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Peel essay writing

This is a powerpoint used to explain essay writing to lower level secondary school students.
It looks at introduction, body paragraphs using PEEL and the conclusion!

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Peel essay writing

  1. 1. How towrite anessay usingthe PEELmethod!!!
  3. 3. BUT FIRST…YOU INTRODUCTION! What do we need in our introduction when writingan essay? First impressions are the most important! The purpose of an introduction is to introduce thematerial you are going to discuss. You definitely want to draw in your reader, establishyour topic and communicate clearly what thepurpose of the subject is you are developing.
  4. 4. NOW YOUR PARAGRAPHS:How many paragraphs do weneed for our essay?P= POINT:E=EXPLANATIONE=EXAMPLE/EVIDENCEL=LINK
  5. 5. The art of PEELING!!!P E E LPoint Evidence Explanation LinkMake a clearand relevantpoint.Back it up!: Support yourpoint with examples orevidence from the text.Use quotes or eventsfrom the text.Explain your pointand how theevidence orexamples supportsyour point.Link this point to thefollowing point inthe next paragraph,as well as the essayquestion.PEEL is a strategy you can use to help not only outlineyour essay paragraphs but give your reader an easyway to follow your essay.
  6. 6. CONCLUSION What do we want to include in ourconclusion? What makes a conclusion good andeffective!?
  7. 7. Remember, a good essay isALWAYS: Focused: The essay gets straight to the point and utilizes cleararguments. The writing doesnt deviate from the given topic. Organized: The most successful writers dont make up theessay as they go along. They consider the structure and theorder in which they will present their points before they startto write. Supported: Good essays include points that can besupported by facts or by statements within the text that isbeing analyzed. Clear and Articulate: Good essays use proper grammar,spelling and punctuation.