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media plan brief

It contains the Media Plan as to how Fastrack can plan for the communication of its new product.
It consists of the Marketing Objective, Target Audience and Communication Task.
It also include the measurement of the result of the communication strategy. The measurement is on the basis of Action, Involvement and Communication.

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media plan brief

  1. 1. MEDIA PLAN BRIEF MARKETING OBJECTIVE To introduce Fastrack Shoes in Indian Market through Sponsorship, advertisements and events. To get footfall in the showroom and retail stores To help in selling approximately 10 million shoes in the first year by creating hype about the brand through Cricket Sponsorship, Marathon in 4 metropolitan cities, Advertisement in Television and malls and theatres. TARGET AUDIENCE Young and stylish youth 13-25 years male/female Bullseye : 17-22 years male/female COMMUNICATION TASK Fastrack shoes is being introduced and customers will be coming in the stores through the hype that will be created through sponsorship in Champions League T20, marathon in 4 metros and Advertisement in various medium and also through the Publicity that will be achieved before launching the shoes. This will also help in achieving the 10 million shoe sales in India.
  2. 2. MEASUREMENT ACTION The Communication will increase the footfall in the store We will: Install People Counter Machine to track the number of footfalls in all the stores which has Fastrack Shoes and then measure the difference in the number of people coming to the store over a period of a year. Install Close-Circuit-Television in the retail stores to see the number of people looking for Fastrack shoes. Check the number of shopping bills to find out the number of Fastrack Shoe sold on weekly basis. Train the sales person in the shoe zone to note the number of people looking for Fastrack shoes on daily basis. See the number of people filling the form for the competition in Theatres INVOLVEMENT We will find how our Target Group is feeling about Fastrack Shoes by: Seeing the number of hits in the Fastrack Website Seeing the number of minutes people are staying on the Fastrack Shoes section in Fastrack website. Seeing the number of hits on the advertisement videos on Youtube. Seeing the number of likes and dislikes on youtube ad Seeing the number of likes on Facebook page Seeing the number of hits on Facebook Logout Screen Ad Seeing the comments on youtube ad and facebook page Seeing the number of shoes being sold through online shopping portals like jabong and flipkart and ebay, etc. Seeing the number of people participating in the Marathon
  3. 3. COMMUNICATION We will find how well does our TG notice and understand the message by: Conducting Surveys – showing the respondents an image of the ad and asking them to recognize the brand. Seeing the number of hits on Youtube ad and Facebook Log Out page Ad Seeing the number of likes on Youtube advertisement and Facebook page of Fastrack Seeing the number of likes and comments on the print ads posted on facebook page