freelancer tools too! Trello – Like a baby basecamp, create project boards, with updates! Add group members! I have to teach/Demonstrate/Answer! Mindmeister – Like, but prettier! Cross platform and collaborative Padlet – The new and improved WallWisher. Share whiteboards for any-level collaboration – Pretend you are the red line from Indiana Jones! UTellStory – Create your own story/presentations/narration. Like LittleBirdTales for grown ups.
  2. 2. Brainscape – Create your own flashcards or buy pre-made packs! Cross platform. You know, For Kids! Handipoints– To do lists, worksheets, or charts for kids, or adults motivated by cartoon animals! Storybird – Make your own online storybooks. Any subject! LittleBirdTales – Create your own art, narrate your own story! Super easy! Smories - Stories for children, read by children. With Accents! Kidopo – Online activities for kids, with coloring pages, games etc. All kid safe! Starfall – Sort of a free “hooked on phonics.” Lots of literacy activities! Let’s Manipulate Other people’s stuff! HapYak! - add an interactive level to any video. – Add your own speech bubble or text to still photos. So much potential. Storify – Grad social media bits and articles to build a story/essay/commentary DragonTape – Make a Youtubemixtape! Yeah, Cindy is Weird! Pimplepopper – Just what it says! GymShamer – Didn’t make it to the gym? Your phone will make you feel bad about it! GhostRadar – I always knew my library was haunted! Cry Translator – Oh, so that’s what the baby is saying! Melonmeter – Find the perfect watermelon! iHobo – It’s a tamagotchi, but it’s also a homeless man! Just Plain Websites – Information literacy lessons and tools for all grade levels and subjects. Makeuseof – Online tech mag with constant updating! Mashable – All the social media news that’s fit to print TechCrunch – Tech news and reviews from all over the web
  3. 3. Find Me! T: librarian_cyn,