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Georgia Tech's Strategic Drupal Redesign

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Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE), an academic unit of the Georgia Institute of Technology, partnered with Mediacurrent to improve UX and deepen their understanding of audience behavior. Together, we launched a responsive, user-friendly site with a new navigation, visual design, and content strategy to attract and engage GTPE learners and partners.

See how GTPE’s Drupal site positions them to stand out among university competitors.

We’ll cover:

--How in-depth buyer personas informed a reimagined content strategy
--How shifting to a persona-driven UX design increased mobile users by 60%
--Our approach to SEO and designing a new navigation structure

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Georgia Tech's Strategic Drupal Redesign

  1. 1. Welcome to the Higher Education Summit Georgia Tech’s Strategic Drupal Redesign
  2. 2. Today’s Team Cheryl Little Director of User Experience Kelsey Harris Digital Communications Specialist Shamika Hill Senior Graphic Designer Mediacurrent Georgia Tech Professional Education Georgia Tech Professional Education
  3. 3. Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE), an academic division of the Georgia Institute of Technology, offers professional development courses, certificate programs, and professional master’s degrees in a variety of formats to meet the needs of working professionals and industry partners in STEM and business fields worldwide. We educate over 36,000 individual learners representing more than 2,600 companies annually. Georgia Tech Professional Education ABOUT
  4. 4. Mediacurrent is a full-service digital agency that implements world class open source software development, strategy, and design to achieve defined goals for enterprise organizations seeking a better return on investment. Mediacurrent ABOUT
  5. 5. Agenda About the GTPE Redesign ● ● User Personas ● ● ● ● Content Strategy ● ● ● ● Design / User Experience ● ● ● Navigation, Sitemap, & User Testing ● ● ● Impactful Results
  6. 6. The GTPE Redesign Project
  7. 7. | 7 Project Mission GTPE REDESIGN To deliver a unified and engaging digital experience for all University "customers" — aspiring and current students, lifelong learners, alumni, and industry partners. Higher engagement and conversions Increase business intelligence Personalized, seamless experiences Streamline operations
  8. 8. Challenges GTPE REDESIGN The redesign was based on the premise that our site experience should serve our learners rather than our own operational needs. Historically, our website was very information-heavy and flat, optimized to reduce inquiries from learners to our GTPE staff, but not updated our managed effectively. We forced our learners to comb through pages of dry copy with conflicting info and no visuals or logical organization. Text-heavy content difficult to digest Confusing content flow Lack of visuals to encourage engagement
  9. 9. Website Redesign Process Daily Sprint Workflow Scrum Analysis Planning Design Coding User Requirements Testing Feature Releases Launch Fully functioning Drupal website to serve as the foundation for further digital strategies. Sprint Deliver & repeat until product launch. Discovery Deliverable Product Strategy, User Experience, & Technical Requirements documentation. Functional Specification System Architecture Hosting & Infrastructure Migration & Data Strategy Estimates & Sprint Planning User Experience Content Strategy Wireframes Conversion Paths User Testing Business Analysis KPIs, Analytics & SEO User Research Competitive Analysis Information Architecture & Navigation Develop DeliverDiscover DESIGN & USER EXPERIENCE
  10. 10. Solutions GTPE REDESIGN Together, GTPE and Mediacurrent created a responsive, user-friendly interface with a new navigation and visual design to attract and engage GTPE learners and partners. Build a learner-focused posture across GTPE and in the digital space. People Platforms Perceptions Implement integrated CRM and marketing automation platforms. Use learner insights to develop digital tools and interactions.
  11. 11. Why Drupal? GTPE REDESIGN Third-party marketing tools and communication platforms. Integration Security Cost-Effective Highly secure platform protects students information. Leveraging open-source technology with no licensing fees.
  12. 12. | 12 User Personas
  13. 13. Why are Personas Important? USER PERSONAS User personas are examples of the real people who engage with your website. Unlike traditional target audience segmentation, they provide greater depth and context by focusing on one character who embodies the predominant qualities of the larger group. Commonly in higher education, the challenge is to build a site that serves learners, rather than internal operational needs. Personas will provide a deeper audience understanding and a more sharply defined unique value.
