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The CDHB's ePortfolio experience: A hop, skip and a jump into the future

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Suzanne Johnson at Mahara Hui in Auckland on 10 April 2015

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The CDHB's ePortfolio experience: A hop, skip and a jump into the future

  1. 1. Suzanne Johnson, Nurse Educator – PDRP The CDHB e-Portfolio’s experience: A Hop, Skip and a Jump into the Future
  2. 2. Professional Development Recognition Programme (PDRP) Portfolio • Professional Development Recognition Programme (PDRP) Portfolio has been around for 10 - 20 years in various guises – Based on the Nursing Council New Zealand RN & EN competencies – 3 levels of practice: Competent, Proficient & Expert level
  3. 3. Background Information e-Portfolio • e-Portfolio project started by Ngā Manukura o Āpōpō July 2012 initially for Maori nurses – Key people involved Liz Manning, Taima Campbell, Pam Doole as well as various representatives from CDHB, ADHB, TDHB, CMDHB, NZNO – Discussion about what platform should be used and form a project group to assist with the development of e-Portfolio
  4. 4. Criterion for Nga Manakura e- Portfolio • Free open source e-Portfolio system • Access from anywhere • Customised to meet Nursing Council continuing competence requirements – Processes and tools needed to align with regulatory requirements • Widely accepted by the profession/sector – Having key people involved in the project team • Reduces barriers for Māori nurses – Access to professional development resources – Assistance with professional and geographical isolation
  5. 5. Ngā Manukura o Āpōpō e- Portfolio • Pilot launch in July 12 – small pilot group • Response to the site has been positive • Target of 20 Māori nurses has been surpassed with 44 nurses registered, 2 of whom are Nurse Practitioners • Interest from a wide range of nursing areas, from individuals to large organisations such as DHBs • Wanted to trial larger group – CDHB’s involvement with 60 New Graduate Nurses
  6. 6. CDHB Trial Group • 60 NetP nurses – NETP nurses are applying for competent level PDRP – Large cohesive group with same evidential requirements - feedback • 60 Preceptors • 5-10 CNM’s • 10-15 Assessors
  7. 7. The Roll Out of Ngā Manukura o Āpōpō E-portfolio Plan 1. Learn about the E-portfolio 2. NetP Nurses 3. Preceptors 4. Charge Nurse Managers 5. Assessors/Resource people Need to acknowledge the assistance of my colleagues
  8. 8. Own Knowledge of the NMoA e- Portfolio • Familiarise self with the E-portfolio – Use instructions on the site (podcasts) & written information – Mahara manual – Administrator rights – Assistance from Taima Campbell & Kristina Hoeppner – Create instruction guidelines for NetP nurses & assessors – Decisions about how to share E-portfolio’s with assessors
  9. 9. NetP Nurses • Provided x2 sessions as part of the New Graduate programme – X1 Introductory to E-portfolio’s & evidence required for Competent PDRP – X1 Revision session on E-portfolio’s – Interesting response around technology • X2 drop in sessions (optional) • Encouraged the NetP nurses to discuss the e- Portfolio with their preceptor & encourage to sign up • Emailed out instructions for E-portfolio trial – Including information on what evidence needed to be in the E-portfolio & how to share with assessors
  10. 10. Preceptors • Offered x2-3 sessions on how to provide evidence (assessment against the competencies) and use of e-Portfolio • Sent out information to preceptors via the CNM’s – Information wasn’t successful in filtering through to the preceptors (lesson learned) • Preceptors had access to various resource people
  11. 11. Charge Nurse Managers • X2-3 sessions for the CNM group • Let CNM’s decide how involved in the e- Portfolio process they wanted to be (performance appraisals) – Created an e-Portfolio – Viewed either the NetP nurse or preceptors e- Portfolio • NetP still had to do a modified performance appraisal (not against the competencies) with their CNM
  12. 12. Assessors/Resource Person • X2 sessions for assessor group • Emailed instructions for e-Portfolio trial – Including information on what evidence needed to be in the E-portfolio from assessment perspective – Assessors could see the instructions that were given to the NetP nurses • Assessors had access to resource people
  13. 13. Assessment of e-Portfolio’s • Logistics around sharing e-Portfolio’s – Which assessor is doing what e-Portfolio – Assessor that got too busy, one that left the CDHB – Rejigging of assessor required • Mixed results from the assessors – Most enjoyed assessing the e-Portfolio – Some feedback about the attachments and the clumsiness of e-Portfolio • NetP nurses took photos of their annual practicing certificate but it was difficult to read • NetP nurses encourage to put all extra evidence in competency 1.1 – didn’t enjoy backwards and forwards to find evidence
  14. 14. Observations • The NetP nurses were adaptable – bugs in the system – copy collections – updates after teaching sessions – difficulty logging on • It appeared some NetP nurses struggled more than expected – surprised given their access to technology in their undergraduate education e.g moodle, blackboard etc. – Lack of transferable skills – social media – Acknowledge fatigue nurses from EQ 2011
  15. 15. Observations • Preceptors struggled immensely – Least amount of exposure to the e- Portfolio’s – Digital literacy for some preceptors were an issue – Not as familiar with portfolios and providing evidence
  16. 16. Hiccups • Initially around logins & copying collections (Competencies) • Didn’t receive notifications of NetP’s wanting to establish their E-portfolio once given administration rights – easily corrected • Change of Screen with CDHB logo on • A couple of competencies were wrong – there had been a mix up between 2 competencies
  17. 17. Learning's from Trialling e- Portfolio’s • Not everyone will follow instructions no matter how many education sessions or what information is sent out • Assessment timing difficult over xmas period – Assessors on leave at various times • Need to engage the preceptors in a different way – Not rely on the NetP nurse or CNM to disseminate information • thought process was that CNM needed to release the preceptor for training • NetP nurse was changing clinical areas
  18. 18. Evaluation – NetP Nurses • Slightly confusing but do-able • Easy but preceptor had difficulty • Issues with the changing to CDHB site • A bit painful • Website wasn’t very user friendly • Easy enough but the preceptor feedback section was confusing • Not easy • Tricky at first, however once you had been in a few times it became easier to negotiate • Extremely difficult. The site had many bugs, which created a lot of setbacks • Horrible and caused stress • Very user unfriendly!
  19. 19. Evaluation – Preceptors • Not easy at all. Since the training on the site, things had changed when I came to use it, steps to access pages no longer worked • Very easy • e-portfolio is moderately easy to use. it took a while for my log-in to be approved but otherwise no problems. the design is a bit bland. I prefer to see the comments to be side by side rather than one after the other but again this is a personal preference :) • Very HARD! Unable to log in efficiently. Took a long time to be accepted for registration then the system would lock me out of competencies and report unknown errors • Fairly easy • Great
  20. 20. Any Thoughts, Comments or Questions ?