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3 things Human Beings need to Survive to the next 100 years challenges

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If you ask what are the 3 most important things human beings need to have to survive, you will likely get the 3 answers you also imagine. They are probably necessary, but are they sufficient?
Let's look at the problem from a different perspective and get some interesting surprises.

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3 things Human Beings need to Survive to the next 100 years challenges

  2. If you ask people what are the 3 factors allowing Human Beings to survive to the next 100 years’ challenges, the responses will aggregate around 3 themes
  3. (1) FOOD and WATER
  4. Yes Food and water are a primary biological need for life survival
  5. But… There are many people dying for having too much food… There are many people suicide even if they have sufficient food… There are many people surviving with insufficient food.
  6. (2) WORLD PEACE
  7. Of course If we have a global nuclear war…
  8. But… The history of human beings shows that there were always wars (big and small) and some people always survived… There are a lot of people in peaceful countries killed by a fight with the neigh borough…
  9. (3) MEDICINES
  10. Naturally Medicines increase human beings’ capability to survive to old and new diseases
  11. But… Still the history of human beings shows that there were always new diseases for which there was not a cure and human beings always found ways to survive… Absence of food and water kills more than medical diseases.
  12. All these are for sure useful. Probably necessary. But are they sufficient?
  13. So, what do we really need?
  14. (1) RESILIENCY
  15. “Resiliency” is not “Resistance” and is not “Strength of will”
  16. Resistance is what allows to say: “I will break, but I will never bend!”
  17. Strength of will is what allows: waking up regularly at 5am to go running to stay fit, or to stop smoking, or working 14 hours per day to get a reward or promotion.
  18. Resilience is what allows to absorb the hits of the life and restart; to bend under these hits, but then to stand again; to feel the energetic pressure of the many “no”, humiliations, injustices, life and medical issues, and then, against any logic and sometimes human comprehension, to start again.
  19. (2) NETWORKING
  20. Each resilient human being is like a drop of water. S/He is powerful, but his resiliency has a limit: a big fire may vaporize the water drop
  21. But if you join enough drops, you have an ocean, and even the strongest fire will not have a chance.
  22. That’s Networking: building a worldwide net of resilient drops across national, cultural, gender and age borders
  24. To be resilient, we must ensure we have time… to recover from life hits to control and re-set our list of values to build, feed and grow the network with other resilient drops, starting from your own family
  25. Time is the only good that has not a price: you cannot buy it Everyone knows it’s precious, but we always waste it and it does not return
  26. Concrete and effective Time Management applied to our whole life is really required to support Resiliency.
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