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Cyber Crime is around us

  1. Ted Li U3049955
  2. Type of Cyber Crime • Hacking • Denial of service attack • Virus dissemination • Software piracy • Pornography • IRC crime • Credit crad fraud • Net extortion • Phshing • Spoofing • Cyber stalking • Cyber defamation • Threatening • Salami attack CyberCrime
  3. CyberCrimeisaroundus
  4. The number of Cyber Crime is increasing
  5. The Strategic Alliance Cyber Crime Working Group  Royal Canadian Mounted Police  Australian Federal Police  FBI*  New Zealand Police  Serious Oranised Crime Agency
  6. Cyber Crime should be punished
  7. Discussion Have you ever met Cyber Crime? Do we underestimate the importance of Cyber Crime? How could the Cyber Cop portect our network environment? What should we pay attention to when we use the internet?
  8. Reference cybercrime-host-countries/ News.asp?NewsNum=1522 intrusions-in-shades-of-green.html