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Samidirect products

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SAMIDIRECT.COM : WEALTH और HEALTH एक साथ पहली INDIAN MNC दोस्तों ! MLM की दुनिया में बिग प्रोफाइल के साथ सबसे ज्यादा BINARY INCOME देने वाली पहली MNC प्रोजेक्ट अब आ चुका है.

जिसकी हम सबको बहुत टाइम से तालाश थी हम सब जानते है की इंडिया में अगर लोगो ने सबसे ज्यादा INCOME की है तो BINARY प्लान में, लेकिन हमको चाहिए एक SECURE कंपनी GOOD और QUIALTY प्रोडक्ट के साथ, 12000 करोड़ की कंपनी 24 YEARS से 20 COUNTRY में WORK कर रही है.

SAMIDIRECT में BINARY के साथ एक करोड़ के रिवार्ड्स और REPURCHASE का सुनहरा प्लान भी है. कंपनी 40000 एक्रंड में अपनी FARMING करती है और अब तक 72 patent करा चुकी है. कंपनी में JOIN करने के LEYE तीन आप्शन है 2800, 5000, 9000 अधिक जानकारी के लिए जरुर संपर्क करे.

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  • The 3 Secrets To Your Bulimia Recovery ◆◆◆
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Samidirect products

  1. 1. OUR PRODUCTS“Many people spend their Health gaining Wealth, and thenhave to spend their Wealth to regain their Health.”- A.J. Reb Materi1Bioprotectant™CoQ Energizer™ToxiFlush™LeanGard®GlycaCare®LivStrong™Omega BioPlus™OsteoStrong®Organic SpirulinaR3 Power®LeanGard® ProteinDrink MixCurcumin C3 Power™
  3. 3. 3DETOXToxiFlush™
  4. 4. Detoxifyingthe body from toxins and otherharmful chemicalsCauses ?How ? 4
  5. 5. ToxiFlush™ is a judicious blend of ingredients that can be usedto provide these benefits. The ingredients have been chosenwith care and formulated scientifically to offer acomprehensive and holistic support to the detoxificationprocess.5
  6. 6. • Supports the body’s natural mechanisms to eliminatetoxins• Supports healthy digestion• Supports the maintenance of normal liver functions• Supports a healthy body weight and composition• Supports normal metabolic processes leading to sustainedenergy levels and stamina6
  7. 7. Sl.No.Ingredients Quantity Application1.Peppermint oil 5 mgSupports digestive functionsRelieves flatulence2.*FenuFibers® 100 mgProvides bulk and roughage tocarry toxins & undigestedmaterials through intestines3.Neem Leaf Extract 50 mgMaintains normal liver functionsand effective detoxification4. *Picroliv® - Apocynin5% (Picrorhizakurroa)50 mgProtects liver cells from damage bychemicals and microbial toxins5.*LactoSpore® 10 mgSupports digestive health andimmune functionsSuggested use level: 1 capsule once daily x 60 days* Patented - US & International Patents7
  8. 8. 8NUTRITIONCoQEnergizer™OmegaBioplus™OrganicSpirulina
  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. CoQ Energizer™ is a CELLULAR BIO-ENERGIZER aUnique combination of CoQ10 , Vitamin E &BioPerine® a Bioavailability enhancer10Bioavailability of CoQ10 is poor. Addition ofBioPerine makes CoQ Energizer™ a unique product
  11. 11. •Supports vitality and energy Level.•Supports a healthy immune system and resistance to stress andinfections.•Supports improved exercise tolerance and athletic performance.•Effects “beauty from within” supporting healthy skin, hair andnails.•Supports healthy Aging and longevity.•Helps in prevention of loss of muscle tone, when given as anadjunct therapy along with cholesterol lowering products (Statins)•Assists in improving Cardiac Health & Heart diseases.•Assists in treating male infertility11
  12. 12. Suggested use level: 1 soft gel  2 times daily.Sl.noIngredients Dosage Application1 Coenzyme Q1060 mg Aerobic cellular respirationEnergy production2 Vitamin E 50 mg Antioxidant3 *Bioperine 1.5 mg Bioavailability enhancer* Patented - US & International Patents12
  13. 13. Essential to keep thegood fat and eliminatethe bad fat 13
  14. 14. Omega BioPlus™ contains a vegetable derived omega 3, omega 6and omega 9 fatty acids composition in a specific scientificallyvalidated proportion to support healthy cell membranes andcellular functions, and attractive skin, hair and nails.Sl. No. Omega fatty acids Percentage(%)1 Omega 3 fatty acids 40 - 602 Omega 6 fatty acids 5 - 203 Omega 9 fatty acids 15 - 3014
