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EV Battery Tech: 5th Global Cost Reduction Initiative

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EV Battery Tech: 5th Global Cost Reduction Initiative

  1. 1. Organised byBenchmarking Breakthroughs OnReducing The Cost OfEV Battery Systems:From Materials & ChemistriesTo Technology Integration28 - 29 February 2012 | London | UKCost Driven Perspectives On NEW FOR 2012Increasing Energy Density, Power & Range To E V B a t t e r y Te chImprove The Performance of Mass Market EVs Gala Dinner * *included in delegate feeIndustry Experts From The Leading Vehicle OEMs ENERGY DENSITY, POWER & RANGE: Cost Driven Perspectives on improving the energy density, power & range to improve the performance of the EV for mass market Kazuo Yajima Head of Global Battery Business MATERIAL ADVANCES: Examining material advances & evaluating the cathode, anode Nissan & electrolyte to deliver increased performance at reduced cost Thierry Kosk INTEGRATION FOCUS: Identifying how to integrate cells & modules into packs to cost Programme Director, Electric Vehicles effectively improve vehicle level integration Renault THERMAL MANAGEMENT: Analysing thermal management system developments to Peter Richings improve battery life & performance at reduced cost Group Chief Engineer, Hybrids Technologies Jaguar Land Rover SAFETY ANALYSIS: Examining how to cost effectively deliver safety across operation, crash situations and during high ambient temperatures Guan Chew Senior Program Manager Vehicle Development & e-Mobility VALUE CHAIN ANALYSIS: Identifying the latest supplier relationship developments & Porsche Engineering Group GmbH standardisation for cost effective industry alignment John Muldoon Principal Post Lithium-Ion BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS: Evaluating the accuracy of battery management Scientist systems to cost effectively enhance battery protection & management Toyota Ian Allen NEXT GENERATION FOCUS: Examining next generation technology to showcase cost Manager Environmental effective developments on energy density, power, range & life Strategy & Ampera Vauxhall Motors Supporting Organisation: Gerhard Swart SAV CTO Cp-sponsor: E £1 Optimal Energy Supporting Sponsor: be 13 fore 00 Jan uar y Albert Lam CEO Detroit Electric To register: 44 (0)20 7033 4970 w w w. e v - b a t t e r y - t e c h n o lo g y - 2 0 1 2 . co m
  2. 2. Cost and performance issues associated with the EV battery The first day of interactive presentations and panels will see theare so crucial that a breakthrough could potentially deliver a industry analysing realistic models on improving energy density,major shift in industry and prove the business case for all EVs. power, range & longevity to drive cost reduction with day twoAdvances will only occur through major cost and performance analysing industry collaboration, standardisation and futuredevelopments in materials, chemistry, integration and battery technology to cost effectively deliver next generationtechnology. Industry stakeholders continue to examine the technology & benefits.latest developments, which could potentially solve the common Through presentations and interactive panel opportunities youproblems and provide an overall cheaper e-mobility solution tothe consumer. will be able to network across the EV value chain to ensure you are fully up to date with the latest developments coming fromThe mission of the EV Battery Tech: Global Cost Reduction Initiative vehicle OEMs, battery manufacturers and standards institutions.series is to improve the cost performance ratios of battery systemtechnology by analysing the latest materials, chemistry, technology 28-29 February 2012 London UKand integration advances capable of providing increased energydensity, power, range and longevity of the EV battery pack. Sponsorship And Exhibition Opportunities At EV Battery Tech: 5th Global Cost Reduction Initiative Need to generate new sales leads, launch a new product, engage key decision makers, build new future business relationships in key markets, or simply educate the industry about a new product? Then you need to exhibit at the EV Battery Tech: 5th Global Cost Reduction Initiative. Our busy exhibit area is an integral part of the Initiative and is of genuine practical value to delegates, who are looking for new solutions and technologies. Exhibiting at the conference will help you position yourself as a market leader and centre of excellence to the key decision makers in the industry. For further information, please email: or call: 44 (0)20 7033 4970 ChryslerThe Summit will be held at the Victora Park Plaza Hotel “EV Battery Tech provided an interesting insight239 Vauxhall Bridge Road into the challenges and opportunities present along the battery value chain, and especially with respectLondon SW1 1EQ to maximizing value to the end user & customer”Phone: +44 (0) 20 7769 