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UPakWeShip, How to prepare a packing list

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This UPakWeShip presentation shows you how to use our handy packing list and insurance app with step by step instructions. It includes handy tips as well as questions answered on how its best to complete a packing list for overseas moving and shipping. Our app actually produces a packing list for your items that are shipping as well as a valuation list we use for your insurance policy.

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UPakWeShip, How to prepare a packing list

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION TO THE PACKING LIST • Just as you have to go through customs when you arrive at the destination airport, your shipment will have to go through customs as well. • Customs will want to see a neat list of the items you want to bring into their country • Customs will also be looking at the list to check there is nothing being imported that is not allowed or possibly suspicious as well as items that they can charge duties and taxes. • Depending what they see might depend on if they choose to inspect your shipment or x ray it which can cause extra charges and delays. • To help you prepare that perfect customs friendly list, that should help your shipment “sail” through customs, (good pun!) UPakWeShip has designed this brilliant little app.
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION TO THE INSURANCE LIST • Just like insuring your car or your house contents, chances are you wont need it but its best to have it just in case. • If you don’t take out an insurance policy you will have no claim against anyone and you would have no money reimbursed to buy or compensate you for your loss of your treasured items. • You wouldn’t even get refunded for the shipping expenses you paid. • But if you take out UPakWeShip's specially designed insurance policy that is placed with World Transit Insurance Inc, you can be covered against loss or damage if caused by an outside force like a forklift, container crane, truck accident, ship collision, warehouse water leak or fire for example. • In order to take out shipping insurance you need to declare a value for insurance purposes per box / piece. With our packing list / insurance app you can do this as you pack. Simply select from our contents list of what's in the box and then add a value for your insurance policy.
  3. 3. LABELS • Just a quick note to also remind you about labels. • The number of the item on the packing list needs to match the item number on the box. • The easiest way to do this is use our label generator to print labels so that each item has its own number. • The label will show your name, booking number, and box number. • We recommend attaching at least 1 label to each box and furniture item. • The number on your labeled box (or furniture item) needs to match the number on your packing list ! • If unable to print labels, write the information & number on each box. • You may write anything else on your box if you wish. Tip: Every box or packaged item not in a box (such as a chair) must be numbered. This number must match the number on your packing list.
  4. 4. PACKING LIST & LABEL EXAMPLE Tip: For a box with several different items inside, list whatever is the main or majority item. This box is labeled with a number 1. It contains mainly arts and crafts. This is box labeled with a number 4. It contains mainly books. This item will be labeled with a number 7. It is an office chair. This item is labeled with a number 8. It contains a sleeping bag.
  5. 5. LETS GET STARTED • Log into your account using your email address and password. • Click on the Packing / Insurance list • Type in your name, booking number, email, origin and destination if it is not already populated. • Below you will see it asks you if you want insurance. I suggest you say yes.
  6. 6. LETS GET STARTED • Look at the list starting with where it says item #1 • Start typing the description of the contents box • If you cant find the item, have a re think what you might call it. For example you might not fine eiderdown or duvet but you can select bedding. You might not find trousers but you will find clothes. There is not a guitar on the list but there is musical instrument and also musical equipment on the list. • When you have selected item # 1 click on the + button and type in the item for item #2 • If you make a mistake, simply click on the – button and then re select another item.
  7. 7. TIP OF THE DAY! • You don’t have to list everything in each box • You don’t have to list every knife and fork • Vague descriptions work well • Do not be alarming! Do not list (and do not pack) guns, ammunition, food stuff, stuffed animals, hazardous liquids, drugs or anything else that might set the alarms off! • When you have a box with mixed items in it, just choose one of the main items and just list that. So a box containing books, cd’s videos, ornaments and a cushion can simply be listed as “Books” • The items on our list are designed to be customs friendly, if you don’t find an exact match, just choose something from our list that is similar.
  8. 8. TIP OF THE HOUR! •When you have a box with mixed items in it, just choose one of the main items and just list that. So a box containing books, cd’s videos, ornaments and a cushion can simply be listed as “Books” Why are we saying this again? Because it is the most popular question concerning the packing list!
  9. 9. INSURANCE VALUES • After selecting the contents of your box or item, you can enter a value for insurance. There is a minimum premium so make sure the total value comes out to at least $4,000.00 • Don’t worry, the insurance value list only gets emailed to the insurance company and the packing list with no values only gets emailed to customs. • Sometimes you might think its near impossible to value something so personal like photographs or your children's scrapbooks. While we agree this is the case, sometimes an insurance pay out can at least help you buy a painting or pay for professional photographer to create some new memories. Don’t worry too much about the risks. They are extremely rare. We move thousands per year and the chances of a total loss of everything is less than one shipment per year!
  10. 10. ARE WE DONE YET? • Nearly! • When you have finished for the day, • Click on: I Confirm The Packing List Statement Above. • Type your Name • Sign you name in the signature box • Then choose • Save and continue later or when you are completely finished • Click Submit and E mail. The app will then email you and us a copy of your packing list as a pdf file. Very clever huh? (Thanks to Daniel @ sidekick for designing this)
  11. 11. INSURING SHIPPING COSTS • When you have finished adding values to all your boxes and items. • You have the option to insure the shipping costs • In the rare case of a disaster and everything was lost, it would be nice if you got your money back on all your shipping costs as well right? • Just add in the shipping costs after completing the item values and your shipping costs will be refunded as well as the item valuations in the case of a disaster. The policy has a deductible of $250 but other than that everything else would be refunded by the insurance company.
  12. 12. YOU DID IT After you have clicked submit. Your packing list will be converted automatically into a pdf file and emailed to your UPakWeShip coordinator as well as a copy emailed to you for a receipt of the items you have shipped. You will also see the payment screen where you can enter your credit card details and pay for your insurance. Once paid, your insurance application will be emailed to WTI. They will then email you a personal policy normally within 48 hours.
  13. 13. TIPS • Select a description from our list that has at least part of the contents correct even if there are other mixed things in the box. That is quite acceptable these days. • If you want to save your list and come back to it another day, make sure you click on save and continue later. • Do not click on submit until you are completely finished. • There is a minimum premium for the insurance policy of $100 so you would need to insure for at least $4,000 ($4,0000 x 2.5% = $100)
  14. 14. QUESTIONS • Any questions, please email your coordinator. Make sure to include your name and the booking number. • Many of our staff work from home these days so email works a lot better than the phone. • Thanks for watching and thanks for trusting UPakWeShip for your International move.
  15. 15. USEFUL LINKS • Packing Tips • General Customs Forms • What Not To Pack • Pictures Insurance Information Coverage from external force loss/damage, not from improper packing Quarantine information for Australia & New Zealand: Download for Free: Moving Overseas: The Definitive Guide a quick- reading 85 page book written by Mark Nash ‘The Moving Doctor’ (over 33 years industry experience and multiple international moves!) We love to stay connected with our customers on social media! Find honest real reviews on our website as well as • A+ Rating Better Business Bureau • 5 Google Star reviews, Expat Blogs Scroll through our UPakWeShip Blog A blog from a previous customer: Sunny in London Blog A Self Load Container Review on Ireland Move Club Here is a review a customer wrote about her experience with UPakWeShip on another expat board And another customer wrote about her Pallet shipping experience on her blog here Kind words from a customer we met here in Charleston!