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eTwinning competitions

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eTwinning competitions

  2. 2. Our “Go green, go clean, act now!”Comenius – eTwinning project is consideredto be a very successful one. We haveparticipated in a lot of conferences andwon awards in the eTwinning Nationalcompetitions.
  4. 4. A flip camera:The award forthe Belgianschool.
  5. 5. The Italian school participated inan eTwinning exhibition andconference in a high school inLivorno.
  6. 6. The Italian students were invited to share Comenius products of “Go Green, Go Clean, Act Now!” during an e-Twinning Day at Liceo Cecioni, for the project “Savons la Planete”.They discussed together andplanned ideal and environmentfriendly towns.
  7. 7. The Cypriot school was the only one inCyprus that got the European eTwinninglabel.
  8. 8. The Greek school won the first prize in the eTwinning National Competition in the Comenius – eTwinning projects category.9 December 2011, MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, ATHENS
  9. 9. We got lots of presents for the schoolcomputer lab and the students…
  10. 10. The dissemination of our project in Romaniawas done during the national conference“Verde, Voluntariat, Valorizare” („Green,Volunteering, Valorisation‟) organised by theRomanian National Agency (A.N.P.C.D.E.F.P.)in Bucharest („The Ark‟ center) on 18th ofNovember 2011. Mr. Daniel Lozba-Stirbuleacwas invited to share information about thisproject as a good example for other teachersand students and on 9th of December 2011within a national seminar of the NationalAgency about how rural schools could beinvolved in European projects.
  11. 11. Denmark, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece and Italy are alsoparticipating in the European eTwinning Competition.