  14. 14. USER PERSONAS How was Research Conducted? User Interviews Surveys Client DocumentationGoogle Analytics Web Research
  15. 15. ● Who are they? ● What are their digital behaviors? ● Who are their trusted sources? Demographics USER PERSONA RESEARCH
  16. 16. ● What do they value in a program? ● What are their goals? ● What pain points do they have? Psychographics USER PERSONA RESEARCH
  17. 17. ● Where do they research information for pursuing a professional degree? ● What marketing channels do they use? Marketing Specifics USER PERSONA RESEARCH
  18. 18. ● What are the key things users look for in a program that’s a decision factor? ● When are they likely to enroll? ● What are their current beliefs and common objections? Decision Influencers USER PERSONA RESEARCH
  19. 19. | 19 The Professional Learner USER PERSONAS
  20. 20. Adam Smith PROFESSIONAL LEARNER Demographics ● Age: 38 ● Job Title: Program Manager ● Salary: $97,500 Goals ● Become an expert in the field ● Minimize project risks and increase efficiency ● Stay up-to-date with certifications and industry trends ● Network with others in the field ● Teach/train others ● Professional development
  21. 21. Background PROFESSIONAL LEARNER ● Attended undergrad program at University of North Carolina ● Graduated with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration (BSBA) ● Moved to Atlanta for work after graduating from college ● Married with three children ● Has been with current company for 15 years ● Mid-level manager ● Natural leader, enjoys helping others ● Began mentorship program at current company ● Actively involved with UNC Alumni Association ● Extremely busy balancing professional and personal life Adam Smith Device Types 75% Marketing Channels Google Search Linkedin Email
  22. 22. Wants, Needs, & Decision Criteria PROFESSIONAL LEARNER ● Attend reputable program with top-ranked faculty ● Become subject matter expert ● Advance career (promotion, raise) ● Learn best practices to lead, educate and train others Adam Smith Wants & Needs ● Reputation and quality of school / program ● Price of course including all associated fees ● Location of course Decision Criteria ● Co-workers / Employer ● Associations and Conferences ● Project Management Institute (PMI) Trusted Sources
  23. 23. Common Objections PROFESSIONAL LEARNER Adam Smith “I can’t afford the cost of the program and associated fees.” “The courses won’t fit into my busy schedule.” “I can’t make it to campus for classes.” “I’m not sure that the course materials are relevant to my role.” “I won’t have the opportunity to network with the right people.”
  24. 24. Common Questions PROFESSIONAL LEARNER Adam Smith “How much does the program cost and what are the associated fees?” “How long will it take to complete my certification?” “What will the certification do for me?” “Who teaches the courses?” “How will this program help my career?” “What does the course schedule look like? “Can I take these courses online?” “What makes this program unique?”
  25. 25. | 25 The Degree Seeker USER PERSONAS
  26. 26. John Gardell DEGREE SEEKER PROSPECT Demographics ● Age: 29 ● Job Title: Mechanical Engineer ● Salary: $83,500 Goals ● Become an expert in both business and technology ● Increase knowledge of engineering processing ● Gain management and leadership skills ● Network with others in the field ● Teach/train others ● Professional development
  27. 27. Background DEGREE SEEKER ● Attended undergrad program at Georgia Tech ● Graduated with a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) ● Has lived within 50 miles of Atlanta his whole life ● Married with one daughter ● Has been with current company for five years ● Full-time employee ● Leads cross-functional teams at work ● Needs a solid foundation in business to grow professionally ● Actively involved with Georgia Tech Alumni Association ● Extremely busy balancing professional and personal life John Gardell Device Types 80% Marketing Channels Google Search Linkedin Email
  28. 28. Wants, Needs, & Decision Criteria ● Flexible schedule with on-site learning options ● Reputable program / meaningful degree ● Direct job application ● Network with others in the field DEGREE SEEKER John Gardell Wants & Needs ● Reputation and quality of school / program ● Price of program ● Location of program needs to be flexible / part online ● Course schedule needs to attainable with full time job Decision Criteria ● Co-workers / Employer ● Online Search / Website ● Friends Trusted Sources
  29. 29. Common Objections “GTPE’s program costs more than others in the area.” “I live outside the city, it takes awhile to get to campus.” “I need to complete my masters in less than two years, part time.” “I’m not sure how online learning works or if I’d like it.” DEGREE SEEKER John Gardell
  30. 30. Common Questions DEGREE SEEKER John Gardell “How can I interact with my professor and other students?” “What are the application deadlines?” “How do I register?” “Can I view a sample lecture to see what online learning is like?” “Are there special programs for veterans?” “Is financial aid available?”
