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Collaboration and Tales of Digital Culture from the Social@Scale summit by Sprinklr

It’s been 10 years since the Web 2.0 conference launched 2004. We were talking MySpace back then as the behemoth, but there were plenty of emerging social tools: Flickr, Delicious, Blogs, Wikis. And I was a beta tester a few years later on a platform called TWTTR that would go on to become the engine of revolutions around the world. I knew it would be big when we experienced our first ‘twitter quake’.

We’re now in an age where it’s pretty much a given that every business needs a social presence. To not have one would be as ludicrous as not having a webpage…or a phone number even. [A stat about the adoption of online - spending, etc]

Year after year, the technology advances. Today, 30% of the world (and 56% of Americans AND Canadians) are on smart phones and that is growing by 20% each year. MySpace was left in Facebook’s wake years ago and who knows what tomorrow’s hot new platform will be.

And as the technology advances, I get really excited, but I also get really worried. Because the technology is moving quickly, but the culture is not. Or, to be clear, there IS a culture - or rather multiple cultures - that have grown and been catalyzed through the democratization of the web, but not everyone understands what is really going on here:

The web isn’t about the tools or the technology, it is about the culture.

There are 5 new rules for Digital Culture:

1. There is no mass.
2. Listening is more valuable than talking
3. When you see a parade, get in front of it!
4. Trust is the most valuable currency. To earn AND give.
5. Invest in the long term.

I gave this on June 3, 2014, in Toronto, ON, Canada at the Social@Scale Summit hosted by Air Canada, organized by Sprinklr

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Collaboration and Tales of Digital Culture from the Social@Scale summit by Sprinklr

  1. collaboration anD othEr exPloraTions in dIgitaL culTure by tarA @miSsrogUe hunT soCial diGital leadEr,
  2. wow Tweet to: @missrogue
  3. The first Web 2.0 Conference, popularizing the term Web 2.0 is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year. Tweet to: @missrogue Tweet to: @missrogue
  4. That’s when this guy seemed to rule the world. Nobody thought it could be beat. Tweet to: @missrogue
  5. Just a few of the darlings of the early Web 2.0 era. Tweet to: @missrogue
  6. In 2006, a funny little service without vowels launched. Everyone thought it was the stupidest thing they’ve ever hear of.
  7. I knew it was going to be big on August 2, 2006, when after a small tremor, people on Twitter checked in on each other ON Twitter first, before anything else. Tweet to: @missrogue
  8. Of course, we all know how the rest of the story goes. Twitter has been the go-to source for many earthquakes, tsunamis, revolutions, billboard hashtags and more! Tweet to: @missrogue
  9. Mobile usage is growing in leaps and bounds. 56%  of   Canadians   own  a  smart   phone… growing  20%   a  year.   Tweet to: @missrogue
  10. 11   THE SITUATION Tweet to: @missrogue
  11. The speed of technology change. Tweet to: @missrogue
  12. The speed of cultural change. Tweet to: @missrogue
  13. “thE web iSn’T aboUt thE Tools or tHe teChnoloGy, it iS About the CultuRe.” Tweet to: @missrogue
  14. Just one growing, culture: Beauty YouTubers Tweet to: @missrogue
  15. >45,000Non-bRand RelatEd beAuty VloggeRs oN youtuBe. Tweet to: @missrogue
  16. ~75Hours wortH of BeautY conTent UploaDed eAch dAy. Tweet to: @missrogue
  17. 700MILLION Views per Month iN 2013 (Up froM 300mm iN 2010) beAuty VideoS got Tweet to: @missrogue
  18. Kandee Johnson has over 2.1 million subscribers Tweet to: @missrogue 2.1 miLlion Subs!!
  19. However, Revlon’s channel has under 11,000 subscribers. Tweet to: @missrogue 11,000 Subs…
  20. And FYI, for context, The Mean Kitty has 357,131 subscribers. Tweet to: @missrogue 357,000 Subs!!
  21. Why?
  22. mosT brAnds ApproAch sOcial & DigitAl as toolS and platForms. Tweet to: @missrogue
  23. crEatorS + commUnity membErs aPproaCh sociAl…Um soCially. thEy enTer tO conneCt, whicH leaDs to them selliNg.
  24. Tweet to: @missrogue
  25. We crave connection. The social web has fed that need. Now we demand it from everyone. Tweet to: @missrogue
  26. "I want them to know that I'm human, that I have flaws, and I want to be relatable, which is why I still film in my bedroom and haven't upgraded to a studio. I want them to feel like we're having a sleepover.” Miss Lynn, 300k Subs Tweet to: @missrogue
  27. diGital is a cultUral Change. soCial Is an approaCh, not A plaTform. Tweet to: @missrogue
  28. WHAT IS DIGITAL CULTURE? Tweet to: @missrogue
  29. rulE #1. thEre iS no maSs. Tweet to: @missrogue
  30. Nature Valley + the awesome anime discovery. h;p://­‐valley-­‐anime-­‐twi;er   Tweet to: @missrogue
  31. There is no mass, there are people with various interests, some of which overlap at times. Tweet to: @missrogue
  32. [as an aside, there is no ONE digital culture…but there is a shift in approach that has emerged because of the social web] Tweet to: @missrogue
  33. rulE #2. liSteniNg is more valuAble Than TalkiNg. Tweet to: @missrogue
  34. 25% 75% Talking Listening Tweet to: @missrogue
  35. opportunity liSteniNg is wherE you’Ll finD Tweet to: @missrogue
  36. Tweet to: @missrogue
  37. PresentaFon  Title  –  Date   rulE #3. whEn yoU see a paraDe, get In frOnt of It! Tweet to: @missrogue
  38. collaboration rocks! Oli White – 400k subscribers Grace Helbig – 1.8MM subscribers Tweet to: @missrogue
  40. 3 ruleS for collAboratiOn: 1.  Influence that’s transactional is fleeting. You can’t buy influence, but you can certainly build a relationship with it. 2.  These relationships are symbiotic. The new saying goes: to go faster, go together, to go further, go together. 3.  Don’t be “that guy” that crashes the party and just talks about himself. You’re more likely to be heard if you listen first (see previous rule) Tweet to: @missrogue
  41. rulE #4. trUst iS the most valuAble CurrenCy. to earn *and* Give. Tweet to: @missrogue
  42. 3 peopLe thaT *yOu* must learN to Trust befoRe yoU can earn It: youR CustoMers youR EmploYees yoUrselF Tweet to: @missrogue
  43. organically amplified whEn yoU deePly uNdersTand A Digtal cultuRe, and PartiCipatE witH the flow of it, your messAge wIll bE Tweet to: @missrogue
  44. rulE #5. inveSt in the Long teRm. Tweet to: @missrogue
  45. Luxy Hair is the #1 Consumer Goods Brand Channel and number 4 overall – with 1.8 million subscribers. It’s a weekly, long term investment and they’ve never had to buy advertising. Just consistent great content + engagement. Tweet to: @missrogue
  46. Tweet to: @missrogue
  47. questions? Tweet to: @missrogue
  48. tara hunt @missrogue Social digital leader, MSLGROUP 647-200-2767