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LKCE18 Boris Kneisel - SMART Option Picking for DISCOVERY Kanban

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Digital market transformation forces organizations to cope with challenges in SMART-picking of future options from idea-pools in a CUSTOMER-Kanban environment. In order to stay fit-for-purpose (F4P) appropriate services need a market-fitting design, implementation, and service-delivery meeting expectation-levels set by customers and other stakeholders. In VUCA-environments often getting to the right choice proves demanding not only to Service Request Managers, but also for seasoned Sr. Leaders on C-level.

The technique referred to in this session was developed in recent years and evolutionary adjusted to fit various business contexts ranging from turn-around situations, wide-range applicability in high-tech SW- development, and also including XXL-scale programs for SW-implementation & roll-out. Its major contribution is an agnostic approach to addressing VUCA-characteristics in option-pools thereby allowing effective pick & structured processing of items to be pulled into DISCOVERY-procedures (which sometimes already impose major capacity-commit on knowledgable individuals running the evaluations) – the method massively leverages visualization techniques and therefore nicely fits Kanban-principles.

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LKCE18 Boris Kneisel - SMART Option Picking for DISCOVERY Kanban

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  2. 2. ©2016Dr.BorisOliverKneisel Why do we need a SMART option pick- procedure at all – is‘nt there enough stuff out there already… hint: F4P going ‚digital‘ requires more than just higher speed & better quality… …we need an effective risk-mgmt function integrated into fast feedback-loops running at high-cadence… Nov-183
  3. 3. ©2016Dr.BorisOliverKneisel Observation in current Kanban initiatives Nov-185
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  8. 8. ©2016Dr.BorisOliverKneisel frontup disclaimer: proposed techniques & styles are not cookie- cutter recipes – brain-on mode is invited… Nov-1810
  9. 9. ©2016Dr.BorisOliverKneisel LEFT to DISCOVERY-board: NON-RANKED pool-of-ideas, laid-out along matrix-dimensions (use in ‚PBL-refinement‘, spend just enough hrs/week to decide about DISCOVERY-PULL) Once items on the left matrix are pulled into DISCOVERY and pass through, use a separate matrix to the RIGHT as a RANKED INPUT-BUFFER for further down-stream activities 12.11.201811 Artefact orchestration – design solves a paradox: „have separate requestor & supplier perspective“ AND „provide integrated view“ Ready to commitIdea/Request Synthesis Analysis Source: center: P.Steyaert (2017), Essential Upstream Kanban, LKU press, left+right: own development
  10. 10. ©2016Dr.BorisOliverKneisel Let‘s check-out Matrix-design in detail Nov-1812
  11. 11. ©2016Dr.BorisOliverKneisel Explain dimensions to new users to create buy-in Co-define filter-thresholds collaboratively (up to 4 items of recent history = people still remember pain, where some risks did materialize  and/or up to 4 pipeline-items team believes to understand Choose an item from idea- pools and compare pair- wise to references to find suitable relative position on pre-DISCOVERY-matrix 12.11.201813 Added visual techniques prove fit to Kanban-principles
  12. 12. ©2016Dr.BorisOliverKneisel Pull items into discovery board – starting in NE quadrant. Balance mix of FAST-lane to SIDE-lane items in discovery process. Monitor incoming idea-rate vs. delivery-rate of discovery vs. pull-rate of down-stream activities – equalize-out and keep track. 12.11.201814 Visual techniques prove fit to ToC-logic (bottleneck ID & mgmt)
