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Web tools to make you look cool 3

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Web tools to make you look cool 3

  1. 1. Web Tools to Make You Look Cool 3 Cynthia Dudenhoffer, Director of Information Resources Central Methodist University These tools are all .com unless otherwise stated! They are all web based and require no downloads. Some do require sign up and most are available as smartphone apps! Customer Service  Feedbackify – Add instance feedback surveys to your website in cute little pop-ups  Textthemob – Instant, real time polling that can integrate into anything  Polleverywhere - Real-time polling using texting or the web.  Profittrain – Create easy invoices! Start charging patrons!  iTrulyCare – Collect donations or spread the word about community projects or programs Productivity  WikiCards – Create your own virtual index cards (or card catalog). Organize and share!  TaskAnt - Generate to-do lists for your team projects, via email or text  SlideRocket – Super fancy presentation app, with built in access to flikr and templates!  Lucidchart – Create fun organizational or flow charts  BigMarker - Free and unlimited web conferencing News/Information/Social Media  Pictory – The best photo stories out there. Read or create your own!  Storify – Blend social media and news to build new stories around a topic  PostPost – Mine twitter for the information you really need!  Peeplo – A search engine with site credibility built in!  Klout – How well do you work the web? Music & Creativity  Spotify – Free streaming music. You need this now!  Grooveshark – Another free music app. Lots of playlists.  Filmnet – A place where filmmakers share what’s new!  Kerpoof – Creative media for kids.  – An educational version of the classic “visual blogging” site Books/Reading  – Get advice on what to read next based on a book’s DNA  Booktrack – Soundtracks for you eBooks. Good Idea or Bad idea?  Booklending – Share Kindle books with those around you  Movellas – Create and share stories on the move  Kno – Cheap e-textbooks  Float or Pulse- Organize your reading
  2. 2. Just for Fun!  Toonlet – Make webcomics in seconds, just add hilarity and/or snarkiness!  ASCIIFlow – Make ASCII drawings without the work. Amaze your (geek) friends!  – Ask the mob (or your friends) before making a purchase. Still in beta.  Hipmunk - Super travel search, made better by cute chipmunks in aviator gear.  Memebase – Absolute hilarity. Read posts or create your own. Hipster cat demands it! Oldies but Goodies  Prezi – Powerpoint’s Arch-nemesis! Zooming presentations!  Dropbox – Store all your data and sync all your gadgets! Essential!  Trendsmap – Real time twitter trending using GIS. Fabulous!  Whatdoyousuggest – A smarter search engine  – Travel through time with you tube! Great for education those 90’s born undergrads!  Cramberry – Virtual flashcards sync-able through devices Just Plain Websites  The99percent – Like Ted talks, but more!  Gizmodo – The ultimate geek gadget blog  Ehub – Emily Chang knows what is cool  Ars Technica – Follow tech trends in all areas  Mashable – Guiding you through the world of social media  Social Media Websites – Lists of new SM sites  Makeuseof – Tips and guides for the Web 2.x world! Thanks for coming to my presentation. I hope you learned something useful! Cynthia Dudenhoffer Find me on the web! Smiley Memorial Library 411 CMU Square librarian.cyn Fayette, MO 65248 660-248-6292 Librarian_Cyn Librarian_cyn Cynthia Dudenhoffer