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Wyld Morris: Zoom summary for mtg 3

Wyld Morris: Zoom summary for mtg 3 held on 8 April 2020

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Wyld Morris: Zoom summary for mtg 3

  1. 1. Wyld Morris We love the traditional … and are willing to try the new! NOTE: Meeting will be recorded (but not published without agreement) © Wyld Morris. Available under a CC-BY licence: feel free to reuse
  2. 2. Wyld Morris Zoom Meetings Wyld Morris members: • Enjoy morris dancing • Enjoy singing and playing During lockdown we will: • Continue to enjoy our interest • Support each other • Be even better when we next meet (even if we’re slightly out of practice!)
  3. 3. Today’s Meeting • Introductions • Warm-up • Demonstration • All dance / play • “Surprise us!” • Open forum
  4. 4. Today’s Tip on Use of Zoom • Mute your audio • Press the space bar if you want to speak (computer only) • Only one musician unmuted at a time (others can play, but with mic muted)
  5. 5. Dance Tips Many morris dance videos available on YouTube: • Wyld dances • Nutting Girl jig instructional • … Links to resources: • briankelly/ See also