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Research tips for POLI 522

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Contentious Politics (honours undergraduates)

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Research tips for POLI 522

  1. 1. Research tips & tricks:contentious politicsPOLI 522January 27, 2012
  2. 2. Liaison librarian = Bibliotherapist
  3. 3. Tour de table What is the most challenging aspect of research?
  4. 4. Today’s topicsShaping your topicTo cite or not to citeInformation timelinesKey resourcesSearch tips & tricksYOUR QUESTIONS!
  5. 5. Mapping tools• CmapTools• Popplet• VUE• Mindomo• ….
  6. 6. Advice for selecting a topic• WHY: are you taking this class? doing this degree?• Is the topic compelling? (SO WHAT?)• Start big, narrow down: map it out• Logical consistency = good• Let the thinkers talk to each other• Read: what questions have others left unanswered?• Join the conversation
  7. 7. Tools for joining the conversation
  8. 8. Tools for joining the conversation
  9. 9.
  10. 10. To cite or not to cite?
  11. 11. Points to evaluate• Currency• Reliability• Authorship• Purpose
  12. 12. Making sense of information
  13. 13. Information flow Academic analysis
  14. 14. The literature continuum
  15. 15. Citation searching• Web of Science• Scopus• Google Scholar• (and other databases, too)
  16. 16. Making sense of information
  17. 17. The library offers many choices… I recommend starting with the Subject Guide
  18. 18. Choosing your tools
  19. 19. Where do you usuallyfind journal articles?Why???
  20. 20. Recommended databases• International Bibliography of the Social Sciences• International Political Science Abstracts• Worldwide Political Science Abstracts• Alternative Press Index• Historical Abstracts
  21. 21. Research =hard work
  22. 22. Dogpile
  23. 23. Web tips and tricks
  24. 24. Links for you
  25. 25. Take away• Bibliographies are your friends• Not all information is equal. Evaluate!• The information type determines the tool• Research takes digging. Think creatively!
  26. 26. What are yourquestions?
  27. 27. Why stop here?
  28. 28. Merci! 398-2763
  29. 29. Credits• Information timeline. Created by Anna Stewart, Librarian, St. Edward’s University. Retrieved September 21, 2009 from: htm. Used with permission.• Data from P. Gil, "What is the invisible web?" Dec. 2010. Schematic by N. Tann, Goshen College, March 2011.• Wikipedia image copyright Wikimedia foundation• Chocolate tools by By JanneM License: Attribution- ShareAlike 2.0 Generic• Life ring by mag3737 / License: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic• Pargeter by b_d_solis License: Attribution 2.0 Generic• Riced out by dslrninja. License: Attribution 2.0 Generic