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Open Data and Open Government

Slides from my talk at the 13th European Conference on e-Government. Preliminary testing of Yu and Robinson's framework for evaluating characteristics of public sector data using data from the UK's portal.

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Open Data and Open Government

  1. 1. Open data and opengovernment in the UK:how closely are theyrelated?Martin De SaullesUniversity of BrightonJune 201313th European Conference on e-GovernmentUniversity of Insubria, Como
  2. 2. Martin De Saulles ECEG 2013Context ConclusionsResearch
  3. 3. Long Tradition• 1766 – Freedom of the PressAct, Sweden• 1966 – Freedom of InformationAct, US• 2000 – Freedom of InformationAct, UK• 2003 – Re-use of Public SectorInformation Directive, EU• 2005 – Re-use of Public SectorInformation Regulations, UKMartin De Saulles ECEG 2013
  4. 4. Multiple reasonsMartin De Saulles ECEG 2013• Accountability• Transparency• Change culture• Pre-empt whistle blowers• Improve safety• Improve efficiency• Aid innovation• Generate tax receipts
  5. 5. ImpactsMartin De Saulles ECEG 2013
  6. 6. ImpactsMartin De Saulles ECEG 2013
  7. 7. Martin De Saulles ECEG 2013Source: Shakespeare IndependentReview of Public SectorInformation, 2013
  8. 8. Issues/QuestionsMartin De Saulles ECEG 2013Open Government• Accessibility• Exemptions• Enforcement• Reactive/proactiveOpen Data• Accessibility• Formats• Copyright• Currency• Frequency• Reliability• Reactive/proactive“Is the right data being released in the best formats and at the appropriate timefor users to maximise its social and economic benefits?”
  9. 9. Martin De Saulles ECEG 2013ResearchContext Conclusions
  10. 10. Martin De Saulles ECEG 2013
  11. 11. OverviewMartin De Saulles ECEG 2013Publisher Datasets % of totalOffice for National Statistics 847 9%Department for Communities and Local Government 740 8%NHS Information Centre for Health and Social Care 589 7%British Geological Survey 363 4%Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 329 4%Centre for Ecology and Hydrology 298 3%Welsh Government 241 3%Department of Health 239 3%Department for Children, Schools and Families 227 3%Home Office 212 2%All Datasets 8981 100.00%Total of 786 publishersTop 10 publishers (1.2% of all publishers) account for 45.48% of all datasetsData correct as of 28 Dec 2012
  12. 12. OverviewMartin De Saulles ECEG 2013Formats Legal
  13. 13. Martin De Saulles ECEG 2013
  14. 14. Evaluating De Saulles ECEG 2013“The popular term “opengovernment data” is, therefore,deeply ambiguous – it mightmean either of two very differentthings. If “open government” is aphrase that modifies the noun“data”, we are talking aboutpolitically important disclosures,whether or not they aredelivered by computer. On theother hand, if the words “open”and “government” are separateadjectives modifying “data”, weare talking about data that isboth easily accessed andgovernment related, but thatmight not be politicallyimportant.” (Yu and Robinson,2012 p 181-182)
  15. 15. AnalysisMartin De Saulles ECEG 20138,981 data sets (December 2012)Sample of 100 (random)Adaptable (CSV, XML) – scores 1Inert (PDF, Word, HTML) – scores 1Service delivery (bus times, mapping etc) – scores 1Public Accountability (salary levels, complaints etc) – scores 195 data sets categorised ( 5 excluded for ambiguity)
  16. 16. AdaptablePublicAccountabilityInertServiceDelivery50324563Note: Data collected on 28 December 2012, based on sample of 100 datasetsResultsMartin De Saulles ECEG 2013
  17. 17. Results• Small sample so treat withcaution• Strong bias toward servicedelivery – from accountability• Less obvious re. adaptable butCSV dominates• Dead links an issueMartin De Saulles ECEG 2013
  18. 18. Martin De Saulles ECEG 2013ConclusionsContext Research
  19. 19. Conclusions• Yu and Robinson offer usefulframework• Differentiate publicaccountability (open government)from generative resource (opendata)• Room for calibration• Work needed on making data moreadaptable• International agreement ondefinitions to allow benchmarkingMartin De Saulles ECEG 2013
  20. 20. ReferencesMartin De Saulles ECEG 2013Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. (2013) Shakespeare review: anindependent review of public sector information (Available at: Saulles, M. (2007) “When Public Meets Private: Conflicts in InformationPolicy”, Info, Vol 9, No. 6, pp 10-16.Yu, H. and Robinson, D. (2012) “The New Ambiguity of Open Government”, UCLALaw Review Discourse, Vol 59, pp178-208.
  21. 21. QuestionsMartin De Saulles ECEG 2013Dr Martin De SaullesPrincipal LecturerUniversity of