9999 Daimler AGFax: +44 (0) 20 7769 9998 “The conference covered a great variety of topicsWeb: along the values chain of EV batteries, sometimesFor assistance or information with travel and accommodation please email: with controversial results due to the backgrounds of the speakers. The several Q&A sessions, as well as the breaks in the exhibition area offered a good chance for discussions and to D R O VE R ’S JA G U A R LA NF E A T U R IN G come or stay in contact with experts and decision G - IN H Y B R IDRA NGE_E PLU makers, from the mine/brine to the OEM.” Mercedes-Benz HPE “Excellent question & answer SAV sessions & senior speaker E£ representation” befo 100 13 Jan re uar y To register: 44 (0)20 7033 4970 w w w. e v - b a t t e r y - t e c h n o lo g y - 2 0 1 2 . co m
  3. 3. Presenting Realistic Models On Improving Energy Density, Power Density, Range & Longevity To Drive Cost Reduction 8.50 Chair’s Opening Remarks • Identifying recent developments in electrochemistry • Examining the feasibility of an integrated chassis andDay One Tuesday 28 February 2012 to highlight opportunities for cost reduction and pack development process COST DRIVEN PERSPECTIVES ON INCREASING ENERGY performance improvements • Identifying opportunities for alternative positioning of the DENSITY, POWER & RANGE TO IMPROVE THE PERFORMANCE OF THE EV FOR MASS MARKET • Introducing materials innovation and end-user battery pack for space optimisation experience to deliver improved cost reduction of future Session Chair: Paul Birch, Director of Powertrain & Electronics KEYNOTE OPENING PANEL materials Engineering,Caterham Technology & Innovation 9.00 Identifying Real-World Models For Improving Energy • Investigating mixed metal cathodes, silicon anodes Iain Cunningham, Director of Electrical Systems, Liberty Electric Density, Power & Range To Reduce The Cost & Encourage and innovative electrolyte solution to highlight future Vehicles Mass Market Adoption Of The EV materials capability Session Chair: Professor Peter Bruce, School of Chemistry,University 3.50 Question & Answer Session • Identifying innovative strategies from battery of St. Andrews 4.00 Afternoon Refreshments manufacturers and vehicle OEMs to examine opportunities for cost reduction across the value chain Guan Chew, General Manager Project Management, Porsche Served In Exhibition Showcase Area • Examining cost reduction opportunities of new 12.50 Session B: Driving Down The Per kWh Cost: ANALYSING THERMAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM DEVELOPMENTS technologies to deliver a cheaper EV mobility solution Why Cathode Materials Hold The Key To Unlock Cost TO IMPROVE BATTERY LIFE & PERFORMANCE AT REDUCED COST • Investigating characteristics of new technology to Breakthroughs THERMAL MANAGEMENT provide improved performance capabilities to eliminate • Putting the automotive market in the perspective of 4.30 System, Device & Architecture Analysis: Examining The consumer anxiety the traditional market of portable electronics: is past Cost-Benefit Ratios Of New Thermal Management Systems • Benchmarking breakthroughs on cost reduction to prove performance a guarantee for future success? For Improved Battery Performance & Life the business case for mass market EVs • Possible approaches: value impact vs. performance • Highlight cost reduction opportunities of thermal • Identifying how improvements to mechanical processing impact: why the combined effort is necessary. management wiring, connectors and system to generate could drive down manufacturing costs of EV batteries • Next generation cathode materials and their impact on effective cooling systems • Breaking down battery manufacturing processes to overall pack cost: A market leader sharing insight on the • Identifying the energy demands of a cooling system to highlight opportunity for cost reduction through efficiency materials that have the potential to change the industry highlight the impact on battery performance fundamentally • Examining cost effective thermal management strategies • Comparing strategies for reducing cost through: - EV Battery system integration Dominic Homberger, Marketing & Sales Manager Rechargeable Battery for extended battery life Materials Europe, Umicore Cobalt & Specialty Materials • Investigating air and liquid cooled systems to highlight the - Materials and chemistry advances - Electronic component innovations 1.05 Question & Answer Session optimum balance between cost and performance Chris Lyness, Hybrid Vehicle Engineer, Jaguar Land Rover Kazuo Yajima, Head of Global Battery Business, Nissan 1.10 Networking Lunch Pete Richings, Group Chief Engineer, Hybrids & Technologies, Jaguar Land Rover Served In Exhibition Showcase Area 5.00 Question & Answer Session Albert Lam, CEO, Detroit Electric EXAMINING HOW TO COST EFFECTIVELY DELIVER SAFETY CATHODE, ANODE & ELECTROLYTE FOCUS 10.00 Interactive Open Discussion & Question & Answer Session ACROSS OPERATION, CRASH SITUATIONS AND DURING HIGH 2.10 Investigating Developments Around The Anode, AMBIENT TEMPERATURES 10.20 Morning Refreshment Break Cathode & Electrolyte To Decrease Costs Of Manufacture & OPERATIONAL SAFETY ANALYSIS Served In Exhibition Showcase Area Improve Future Cell Performance OEM CASE STUDIES 5.10 Analysing How To Cost Effectively Improve Safety Of • Introducing global cathode, anode and electrolyte The Battery During Normal Operation, Crash Situations And 10.50-12.30 Visionary Insights Of Complete EV Battery perspectives to highlight future materials for improved High Ambient Temperatures Systems To Improve Energy Density, Power & Range & cell construction • Understanding the need for cost effective safety strategies Deliver Cost Reductions • Evaluating emerging high-capacity materials to to mitigate the severity of failures • Examining innovative strategies for improving battery determine how they could improve energy density and • Investigating the battery’s response to a crash and performance and driving down per Kwh costs cycle life and drive cost reduction puncture to highlight safe handling requirements • Identifying the optimal balance between energy and power • Analysing short-term developments such as silicon • Examining how to cost effectively increase the safety to the density to deliver increased overall battery performance anodes to predict future cell performance capabilities driver and passengers of the EV during a crash situation • Examining cost reduction experiences to drive efficiency • Breaking down the electrolyte to highlight the causes of • Identifying how to cost effectively manage battery pack across future battery packs electrolyte degradation temperature during increased ambient temperatures for • Investigating the cost potential of integration of new Zhengcheng Zhang, Team Lead - Advanced Electrolyte / Additives improved pack safety technologies to understand cost reduction opportunities Research, Battery Technology Development Group, Chemical Sciences & Session Chair: Michiel van Ratingen, Secretary General, Euro NCAP Engineering Division, Argonne National Laboratory Session Chair: Alan Bennett, Chief Engineer Electrical & Electronics, 5.40 Question & Answer Session Aston Martin 2.40 Question & Answer Session COMPONENT SAFETY ANALYSIS 10.50 A: Mass Market Vehicles IDENTIFYING HOW TO INTEGRATE CELLS & MODULES INTO PACKS TO COST EFFECTIVELY IMPROVE VEHICLE LEVEL 5.50 Examining How To Cost Effectively Improve The Safety Ian Allen, Manager Environmental Strategy & Ampera, Vauxhall Motors Of Cells, Modules & The Pack To The End-User INTEGRATION 11.10 B: Sports Vehicles • Identifying how to cost effectively reduce the risk of cell, INTEGRATION FOCUS module or pack failure Guan Chew, Senior Program Manager Vehicle Development & e-Mobility, Porsche Engineering 2.50 Examining How To Cost Effectively Improve Packing • Examining the cause and effect of a short-circuit inside Density Of Cells In The Pack & How To Cost Effectively the cell to prevent future short circuits and expense 11.30 C: 2 Wheeled EVs Engineer The Battery For Improved Chassis Integration • Examining strategies for safe handling of the battery pack Japan: Toru Tokushige, CEO, Terra Motors during malfunction to prevent situations such as electrical fires 2.50 Session A: Cell, Module & Pack Integration India: Naveen Munjal, Managing Director, Hero Electric • Evaluating a cell break down to highlight the onset of failure • Evaluating which cell design can provide the optimal Session Chair: Michiel van Ratingen, Secretary General, Euro NCAP 12.10 Interactive Open Discussion & Question & Answer Session packing density • Examining cell, module and pack integration to increase 6.20 Question & Answer Session EXAMINING MATERIAL ADVANCES & BREAKING DOWN THE CELL efficiency and drive cost reduction 6.30 Chair’s Closing Remarks & End Of Day 1 TO REDUCE COSTS OF IMPROVED PERFORMANCE & QUALITY • Breaking down the argument for small and large cells by MATERIAL ADVANCES analysing:cost vs. performance benefits, inter-connector 6.40 Evening Networking Drinks Reception requirements, assembly requirements and reliability issues 7.30 EV Battery Tech Gala Dinner Begins 12.30 Session A: Examining How The Latest Material Advances Are Aiding Cost Reduction & Performance Uwe Wiedmann, Product Manager - Global Battery Competence Team, The EV Battery Tech Gala Dinner will provide the ideal AVL Powertrain opportunity for Summit participants to digest the days’ dis- Improvement Of The Battery Pack cussions over a relaxing 3-course meal in the company of 3.20 Session B: Vehicle Integration peers and industry colleagues. Complimentary attendance • Providing a summary on material advances and the for all speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and delegates*. potential developments for increased performance and • Evaluating cost effective positioning of the battery pack (* Gala Dinner entrance is included in the delegate fee) decreased costs within the vehicle w w w. e v - b a t t e r y - t e c h n o lo g y - 2 0 1 2 . co m
