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Facebook Remarketing - The Essential Knowledge Base

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The presentation will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step, topic-by-topic and tool-by-tool what you really need to know in order to dominate Facebook.

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Facebook Remarketing - The Essential Knowledge Base

  1. 1. I. What is Facebook Remarketing? -  Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose of selling that product or service. -  Remarketing (or Retargeting) would simply mean the action of re-marketing or re-engaging your visitors and customers with highly targeted ads based on their recent interaction with your product or service when they leave your website without buying from you
  2. 2. How is Facebook Remarketing generally used? - There are two retargeting platforms on Facebook: Facebook Exchange (FBX) & Website Custom Audiences (WCA) - The core difference: FBX => third-party (DSP); WCA => do the work entirely on your own in side Facebook Website  Custom  Audiences  (WCA)   Facebook Exchange (FBX)  
  3. 3. Why Facebook Remarketing? Intent to purchase Cost effective Brand exposure Motivate future sales Improve conversion rate Bring your customer back Reduce loss Audience targeting Amazing benefits Reach where customer are
  4. 4. Shocking Facts There are some amazing eye opening facts that will show you why you have to use Facebook remarketing to market your business. 96% of individuals leave a website before converting 43% of companies use retargeting to increase brand awareness 49% of individuals visit a site 2-4 times before they make a purchase R e t a r g e t e d c u s t o m e r a r e 70% more likely to complete a purchase than s o m e o n e w h o h a s n o t b e e n remarketed to 11% of brands use remarketing to gain their competitors’ customer 56% of companies use retargeting to gain customer 30% of remarketing c l i c k s l e a d t o purchase More half of the respondents plan to spend more on retargeting in 2014 following to “The Retargeting Barometer Report by Chango 57% of remarketing emails get opened *Source:
  5. 5. II. Are businesses using Facebook Remarketing? -  Founded in 2010, New York -  Selling apparel, furniture, home items and garden items. -  7 million products -  6 million visitors/per month -  Over 10 millions members
  6. 6. II. Are businesses using Facebook Remarketing? -  Founded in 1986 in Reno, Nevada. Headquarter is in Wyoming. -  Selling products related to outdoor and adventure recreation. -  They offer discounted products from over 3,000 name-brand manufacturers.
  7. 7. -  2010, Serbia -  Developing mobile and browser- based games. -  One of the Europe’s fastest growing computer game companies. -  88 employees => 64.12 million euros in 2013 II. Are businesses using Facebook Remarketing?
  8. 8. II. Are businesses using Facebook Remarketing?
  9. 9. III. Highly effective Facebook Remarketing Tips Who to retarget to Don’t target everyone who visit your website with the same retargeting ads Be consistent with offer & landing page “What are you offering in your advertisement and what is presented on your landing page?” Test, test and test There is not straight line to success.
  10. 10. IV. Shocking Facebook Remarketing Case Studies -  There are more than 14 million consumers from 27 countries u s i n g w e b s i t e a n d m o b i l e application to find products and services. -  Website Customer Audience => 10x more likely to purchase. -  Lookalike from WCA had a 50% higher lifetime value.
  11. 11. -  Sierra wanted to increase its website conversion and business. -  Used Pages, Offers, Customer Audience, Lookalike Audience and Conversion Tracking -  Received 2x higher CTR, 3.6x for brand value, 65% of growing their fan base after year using Facebook Advertisement. IV. Shocking Facebook Remarketing Case Studies
  12. 12. -  It launches games for Fb, IOS & Android and having 12 million active users. But they want re- engage them to play “Top Event” game. -  3x greater return after 2 months and 9,000 installs every day IV. Shocking Facebook Remarketing Case Studies
  13. 13. V. Facebook Remarketing Dos and Don’ts Call to action Be creative Audience Segment- ation Limit Ad Test Everything Optimize Conversion Analyze behavior Keep bidding high DOS:
  14. 14. V. Facebook Remarketing Dos and Don’ts DON’TS: Don’t forget to optimize the landing page Don’t underestima te lookalike audience Don’t focus on CTR only Don’t follow customer everywhere Don’t forget to target the cart abandonment Don’t forget to define your business objective Don’t show only two or three ads Don’t fail to measure success Don’t show too much impression Don’t forget to refine your target audience
  15. 15. VI. CONCLUSION -  Facebook Remarketing is a great way to reach people who have special interests into products and services. -  Two ways to use Facebook Remarketing: FBX or WCA -  There are many benefits being experienced by famous brands in the world in general and that in Vietnam in specific. -  There are some things that you need to be focus on if using Facebook Remarketing