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Jax2013 PaaS-Parade - Part 1: Cloud Foundry

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Jax2013 PaaS-Parade - Part 1: Cloud Foundry

  1. 1. Martin LippertStaff Engineer
  2. 2. 2Cloud  Provider  InterfaceApplica4on  Service  InterfacePrivate  Clouds  PublicCloudsMicroCloud  FoundryData ServicesOtherServicesMsgServices.jsApache2 licenseCloud Foundry Open PaaS
  3. 3. historydeveloped and published byVMware in 2011 part of Pivotalhttp://gopivotal.comFully open-source(cloud platform itself, hosting and admin tools,developer tooling)Fully open contribution process
  4. 4. past: runtimes & frameworksJava (6 + 7):Web, Spring, Lift, Playnode.js (0.4 + 0.6 + 0.8)Ruby: Rails, Sinatra, RackBYOC (standalone apps, container + JVM tuning)future: buildpacksHeroku-like buildpacksdefine the environmentyou can write and use your own buildpacks
  5. 5. servicesMySQLRedisPostgreSQLMongoDBRabbitMQin the repo:ElasticSearch, CouchDB, Neo4j, Filesystem,Blob, Memcachedon your own:you can implement your own servicesservices can be hosted externally
  6. 6. tools(developer perspective)vmc - command lineCloud Foundry Integration for EclipseMaven pluginGradle pluginweb-based dashboard (coming soon)
  7. 7. additional highlightsframework support(includes auto-reconfiguration for Spring and node.js)Micro Cloud(includes full debugging support)tunneling to services(e.g. connect your favorite database tool)BOSH(managing cloud environments)
  8. 8. scaling#1: the infrastructure level(done by the PaaS operator)#2: the application level(done by the app developer)(not automated, but technically possible)
  9. 9. coming uporganizations and spaces(enables more flexible management and teamwork) commercial packages)dashboard(web-based management console)
  10. 10. ResourcesCloud Foundryhttp://www.cloudfoundry.comhttp://www.cloudfoundry.orgCloud Foundry GitHub Integration for Eclipse LippertStaff Engineer