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  1. From Thursday to Sunday, the school flag will fly at half-mast. WHY?
  2. So who IS he???
  3. transformed Jurong, then a 15,000-acre plot of mangrove swampland, into a sprawling industrial town
  4. Dr Goh “the architect of modern Singapore” Such is Dr Goh’s influence on Singapore that it is said that ‘where ever you go in Singapore, you will find something that owes its existence to Dr Goh’.
  5. Dr Goh Keng Swee (1918 – 2010) School song “ Our alma mater, our guardian, our guide Prepare our spirits for duty's call Our country to serve with virtuous might” School Creed As a Canossian pupil, I will go hand-in-hand with my fellow school mates to make the school the best place for learning, working and playing together.   I will serve in a humble way, like our foundress, St Magdalene and offer my love, care and concern to everyone in need   I will prepare myself to serve God, my country and family.

Notas del editor

  1. Explain half mast: only happens when someone important dies.
  2. This provided jobs for thousands of then jobless Singaporeans
  3. This is the remarkable man whose life we celebrate and whose passing has led us to reflect on what it means to be a Singaporean.
  4. Dr Goh could have gotten any job, enjoyed his family’s riches, continued to live in England where he attended university. Instead, he chose to come home to serve Singapore. Indeed, the future of Singapore will depend on each Singaporean responding to the call to serve where there is need, and like Dr Goh Keng Swee, to regard it as their privilege and honour.
  5. And as Canossians, it is also our duty to serve. This is what we promise when we say the creed and sing our school song. So as we say our morning prayers, let us pray for Dr Goh who has gone home to God, and let us also ask God to help us see how we can serve in our small way. Starting today.