  4. 4. Analysing Industry Collaboration, Standardisation & Future Battery Technology To Cost Effectively Deliver Next Generation Technology & Benefits • Highlighting how to increase testing volumes to John Muldoon, Principal Post Lithium-Ion Scientist, ToyotaDay Two Wednesday 29 February 2012 IDENTIFYING THE LATEST SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENTS & STANDARDISATION FOR COST EFFECTIVE benefit battery manufacturers and vehicle OEMs 3.00 Question & Answer Session INDUSTRY ALIGNMENT through economies of scale 3.10 Afternoon Refreshment Break KEYNOTE OPENING PANEL • Identifying transparency across the value chain to Served In Exhibition Showcase Area 9.00 Introducing The Latest Updates On EV Battery Value guarantee improved quality from cell, module and LITHIUM TITANATE CASE STUDY Chain Relationships From Across The Globe To Deliver Cost pack manufacturer to vehicle OEM Reduction Benefits • Examining current testing processes to improve 3.40 Next Generation Chemistries: The Vision On Achieving future cost effectiveness and standardise future Cost Reduction • Introducing the latest findings from across the industry to aid synergy and create solutions to re- testing conditions • Evaluating the latest research progress on next occurring issues Session Chair: Peter Van Den Bossche, Secretary of TC69, IEC generation chemistries to highlight the cost and • Analysing how to develop future supplier 12.40 Question & Answer Session performance feasibility of future chemistry relationships to generate cost effective solutions to • Understanding the performance characteristics 12.50 Networking Lunch common problems of next generation chemistries to improve future Served In Exhibition Showcase Area • Examining the impact of joint-ventures and battery energy density, power and range EVALUATING THE ACCURACY OF BATTERY MANAGEMENT stakeholder cooperation to deliver cost benefits • Identifying cost effective Lithium-Ion experience to SYSTEMS TO COST EFFECTIVELY ENHANCE BATTERY • Identifying how developments across the supply PROTECTION & MANAGEMENT ensure efficient adoption of new chemistries chain are feeding into cost reduction through efficient BMS FOCUS • Examining 1st generation cathode, anode manufacturing and reduced lead times and electrolyte experience to highlight how 1.50 Evaluating How BMS Developments Are Providing future chemistry could cost effectively rival the Thierry Koskas, Programme Director, Electric Vehicles, Renault Increased Accuracy Of Cell Monitoring Gerhard Swart, CTO, Optimal Energy performance of ICE • Identifying how increased accuracy of state of charge Iain Sanderson, CEO, Lightning Car Company 10.00 Interactive Open Discussion & Question & Answer Session sensors can benefit performance through voltage and current monitoring 4.10 Question & Answer Session 10.20 Morning Refreshment Break Served In Exhibition Showcase Area • Analysing the effects of inaccurate state of charge EXT GENERATION RESEARCH WRAP UP SESSION STANDARDS PANEL calculations to highlight the knock of effect on 4.20 Examining The Latest Technological & Chemistry 10.50 Examining The Latest Standards Developments & battery performance Research Developments To Deliver Power & Energy Density Collaboration Between Battery Manufacturers, Vehicle • Examining how BMS developments are providing At The Right Cost OEMs & Standards Institutions As A Catalyst For Cost increased accuracy of cell monitoring to prevent total • Summarising current research to highlight Reduction battery failure technological and chemistry improvements on cost • Identifying how standardisation could be introduced • Understanding how to develop future BMS for and performance as design blueprints to drive cost reduction across improved cell monitoring and increased battery life • Understanding how to cost effectively introduce new the value chain protection technology and chemistry from research institutions • Examining current standards as J-1772, J-2344, Ridzuan Yusof, Head of Electric Vehicle Project, Proton • Evaluating current power and energy density J-1766 and J-2464 to highlight to improve future 2.20 Question & Answer Session capabilities to highlight energy and power standards cost reduction improvements EXAMINING NEXT GENERATION TECHNOLOGY • Evaluating the feasibility of standardising cell and ADVANCEMENTS TO SHOWCASE COST EFFECTIVE • Examining integration of power and energy density pack design to drive system cost reduction DEVELOPMENTS ON ENERGY DENSITY, POWER, RANGE & LIFE systems to highlight future acceleration, speed and • Assessing learning experiences from passed POST LITHIUM-ION TECHNOLOGY range benefits standards and CHAdeMO to improve future Professor Bruno Scrosati, Senior