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Meet the Eclipse SmartHome powered Mars Rover

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see for higher quality original of this presentation given at EclipseCon Europe 2016 in Ludwigsburg Germany

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Meet the Eclipse SmartHome powered Mars Rover

  1. 1. Colonization of Mars Meet the Eclipse SmartHome powered Mars Rover Kai Kreuzer & Michael Vorburger
  2. 2. Cats The internet was made for cat videos. Every presentation starts with a cat video.
  3. 3. AGENDA 1. Introduction 2. Rover, RPi, Driver & Eclipse SmartHome Binding 3. What’s new in Eclipse SmartHome?
  4. 4. EclipseCon France 1. won Rover - tx Gaël!
  5. 5. EclipseCon France 1. won Rover kit - tx Gaël! 2. had to do something with it… ;-) 3. was looking for RPi brico. excuse
  6. 6. Hardware VS Soft. We do know bugs as (Java) software developers - but we’re used to assuming that our underlying HW “just works” reliably. When bricolage: “To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new …”
  7. 7. The FUN with real hardware! First RPi from EC was broken (but only partially, so extra fun) WiFi on RPv3 is NOK, interference from motor shield (but only if no monitor!) GPIO PINs for motor & sound overlap (by default; soldering req. to remap) SD cards get corrupted after unzip & power halt (generously sync)
  8. 8. Power!
  9. 9. Networking - Rover’s WiFi AP (=> “offline” ) Conf+ sudo apt-get -y install hostapd /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf /etc/network/interfaces sudo apt-get -y install dnsmasq /etc/dnsmasq.conf
  10. 10. Pi4j Java library to talk to GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi Control Motors, LEDs, Buttons, etc.
  11. 11. Driver Java library with “Turtle” like APIs to control Rover’s motors: Forward, Backward, speed Turn left/right, in degrees Offers 3 modes: Sync VS Async (BG Thread) VS Queueing
  12. 12. Test Drive under rough conditions - Rover had to withstand blazing sunshine, three kids and a dog.
  13. 13. Binding Pretty easy to write a new Eclipse SmartHome Binding for a new (robot) “device” … opers/development/bindings.h tml home/documentation/develop ment/bindings/how-to.html
  14. 14. Remote Collaboration On Embedded & Offline Hardware is a Challenge!
  15. 15. Internet of Things?
  16. 16. IoT = Intranet of Things
  19. 19. AUDIO & VOICE IMPLEMENTATIONS ★ TTS: MacOS, MaryTTS, VoiceRSS, … ★ STT: PocketSphinx, Kaldi, … ★ HLI: Basic HA control, Rover-specific
  20. 20. AUDIO SINKS
  21. 21. DEMO SETUP
  22. 22. Remote Controls A. HTML page B. Site Map, usable: 1. On Web 2. Android App ○ Voice input!
  23. 23. Thanks for your interest in our work! We’re happy if this inspired you to go home and hack something FUN yourself!