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Something a little extra to offer

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From Face to Lace Wedding and Event Planners - Business I started with Naddia Strickland

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Something a little extra to offer

  1. 1. How can we as a start up company stand out from all the rest of the other companies who dowhat we are doing? How can we get their business and grow ourselves?Brain Storming Ideas: To offer other packages that no one else does 1. Offer dance lessons to the bride and groom if they are a little uncomfortable, or don’t know how to properly dance their first dance as a couple. 2. Offer a package for brides, where we can offer lingerie, sex classes, toys or anything else to surprise her man on their romantic honeymoon night. 3. Sell the CD of music the dj played at their wedding. 4. Offer a package where the bride (and groom) could spend the day before the wedding at the spa getting a massage, facial, manicure and pedicure. We could also have yoga class to help with the tension and all stressors that the bride has been going through before her big day. 5. We could offer a get in shape boot camp to couples who want to lose some weight before the wedding, but need a little extra motivation. 6. Offer a home start-up kit that includes discount to local hair dressers, gyms, contacts for real-estate agents, construction/contract workers, restraint coupons to local places, etc. This way they have something a little extra to use while they are getting on their feet, and starting their life together. Maybe something of a little variation to those couples who are moving to Atlanta from another city and need some help with things to do, restraints, etc.