Professor, University of Rome standards design and implementation 2.30 Post Lithium-Ion Technology: Highlighting Potential Sapienza Improvements In Future Battery Performance Jörn Tinnemeyer, Chair, Electronic Fuel (E-Fuel) Guage Committee, Professor Clare Grey, Professor Of Materials Chemistry, University Battery Technical Standards, SAE International • Looking beyond today’s insertion technology to of Cambridge Peter Van Den Bossche, Secretary of TC69, IEC indicate post Lithium-Ion technology forecasts 5.20 Interactive Open Discussion & Question & Answer Session Speaker to be confirmed, SAE • Evaluating current channels used to deliver new technology from research bodies to the commercial 5.40 Chair’s Closing Remarks & End Of Day 2 11.50 Question & Answer Session world for OEM benefit TESTING CAPABILITIES • Providing an overview of Lithium-Air to evaluate 12.10 Examining Current Testing Procedures & Capabilities current research, promises and challenges To Cost Effectively Eliminate Quality Concerns • Assessing the aims and objectives of post Lithium- • Evaluating how to enhance testing efficiency to Ion technology to clarify what needs to be done to reduce the costs of testing EV batteries surpass the energy density of Lithium-Ion SAV E£ befo 100 LI GH TN IN G GT 13 re FE AT UR IN G TH E Jan uar y To register: 44 (0)20 7033 4970 w w w. e v - b a t t e r y - t e c h n o lo g y - 2 0 1 2 . co m
  5. 5. I would like to register the delegate(s) belowYes P for the 2 day conference EV Battery Tech: 5th Global Cost Reduction Initiative DETAILS PLEASE USE CAPITALS Please photocopy for multiple delegatesDelegate 1 * Miss* Ms* Mrs * Dr* OtherNamePositionDelegate 2 * Miss* Ms* Mrs * Dr* OtherNamePositionOrganizationAddressCountry Zip/Postal CodeTelephone FaxEmail Signature DELEGATE RATES (includes Gala Dinner) We have team discounts so you can involve your whole organization or teamDELEGATE FEES (Guests are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements) Early Booking Discount Standard Rate Book and pay before 13 January, 2012 From 13 January, 20122 Day Conference * £999 +VAT * £1099 +VATI would like to order the presentations on CD, including audio files * +VAT £299 PAYMENT Please tick appropriate boxes and complete detailsPayment must be received in full prior to the event.* Cheque I enclose a cheque in UK Pounds Sterling payable to London Business Conferences for £* Payment by Wire Transfer A copy of the bank transfer document should be attached to your registration form so appropriate allocation of funds can be made to your registration.ACCOUNT NAME: London Business Conferences Account number: 60827312 Sort Code: 209821 IBAN: GB81BARC20982160827312 SWIFTBIC: BARCGB22* Credit CardPlease charge my * Visa * American Express * MastercardAmount £ Expiry dateCard number Security Code / CVV (required)Name on card Signature of card holderTerms and Conditions London Business Conferences informed of other London BusinessThe conference is being organised reserves the right to alter or cancel the speakers or program. Conferences products and services. This will be carried out in accordance HOW TO REGISTERby London Business Conferences, Receipt of this booking form, with the Data Protection Act.Pleasea limited liability company formed inclusive or exclusive of payment write to the Head of Marketing, Please Return Your Completed Registration Form To Our Customer Service Teamunder English company law and constitutes formal agreement London Business Conferences at theregistered in the UK no. 5090859. to attend and acceptance of the address below if you specifically doCancellations received one calendar terms and conditions stated. All not want to receive this information. Call +44 (0)207 033 4970 outstanding fees must be paid within London Business Conferences.month (or the previous working day our standard payment period of 7 First Floor 44-46, New Inn Yard,whichever is the earliest) before the days. Any outstanding invoices will London EC2A 3EY, UK. Fax +44 (0)207 749 0704event will be eligible for a refund less remain valid should cancellation of London Business Conferences£75 administration fee. Cancellations attendance be received outside of the will not accept liability for any Email be made in writing. After that aforementioned cancellation period. individual transport delays and in *If you are claiming the early booking such circumstances the normalpoint no refund can be made. If you discount this may not be used in cancellation restrictions apply. Online www.ev-battery-technology-2012.comare unable to attend, no refund can conjunction with other discounts London Business Conferencesbe given but you may nominate a advertised elsewhere. Limited, Registered in England No. Address 44-46 New Inn Yard, London, EC2A 3EY, United Kingdomcolleague to take your place. We would like to keep you 5090859 w w w. e v - b a t t e r y - t e c h n o lo g y - 2 0 1 2 . co m