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Lightwell OMS for IBM Sterling Order Management Overview

Learn about the key capabilities and benefits of the Lightwell OMS for IBM Sterling Order Management, including accelerating implementation time and ROI, simplifying integration with other critical retail systems, enabling end-to-end visibility, and minimizing risks related to error and customizations. Our experienced team can help you optimize the benefits of your order management solution by delivering seamless customer buying experiences, increasing fill rates and inventory turns, reducing markdowns, increasing profit margins and Increasing customer loyalty.

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Lightwell OMS for IBM Sterling Order Management Overview

  1. 1. Reduce Time and Costs by up to 65% Companies are facing pressure from all sides: from employees and shareholders to competitors and customers. And those pressures continue to rise, particularly when it comes to customer expectations. Customers expect seamless shopping and ordering experiences across all channels. They expect to be able to shop and purchase whenever and wherever they want, and receive their purchases however they want. But many B2C and B2B companies face challenges around the technology needed to deliver this. Often, their home-grown systems or existing e-commerce platforms aren’t capable of handling the complexity of omnichannel order management. And many—especially mid-market companies—lack the resources, budget, and expertise required to implement and manage advanced OMS technology. Overcoming Omnichannel Challenges Companies using IBM Sterling Order Management have overcome omnichannel order management complexities and have realized significant benefits, including increased fill rates and inventory turns, reduced markdowns, and increased customer loyalty and profit margins. Accelerate the ROI of Your Order Management System © 2017 Lightwell Inc. • • North America +1 (614) 310-2700 • EMEA +44 (0) 845 226 0979 Lightwell OMS For IBM Sterling Order Management To make the capabilities and benefits of this leading solution more accessible—and more affordable—to mid- market retailers, we developed the Lightwell OMS solution. Lightwell OMS is a suite of pre-built capabilities and value- added services that streamline the implementation, reduce the cost of ownership, and improve the ROI of the IBM Sterling Order Management solution. It leverages Lightwell’s years of experience and deep expertise to provide a comprehensive, best-in-class order management solution from start to finish. A Complete OMS Solution—Simplified Lightwell OMS includes: • Design, installation, configuration, and deployment services for IBM Sterling Order Management • A suite of pre-built components for orders, customers, inventory and more • Pre-built integrations to third party systems including Cybersource, Avalara, Vertex, and PayPal • Pre-built interfaces to WMS, financials, ERP, PIM, and more • Pre-built data loads, master data loads, and updates • A testing framework with a comprehensive library of regression tests • Dashboards to help you understand and communicate critical business KPIs
  2. 2. Services and Solutions for the IBM B2B Integration and Commerce Portfolios © 2017 Lightwell Inc. • • North America +1 (614) 310-2700 • EMEA +44 (0) 845 226 0979 Lightwell OMS Benefits Together with our experienced team, Lightwell OMS delivers the following benefits and more: • Accelerates implementation time for the IBM Sterling Order Management solution by 50-70% • Simplifies integration with other critical retail systems • Ensures best practices are followed with standardized components and processes • Enables greater visibility into customizations and extensions • Reduces testing time and ensures your system will run smoothly across many scenarios and conditions • Minimizes risks related to errors and customizations • Provides powerful insight quickly about customer, orders, processes and inventory, extending the benefits of your solution to the rest of the enterprise • Enables you to scale with your order volume and business growth Optimizing the Benefits of Your Order Management Solution With the extensive omnichannel capabilities of the IBM Sterling Order Management solution—plus the benefit-accelerating capabilities of Lightwell OMS—your company will achieve the benefits of a world- class omnichannel commerce solution faster and at a lower cost: • Deliver seamless customer buying experiences across all channels • Deliver more “perfect orders” • Increase fill rates and inventory turns • Reduce markdowns • Increase profit margins • Increase customer loyalty Contact us today to learn how our order management services and solutions can help you. At Lightwell we understand what it takes to make true omnichannel commerce a reality. Our team has assisted some of the world’s leading retailers and brands with their e-commerce and order management initiatives for more than a decade, and has extensive experience—on many levels—with the IBM technology solutions supporting them. As an IBM Gold Business Partner, we can assist you with everything from software procurement, to implementation and management services, to upgrades and ongoing support for the IBM Watson Commerce solutions portfolio. However, we’re much more than just a reseller or services partner. We deliver services and solutions that drive business value and optimize ROI for our clients. And regardless of where you are in your omni-channel journey, we can assist you with full range of services and solutions, tailored to meet your needs and budget. About Lightwell Lightwell OMS For IBM® Sterling Order Management