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Booklet on job skills

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Ljsse Erasmus+ Booklet on job skills

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Booklet on job skills

  1. 1. A = Auto Body Repairer Qualification: Vocational Secondary School (IIS Barsanti Massa); Skills/Use of: sander, sandpaper, plaster, abrasive paste, electric drill, brushes, anti-rust, original paint; repair of metal sheets
  2. 2. A = Art Restorer (in the marble sector) Qualification: Vocational Secondary School (Istituto Professionale per il Marmo or Liceo Artistico); University Degree in Sculpture at Accademia di Belle Arti in Carrara. Skills: in-depth knowledge of sculpture methods and techniques, including historical knowledge, abilities in the field of fine arts generally, patience, ability to concentrate for long periods, and manual skills; use of hand tools
  3. 3. Agronomist Qualification: Secondary Agriculture School + University Degree in Agriculture Skills at: determining the technological processes in planting the crops, in seed farming, vegetable growing, fruit growing, viniculture; choosing and procuring the seeds, fertilizers and other materials; managing and determining the exploitation of the resources of the land, carrying out analyses and laboratory tests of soils and making the soil assessments; determining the fertilization processes; coordinating with livestock production
  4. 4. Bartender Qualification: Secondary Tourism School (Istituto Alberghiero G. Minuto in Marina di Massa) Skills: S/he attends to customers at a bar, accepts orders from waiters for service at a table. S/he mixes and serves drinks S/he maintains the bar equipment (glasses, drink mixers, shakers), ensures that fruit, other raw materials and drinks are refrigerated or otherwise stored and treated properly. Respect of hygiene regulations, rigorous cleanliness and good communication are essential
  5. 5. Boiler operator Qualification: Vocational Secondary School (IIS Barsanti Massa) Job Skills: maintenance, cleaning or lubrication of the central heating system; Tools/Equipment: heat exchanger and similar equipment and all types of boilers; hand tools
  6. 6. Bricklayer Qualification: Vocational Secondary School Skills/Use of: cement mixer to create mortar, cutting and shaping bricks to fit corners, ceilings and floors, and then laying bricks in the right place; great attention to details; plumb lines and spirit levels
  7. 7. Car / Motorbike Mechanic Qualification: Vocational Secondary School (IIS Barsanti Massa) Skills at: diagnose, deciding on repair procedures, carrying out repairs and replacements of various parts, their assemblies and accessories, systematic maintenance and guarantee inspections. Tools: hand tools and instruments (wrenches, screwdrivers, grease guns, gauges, circuit-testing detectors, diagnostic instruments) You need vocational training, manual skills, manual dexterity, spatial vision, patience, accuracy IIS Barsanti: motorbike department
  8. 8. Carpenter Qualification: Vocational Secondary School Skills/Use of: absolute specialist in constructing and repairing wooden structures and objects; fitting staircases, floors, window and door frames, roof timbers; erecting wooden frames for houses and fixing roof structures
  9. 9. Cook / Chef Qualification: Secondary Tourism School (Istituto Alberghiero G. Minuto in Marina di Massa) S/he co-operates in finding out the financial costs of food, calculating and fixing prices for food, preparing the menu, ordering, accepting, testing and storing food ingredients, prepares food according to recipes and formulas, arranges food before it is served, prepares and arranges food for banquets, receptions, sometimes also serves food to diners, prepares his/her own recipes for new food, co-operates in maintaining kitchen equipment. Essential: ability to organize your own work; be good with your hands and, particularly, fingers; be able to distinguish tastes and smells
  10. 10. Diagnostics Expert Qualification: Vocational Secondary School Certificate (IIS Barsanti Massa) Skills: Manual and finger dexterity, hand-eye coordination Test automotive systems and components using computerized diagnostics to isolate faults. Adjust, repair or replace parts and components of automotive systems including fuel system, brakes, steering and suspension, engine and drive train, emission control and exhaust, cooling and climate control, electrical and electronic systems IIS Barsanti Engine Department
  11. 11. Dispatch Clerk Qualification: Secondary School The dispatch clerk prepares and packs products and other parcels, which are to be sent to the customers. He/she makes out corresponding documents (certificates of delivery, dispatch forms for parcels etc.), and checks that they are correctly filled in. Skills at: computers, office supplies, wrapping paper, string, scissors
  12. 12. Dental Technician Qualification: Vocational Dental Technology School (IIS Pacinotti Bagnone – Massa) Skills at: Making and repairing crowns, bridgework and complete dentures from various materials (plastic, resin, ceramics, metals including gold) modelling these by hand using fine hand tools and machines, as well as machine finishing (grinding, milling, drilling); making therapeutic aids and tools; making necessary forms and casts; taking delivery of teeth impressions and X-rays from dentists, their assistants or X-ray technicians; keeping records of products made or repaired
  13. 13. Electrician Qualification: Vocational Secondary School (IIS Barsanti Massa) Skills/Use of: read blueprints and diagrams, basic math; competence in tools, equipment, and materials common to the electrical trade; installs, repairs, and maintains motors, transformers, generators, lights, appliances, circuits, wires, and other electrical system equipment and components in compliance with electrical codes, standards and regulations
  14. 14. Environmental Expert Qualification: Secondary School Certificate + University Degree in environmental studies or similar Job Skills: monitoring the state and development of the environment, carrying out field inspections, supervising companies with regard to their negative impact on the environment, suggesting possible solutions to environmental problems, imposing fines or even informing the police, providing companies with information about the environmental limitations they must observe, administration of the protected landscape areas, national parks and caves, negotiating with various institutions and firms
  15. 15. ERASMUS+ LJSSE 2017-19 IIS Barsanti Massa
  17. 17. Nicola Bogazzi 3B Alessandro Paoli 5A Luca Vita 5CSamuele Zagone 3B Matteo Endrizzi 4C Armando Lazzari 5C Cristian Lazzini 3B