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Productivity, Productivity, Productivity


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Productivity, Productivity, Productivity

  1. 1. Productivity, Productivity, Productivity BY FABIAN ALCANTARA @FABULOSO Tuesday, October 2, 12
  2. 2. Tuesday, October 2, 12
  3. 3. Are you feeling productive lately? Overwhelmed Facebook with work Not motivated Determined to watch all of Not enough sleep Not eating right Game of Thrones before new season starts Tuesday, October 2, 12
  4. 4. Tuesday, October 2, 12
  5. 5. Its all about setting actionable and maintainable goals so that you can feel confident that you can tackle anything. Tuesday, October 2, 12
  6. 6. Projects & Tasks Where to start? Tuesday, October 2, 12
  7. 7. Pareto’s Principle - 80/20 Rule 80% of your work will come from 20% of your effort. 20% of the functionality and features in any one environment will be responsible for 80% of the results. Pick 2 tasks for each project that will give 80% of the work completed or close to it. Tuesday, October 2, 12
  8. 8. More Tips Handling New Tasks. Rephrase all your tasks as actions (one action at a time). Set your to do lists all in one list (Work Projects & Life Projects). Make time to review your to do list at end of the day & end of week. Monthly Review of tasks Tuesday, October 2, 12
  9. 9. Software to keep you organized Tuesday, October 2, 12
  10. 10. THINGS 2 A Task Management Tool It sort-of follows the Getting Things Done (GTD) Strategy Great User Interface Feels natural how to separate things your tasks and projects Tuesday, October 2, 12
  11. 11. Demo Tuesday, October 2, 12
  12. 12. OmniFocus God’s Gift to Getting Things Done Software. Transparent with the MacOS. A steep learning curve to use the software. User Interface can be better. Tuesday, October 2, 12
  13. 13. Demo Tuesday, October 2, 12
  14. 14. TEUXDEUX A browser based to do app. Dead simple to use. It can be use on a mobile device. Not the best tool for doing GTD but its doable. Tuesday, October 2, 12
  15. 15. Demo Tuesday, October 2, 12
  16. 16. Other Tools to try Paper version of Getting Things Done Planner with Sticky Notes - controlled chaos for me. Tuesday, October 2, 12
  17. 17. E-mail Tuesday, October 2, 12
  18. 18. Inbox Zero Goal is clean out your inbox. Follow a push system approach. Goal is to use your inbox as staging area. Create folder for projects. Create Action Labels Empty your spam folder Tuesday, October 2, 12
  19. 19. More E-mail Tips Unsubscribe to mailing lists, or newsletters. Use RSS feed. Software to help you: Tuesday, October 2, 12
  20. 20. Decluttering your desk Tuesday, October 2, 12
  21. 21. Tips Buy a cabinet Go wireless Use floating shelves for additional storage. Clamp the light Tuesday, October 2, 12
  22. 22. Staying focused on your task Tuesday, October 2, 12
  23. 23. Things to consider Decide what tasks from each project to do each day. Time Killers Facebook Photo taking, organizing, uploading, & posting Momento gathering Tuesday, October 2, 12
  24. 24. Pomodoro Technique “Time management philosophy that aims to provide the user with maximum focus and creative freshness, thereby allowing them to complete projects faster with less mental fatigue.” Helps you get shit done. Helps you be less tired mentally since you take breaks. Helps you control your obsession on your social life online. Tuesday, October 2, 12
  25. 25. How it Works Start to to work for 25 minutes. Each 25 minute work is called a pomodoro. Then take a 5 minute break. After four sessions (‘pomodoros’) have passed, take a 15-20 minute break. About 100 minutes of work time with 15 minutes of break time. Keep track on the number of times you had an impulse to do something else on each session. Tuesday, October 2, 12
  26. 26. Interruptions Walking & Talking Interruptions Let your team know you are working and NOT TO F**K WITH YOUR TOMATO TIME! Get some headphones If you get interrupted and is urgent, take care of the task immediately. Restart the pomodoro, and note interruption. If you get interrupted and it’s not urgent, add it to your to do list for later, continue pomodoro, and note interruption. Tuesday, October 2, 12
  27. 27. Why it works Frequent breaks keep your mind fresh & focused. Watching the time helps you wrap up your task quicker. Spreading a task over two or three pomodoros can keep you from getting frustrated. Constant timing of your activities makes you more accountable for your tasks. Keep in mind how long you may want to work on a project’s task for the day. Tuesday, October 2, 12
  28. 28. Other things to help Check your emails three times a day. Close Twitter, Facebook, Reader, ... Put your phone on vibrate, and hide the screen. Set treats for completing an important task. Tell everyone you are working on something Tweet it! Tuesday, October 2, 12
  29. 29. References getting-things-done declutter-your-desk-in-121984 the-8020-rule-applied-to-web-design/ top-20-time-wasters-and-top-5-worthwhile- activities.html your-ultimate-gtd-inbox an-ios-6-device-be-your-entire-personal- productivity-system.html 2012/09/LH-CppBa.png?61fe91 pomodoro-technique-illustrated-in-flowchart.png 6065/6103473185_db67d652d9_b.jpg things-done-with-apple-mail-pt-i/ pomodoro-technique-is-it-right-for-you.html Tuesday, October 2, 12
  30. 30. Thank You Fabian Alcantara - @fabuloso Tuesday, October 2, 12