  13. 13. ©2016Dr.BorisOliverKneisel 12.11.201815 Visual techniques allow post-discovery high-level item initial ranking Once 1st-discovery run is complete re-assess & arrange items taking insights won thru discovery into account. Build a relative ranking of items for further activities Some items may fast-track into delivery straight. Other items may ask for further inspection and require prototyping etc.
  14. 14. ©2016Dr.BorisOliverKneisel OK – convinced for now about usefulness for UPSTREAM – how about DOWNSTREAM, does it integrate also? Nov-1816
  15. 15. ©2016Dr.BorisOliverKneisel For DOWN-stream delivery Kanban Matrix- design may be adjusted on dimensions Nov-1817
  16. 16. ©2016Dr.BorisOliverKneisel For down-stream matrix dimensions follow Eisenhower-logic (IMPORTANCE vs. URGENCY) – incl. modelling item-granularity Nov-1818
  17. 17. ©2016Dr.BorisOliverKneisel Mapping Matrices to the MSFT XIT case (known widely by KMP-1/KSD alumni) Nov-1819
  18. 18. ©2016Dr.BorisOliverKneisel Kanban System Design Eng Mgr PM User Acceptance Test Change Requests WIP = 5 PTC Developers Testers WIP = 3 WIP = 3 WIP = 5 ~8 days Normally Only A few days ~6 days ~6 days 30 Days or less seems reasonable Product Managers Backlog Of Options WIP = 6 (System will stall in approximately 2 weeks if not serviced) Initially Weekly Deployment on demand Weekly
  19. 19. ©2016Dr.BorisOliverKneisel 4 matrices correspond to 4 PMs, while 1 matrix shows WIP- limited income-queue for XIT-team Nov-1821 UAT Read y to start Elaboration Development Test Ready for UAT Ready to deploy
  20. 20. ©2016Dr.BorisOliverKneisel Ah, OK – downstream enabled – check. How about SCALING…have these aspects been designed-in? Nov-1822
  21. 21. ©2016Dr.BorisOliverKneisel Matrix/board-combos allow flight-level modelling and support Business Agility by agilizing team-interactions 23 UAT Read y to start Elaboration Development Test Ready for UAT Ready to deploy Ready to commitIdea/Reque st Synthesis Analysis Ready to commitIdea/Reque st Synthesis Analysis
  22. 22. ©2016Dr.BorisOliverKneisel …hope this was somewhat inspiring to you…thx for listening. Nov-1824
  23. 23. ©2016Dr.BorisOliverKneisel Let´s Agilize ◊ Innovate ◊ Defragment ◊ Accelerate herontix GmbH Altrottstr. 31 (℅ SAP-PartnerPort) DE-69190 WALLDORF/Baden GF: Irmgard Barth, Dr. Boris Kneisel UST/VAT-ID: DE 315 660 801 Reg. AmtsG (MA) HRB 729323 contact: info [at]
  24. 24. ©2016Dr.BorisOliverKneisel Innovation Coach on Scaling Agility – Dr. Boris Kneisel, MBA (CEO & CPO, co-founder) Nov-1826 mail: tel: +49-152– 5408 9132 SaST Herontix customers who boosted their transitions using matrix-ranking-techniques (excerpt):
  25. 25. ©2016Dr.BorisOliverKneisel Continously Emerging Release Backlog i.e. Strategy-EPIC gets broken-down into SAGAs, ‚SAGA‘ is broken-down into sprintable STORIES STORY then split into TASKs for agile delivery (Corp/Unit) Strategic Ranking i.e. incoming IDEAs get selected & turned into EPIC- granularity BL-items (ranked by readiness) Nov-1827 Overview Ranking Matrices: 2D-maps beat 1D-lists on transparency – in Scaling Environments ‚True Agile‘ must reach beyond Development ScrumTeam-level WHY to use Ranking Matrix? • Agility is about ‚transparency‘ • ‚Visualization‘ creates transparency • Visualization comes along with 2D- maps instead of long, flat lists (1D) • 2D = mutually indep. dimensions create overview & trigger thinking Releasable SAGA-level (opt. STORY-sets attached) Sprintable STORY-level (Top #9 to hold TASKs attached) Roadmap EPIC-level (opt. SAGAs attached)
  26. 26. ©2016Dr.BorisOliverKneisel Let´s Agilize ◊ Innovate ◊ Defragment ◊ Accelerate herontix GmbH Altrottstr. 31 (℅ SAP-PartnerPort) DE-69190 WALLDORF/Baden GF: Irmgard Barth, Dr. Boris Kneisel UST/VAT-ID: DE 315 660 801 Reg. AmtsG (MA) HRB 729323 contact: info [at]