  31. 31. | 31 The Corporate Partner USER PERSONAS
  32. 32. Ashley Jones CORPORATE PARTNER Demographics ● Age: 31 ● Job Title: Corporate Event Planner ● Salary: $68,000 Goals ● Host events for less than 100 attendees ● Find convenience and affordable venues ● Host unforgettable events for all parties involved ● Find a reputable partner who is trustworthy and helpful ● Network with others in the field
  33. 33. Background CORPORATE PARTNER ● Attended undergrad program at Georgia State University ● Graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality ● Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) ● Has lived in Atlanta her whole life ● Currently engaged to get married ● Has been hosting events in Atlanta for almost 10 years ● Organizes events for corporate trainings ● Has worked with GTPE in the past ● Actively involved in the event planning community ● Extremely busy coordinating all the event logistics Ashley Jones Device Types 85% Marketing Channels Google Search Social media Events
  34. 34. Wants, Needs, & Decision Criteria ● Event space that is flexible & affordable for corporate training ● Reputable partner who can help organize all event logistics, including catering and furniture rentals ● Staff to help set up / break down event Wants & Needs ● Reputation and quality of event space ● Venue conveniently located in downtown Atlanta ● Relationship / partnership with event venue ● Venue is available and affordably priced Decision Criteria CORPORATE PARTNER Ashley Jones ● Corporate Website ● Online Search / Social Media ● Local Sources (Employer, Friends, Peers) Trusted Sources
  35. 35. Common Objections “Venue cost is too high given the size of the event space.” “The location is not ideal for our employees.” “There are limited resources when it comes to event logistics.” CORPORATE PARTNER Ashley Jones
  36. 36. Common Questions “How may events are held in this space each year?” CORPORATE PARTNER Ashley Jones “How much does the venue cost?” “Are there catering options?” “Do you assist with event breakdown or cleaning?” “How far in advance should I book my event?” “Do you require a deposit?” “Do you offer discounts for repeat customers?” “Do you assist with event set-up or decorating?”
  37. 37. | 37 Key Takeaways USER PERSONAS
  38. 38. Key Takeaways USER PERSONAS ● Many customers today are local (southeast), aged 25-45, and have an engineering focus ● All personas have extremely busy schedules and are looking for flexible programs applicable to their needs ● All personas want easy access to information and are seeking personal/professional advancement ● All personas are heavily influenced by employers and peers ● Word of mouth and reputation drive conversion across all personas ● There is a lot of opportunity for increasing brand awareness around corporate partners (ie. case studies)
  39. 39. | 39 Content Strategy
  40. 40. Why is a Content Audit Important? CONTENT STRATEGY Once the users are defined the next step is to optimize the content in order to provide them with the best possible experience. During the content audit and gap analysis pages are looked at through the eyes of the user personas. Auditing the pages of the website that exist today helps us: ● Learn what content already exists ● Align content with persona needs ● Identify areas for improvement (layout, content, design) ● Get a better sense of organization and site navigation
  41. 41. CONTENT STRATEGY Enable specific targeting focused on the users interests. GTPE Content Goals Increase Search Traffic Develop optimized content that moves users through buyer journeys. Increase Conversions Deliver an experience that can measure up to any device. Improve the content delivery on all devices
  42. 42. “What degree programs are offered?” Content Optimization: Homepage CONTENT STRATEGY What is each user looking for on the home page? “What non-degree courses are offered?” “What certificate programs are available?” “Are the programs online or on-site?” “Can I host a meeting or a conference at the campus?” “Are on-site trainings available?”
