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The U Crate 50 by UPakWeShip

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This presentation shows you how the U Crate 50 by UPakWeShip works.

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The U Crate 50 by UPakWeShip

  1. 1. U CRATE 50 If It Fits It Ships For One Low All Inclusive Price, Door to Door. Did we also mention “No Sneaky Fees”?
  2. 2.  I am Mark Nash the owner of UPakWeShip and hope you enjoy this presentation. As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words, so hopefully you will get a much better idea of our U Crate 50 container service after watching this. I hope you like it and please email or call me with any questions.  Cheers & Happy Packing  Mark Nash  1 866 868 6386  Please follow me on twitter @UPAKWESHIP
  3. 3.  We ship the U Crate 50 flat packed to your home.  You put it together (no tools necessary).  Load your boxes & things in the U Crate in your own time.  Give us 24 hours notice and we will collect the U Crate.  Truck it to our shipping terminal.  Load it into a shipping container.  Ship it to the destination port.  Clear it through customs.  Truck the U Crate to your residence.  Deliver U Crate to your driveway or garage or unload contents into your house, depending on the delivery country.  All for one lump sum price.
  4. 4.  External Dims: L 45 x W 45 x H 44“  Internal Dims: L 42.75 x W 43.75 x H 38  Weight: 60 lbs. empty  Weight it can carry: 750 lbs. But max we allow is 500 lbs for normal pricing  Volume: 50 cubic feet  Usable volume: 40 cubic feet  Strength: Double wall corrugated sleeves rest between heat treated wood pallet and cardboard bottom and top lid.  Pallet: heat treated 45 x 45 inch wood pallet  Assembly: pallet with 2 sides, plus 9 inch bottom tray and lid.  Contents: Bottom wood pallet, double wall sides and top. (4 pieces) tape, shroud & straps.  All for one lump sum price.
  5. 5. We will ship you the U Crate to your address. It usually takes 4-5 days to get to you, but we can use a faster service at an additional cost if you are really in a hurry. It will be fine in a garage or under a covered porch but if you are carrying it inside it weighs about 60 lbs so its quite easy to move between two of you. If you don’t have a garage it’s a good idea to practice loading it inside your home and seeing how much you can get into the U Crate and have a load plan so that on the collection day and you are loading the U Crate outside, you know exactly where everything needs to be and it all fits in nicely.
  6. 6. Take off the shrink wrap, cut the tie straps and take off the lid and the double wall sleeves and place them on the ground. You can start stacking your boxes on the pallet and add one of the sleeves. Try and use boxes of the same size so that they fit well together. Place boxes leaving a small gap so there is room for the sleeve to fit and connect to the pallet. Make sure everything is nice and tight.
  7. 7. Start loading the pallet with the heaviest boxes on the bottom. Make sure everything is well wrapped and has your name on each piece. There might be a gap down a side where you can load flat thin items like packed pictures or a folding chair for example.
  8. 8. Top up with any extra bits on the top and put on the lid. You will probably need some steps to help you fill it up from the top and secure the lid. Run some tape around the bottom, up the sides and then the top.
  9. 9. Once the plastic shroud is in place, its time to secure the tie straps. Make sure they are not twisted and toss the ties over the top of the U Crate and secure through the clip and tie off any excess strap. Your nearly done!
  10. 10. Print the labels that we emailed you and stick on at least 2 sides of the U Crate. Secure around the edges with tape so it doesn’t fall off and the U Crate is ready for shipping!
  11. 11. Let us know 24 hours ahead, Mon-Fri, when you want it collected and using a pallet jack and tail lift the U Crate gets collected from your driveway or curbside and lifted onto the truck. Our normal rates are based on collection anytime during the day but quite often for a small extra charge we can sometimes arrange a 2 hour collection window.
  12. 12. The U Crate gets trucked to one of our main shipping terminals. It gets loaded into a shipping container with lots of other UPakWeShip customers cargo.
  13. 13. The container is then loaded on the ship and off it goes to the destination port. When the ship arrives we offload the container from the ship and take it to our local terminal.
  14. 14. Before delivery can take place, customs have to approve it to be allowed into the country. Customs can inspect your shipment so make sure your packing list matches the items in your shipment and everything has your name on it.
  15. 15. Our overseas terminal we have to unload all the shipments from the shipping container and start planning the deliveries.
  16. 16. Once cleared by customs we will call you and arrange a delivery date. U Crate European deliveries are normally made to your driveway or garage. Other destinations like Australia and New Zealand are often unloaded and the items taken into your new residence.
  17. 17. After delivery, the U Crate and the boxes make a great play house! You can also draw on them and don’t forget to pop the bubble wrap!
  18. 18. Established since 1988. Offices in USA, UK, Canada & Europe giving total control Door to Door. Licensed and Bonded with Federal Maritime Commission. Very honest knowledgeable staff to answer all your questions and make you relocation stress free. All inclusive prices guaranteed. The Best 5 star reviews in the business! Part of EuroUSA Shipping Inc.
  19. 19. 