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Crayon Software Asset Management

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Crayon are experts at optimising client ROI from complex technology. We are the global leader in software asset management (SAM), cloud and volume licensing and associated consulting services and are trusted advisors to many of the globe's leading organisations.

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Crayon Software Asset Management

  1. 1. ONLY Crayon Guarantee to Optimize Your ROI on Complex Technology Investments! We are the global leader in software asset management (SAM), cloud and volume licensing and associated consulting services and are trusted advisors to many of the globe's leading organizations.
  2. 2. Crayon’s mission is to support our clients by optimizing their ROI from complex technology
  3. 3. The Growing Software Asset Management Demand By the end of 2016, demand for IT asset management and IT financial management data will double as businesses demand greater insight and transparency into IT spend. By 2018, software asset management (SAM) skills shortage will make 50% of organizations dependent on SAM service providers. Source: Gartner © 2016 Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 2016 2017 2018 2019 21% 29% 50%
  4. 4. Through our unique people, tools and systems we assist many of the world's leading organisations in optimising the return on their IT investments, cutting costs, avoiding future risks and optimizing efficiency. “Where there is no vision there is no hope” George Washington Carver
  5. 5. The team Answer the question, “Why are we the ones to solve the problem we identified?” Johan West Managing Director The TEAM Belinda Viegen Microsoft Cloud & Licensing Manager Miranda Vos Software Asset Management Consultant Tom Oostveen Ton Hoeve Sebastiaan Keurs Software Asset Management Consultant Software Asset Management Consultant Software Asset Management Consultant Jordy den Hartog Software Asset Management Consultant Jasper van Oosterum Sales Consultant CSAM Peggy de Jongh Manager Operations Tom Viegen Licensing Sales Support Coördinator Robin Eskens Marketeer & Event Support Marco Gravesteijn Sales Consultant CSAM
  6. 6. resources & competencies concepts & methodology experience & track record ● More than 500 SAM Consultants globally at a total team of 1.000 FTE ● More than 100 resources certified IAITAM CSAM Specialists within all commercial software publishers license metrics ● Technical specialist on all major SAM tools ● Access to best resources ● Delivery local or global ● Scalability Facts Customer Value ● Comprehensive service catalogue ● Well proven concepts and methodology ● Efficient project models ● Aligned with ISO and ITIL standards ● Best practice ● Efficient delivery ● High quality ● Documentation of ROI ● More that 15 years of delivering SAM ● High customer satisfaction ● Customer references within all sectors ● Customer retention >98% ● Documented of customer cost savings ● Proven track record ● Best Practice ● Confidence and security
  7. 7. How Software Asset Management works: Crayon maps out your software compliance project into four distinct phases and provides the most structured approach to achieving effective and comprehensive software lifecycle management and IT optimization... Step 1 Planning Step 2 Implementation Step 3 Maintenance & Optimization
  8. 8. Q&A’s Q: What is SAM all about? A: The right approach to license compliancy, problem solver, cost saver, maximizes infrastructure ROI, improves security and standardization. And SAM is not just an audit, SAM is not just about tools, SAM is not just an IT problem, SAM is not just about processes, there is no quick fix or silver bullet solution. Q: What is the value which SAM brings to the table? A: It creates software licenses compliancy, offers control of software spending, optimization of the software portfolio value at the lowest possible costs, bring the best possible negotiation position with regards to key software vendors.
  9. 9. The Crayon technology: SAM-iQ
  10. 10. SAM-iQ It provides a structured framework and is designed for organizations that build and maintain their own internal compliance systems. The program is implemented in line with current global SAM best practice, resulting in the optimisation of an organisation's IT estate, through a solid understanding of the cost of ownership, asset optimisation and return on investment. The program provides access to a unique range of Crayon tools and training courses to support and provide a common basis for developing and maintaining organisational software management standards and practices. PLANNING The Planning Phase is primarily concerned with setting the correct environment for SAM and involves assessing and managing the current maturity levels and risk, whilst also defining the ownership, the scope, the roles and responsibilities and the approval of the overall management objectives. IMPLEMENTATION The Implementation Phase focuses on ensuring the SAM plan and all of the necessary tools and processes of the SAM-iQ framework are in place and are ready to be maintained and optimised MAINTENANCE The Maintenance Phase focuses on maintaining the implemented SAM system and ensures that regular reviews are in place to validate that the program is delivering the expected outcomes, paving the way for the process of continuous improvement.
  11. 11. Why now? Crayon has assisted thousands of organizations globally in delivering SAM services and we understand the challenges that internal IT teams face when trying to implement and maintain a set of ongoing SAM processes. The SAM-iQ Program guides organisations through the initial planning and implementation phases, into a 'business as usual' activity that provides ongoing maintenance and optimisation.
  12. 12. Contact Crayon: Marco Gravesteijn by phone +31(0)6 507 307 10 or by email