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Create a Content Powerhouse: How to Structure and Optimize Your Content Marketing Team


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  • Update with new cover from visual brand deck.
  • Do you have an organized way to save the ideas that you or your stakeholders have for content? Where are you keeping that plan or even wishlist today, and how visible is it to the toehr members of your team?
  • Processes and content requests are siloed.
  • Too much content– how do you break through the noise? How do you create a strategy that’s effective, efficient and produces interesting content.
  • How long does it actually take you to do a project? How can you plan your resources? Budget your time and estimate your capacity? How can you be more regimented about how you spend your own time and how you utilize your team members time?

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    good transition
  • Google Drive-
    Your Marketing Automation tool-
    Your CMS platform-
    Your Analytics Tool-
  • Distributed out into the world content vs. demand generation

  • Example: Create a content organization that produces content that serves the entire organization, is aligned to our business needs and provides a consistent brand tone and voice.
  • Here was the challenge we were faced with
  • Previosu to this process makeover, we focused primarily on demand gen but there was not a leader or own for content that is customer facing, who owns thought leadership, customer case studies- it wasn’t on tone or on brand
  • Where is the right place for content to sit? We have tried many different --
  • Preface whether It’s a small or large organization you can pull some of these tips
  • Who makes up the team?
    Who requests content?
  • Content governance

    Are these the right priorites for the organization? Final approval of key strategic assets. If there is a large investment, it’s especially important to get that buy in
  • Goals of the content team is to serve the organization
  • How did we arrive at this process. It can realy be broken down into 4 steps
  • This is what we think makes for a happy team
  • Even if you are a small team, it’s important to have someone-even just 1 person- deidcated to creating content
  • How to extend your team if you don’t have the internal resources to produce the amount of content that you need. Scripted, Newscred- great writing resources that are relatively budget friendly or freelance independent writers.
  • Create a consistency of voice, looking for a seamless extension of your team. Event if this isnt an agency, you can still use this as a guide
  • All content needs a subject matter expert. These are ppl we reply on to own the expertise of the content topics.
  • Ellen
  • Dayna
  • So like we’ve covered--- without implementing a specific process, your content marketing process probably looks like this bowl of spaghetti
  • Best way to to this is to record this, write it down, and be specific.
  • How do we prioritize
  • How do you prioritize
    What other roles can fall into content—PR/social/Content – it’s to your benefit to have someone specific
    Is there content that we don’t focus on- we don’t mid/late funnel