  43. 43. Homepage Content Recommendations CONTENT STRATEGY Restructure and prioritize content in order to target each audience. Courses & Certificates Degree Programs Corporate Partnerships Host a Meeting
  44. 44. “I’m not sure how online learning works or if I’d like it.” “Are the programs online or on-site?” “What non-degree courses are offered?” Targeting the Personas CONTENT STRATEGY “What certificate programs are available?” “Can I host a meeting or a conference at the campus?”
  45. 45. Navigation, Sitemap, & User Testing
  46. 46. The ease or difficulty of anticipating where to find information on a website is a main factor in what makes a website usable.
  47. 47. Improving the Information Architecture NAVIGATION, SITEMAP, & USER TESTING In order to improve the user’s ability to find the information they’re looking for, it’s a good idea to first get a lay of the land and conduct usability testing. In our case, we wanted to see how easy (or hard) it was for people to access key information using the current navigation vs. a few other possible solutions that we had in mind. A tree test was the approach we selected to help us gather the information.
  48. 48. NAVIGATION, SITEMAP, & USER TESTING Used Treejack to set up 3 tests focused solely on site structure User Testing Tests Tasks Developed 5 tasks for each test group, aimed to touch on all GTPE offerings (not necessarily based on most popular user paths) Time Split distribution list randomly and evenly into 3 groups. Collected responses for 3 days
  49. 49. User Testing Indicators NAVIGATION, SITEMAP, & USER TESTING
  50. 50. User Testing Indicators NAVIGATION, SITEMAP, & USER TESTING 1 2 3
  51. 51. Key Take-Aways NAVIGATION, SITEMAP, & USER TESTING ● In general, users are unfamiliar with the Global Learning Center ○ Understandable given user population, niche audience ○ “Events” may be too general ● It is important to allow user to search by subject ○ Can live under courses or search ● Grouping courses, certificates and degrees under programs did not cause confusion ● All tests were fairly comparable in terms of success, but directness and time to complete the tasks varied ○ Nav 2 & 3 were completed in under 3 minutes
  52. 52. Design & User Experience
  53. 53. Design Process DESIGN & USER EXPERIENCE Vision & Strategy User Personas Gap Analysis Content Audit Quantitative & Qualitative Data Collection Wireframes Design Prototypes User Experience & Visual Design
  54. 54. Responsive Design DESIGN & USER EXPERIENCE
  55. 55. Site-Wide Components Components help break down a site into its most essential parts. This process also helps to see how elements work independently from the whole site and better understand the options included within each component,
  56. 56. Reusable Component Library DESIGN & USER EXPERIENCE
  57. 57. Reusable Component Example DESIGN & USER EXPERIENCE Component Summary Group of (2) or (4) or (6) content blocks. 1. Section title (h3) 2. Content block title (h4) in white with Atlanta Fog overlay: 75% opacity. 3. Image with title bar covering top ¼ Image size: 620px X 450px 4. Descriptive copy with optional link. Recommended cc: 150-175 (160 shown) 1 TABLET MOBILE2 3 4
  58. 58. Components DESIGN & USER EXPERIENCE
  59. 59. Results
  60. 60. Impactful Results GTPE REDESIGN 50 Increase in page views on all devices 35 Increase in sessions on all devices 22 Increase in page views on all devices 21Increase in page views on a mobile device 10Increase in time spent on a mobile page 57 Increase in sessions on mobile devices 50 Increase in downloads and form submissions 28Increase in leads across all programs
  61. 61. GTPE REDESIGN 2017 Marketing Award for the Georgia Tech Online landing page ( from UPCEA, an association for leaders in professional, continuing, and online learning. 1 UPCEA Gold Award Winner
  62. 62. Recipe for a Successful Project The most successful projects share these 3 characteristics: Invested Team Great Communication A “Get It Done” Attitude
  63. 63. Thank You!