  15. 15. • It supports the liver and kidney functions; and helps inmaintainingnormal blood pressure and cholesterol levels.• It supports a healthy immune system, and cardiovascularhealthand wellness.• It benefits in supporting Cardiovascular health, Joint health;Neuronalhealth and healthy skin, hair and nails.• Supports the Circulatory functions15
  16. 16. Sl.noIngredients Dosage Application1 Omega BioPlus™ 500 mg Promotes overall goodhealth2 Sesamin Complex 10 mg Antioxidant3 *BioPerine 5 mg Bioavailability enhancerSuggested use level: 1 soft gel capsule  2 times daily* Patented - US & International Patents16
  17. 17. Since the 1970s, Spirulina hasbeen well known and widelyused as a dietary supplement insome countries. 17
  18. 18. Super Food containing 104 nutritionalingredients Proteins :65 to 70% Carbohydrates:15% Phytonutrients:22% Fats: 6% Vitamins:0.75% Minerals:8% Iron:8% Photosynthetic Pigments:4%18
  19. 19. Orgnanic Spirulina contains Spirulina, a natural source ofVitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants and other nutrients, incombination with Bioperine®, a patented bioavailabilityenhancer derived from black pepper fruit that enhances theiruptake and utilization.19
  20. 20. 20
  21. 21. • Rich in antioxidant• Boosts energy and Cellular Health• Promotes Metabolism, Detoxification & ImmuneFunctions.• Supports the Management of inflammation andallergies.21
  22. 22. Sl. no Ingredients Dosage Application1 Spirulina 400 mg Supports optimal health andwellness2 *BioPerine 2.5 mg Bioavailability enhancer* Patented - US & International PatentsSuggested use level: 1 tablet  2 times daily22
  23. 23. 23PREVENTIONBioprotectant™ LivStrong ™ OsteoStrong®
  24. 24. Causes ?Oxidation process –When a substance combines withoxygen•Smoking – Activeand Passive• Alcohol•Exposure to chemicals,Radiation and Pollution24
  25. 25. Bioprotectant™ is a proprietary blend ofnatural antioxidants which not onlyquenches free radicals but alsoprevents the formation of free radicals.25
  26. 26. • Provides anti-aging protection againstdegenerative diseases• Prevents aging of cells and overall body• Stronger immunity / defense system againstflu, viruses and infections• Greatly reduces incidence of all cancers• Reduced risk of cholesterol-oxidation andheart disease• Prevention of Glaucoma and Age-relatedmacular degeneration26
  27. 27. Sl.NoIngredients Dosage Application1 *Curcumin C3 Complex 50 mg AntioxidantAnti-inflammatory2 Tetrahydrocurcuminoids 10 mg AntioxidantAnti-inflammatory3 Alpha tocopherol acetate 25 mg Antioxidant4 *SeleniumSeLECT Pure 50 mcg Antioxidant5 *BioPerine 1 mg Bioavailability enhancer* Patented - US & International PatentsSuggested use level: 1 soft gel, 2 times daily27
  28. 28. “The Evening yesterday was GREAT !!!!But the Morning after I HATE !!!”• Headache• Nausea• Irritability• Fatigue• Rapid Pulse• Sweating• Skin flushing• Increased Sensitivity to light& Sound 28
  29. 29. LivStrong™ is a unique formulation from Sami Direct that offersa holistic approach to the problems associated with alcoholdependency.It effectively maintains balance, manages stress, helps to soberdown and deal with the effects of hangover.29
  30. 30. • Offers a holistic approach to the problems associated withalcohol dependency• Effectively maintains balance, manages stress, helps to soberdown and deal with the effects of hangover• Provides refreshed feeling the ‘morning after’• Helps to deal with the symptoms of nausea, headache anddehydration• Effectively eliminates acetaldehyde, the toxic by-product ofalcohol intake• Helps maintain healthy liver functions• Stimulant-free herbal formulation30
  31. 31. Suggested use level: 1 capsule  2 times dailySl. no Ingredients Dosage Application1 *Curcumin C3 Complex 250 mg Enhances the livers ability todetoxify toxic chemicals2 *Fabenol 90 mg An alpha-amylase inhibitor3 Vit B12 5 mcg Maintains normal functioning ofthe brain and nervous system4 Vit B6 1.5 mg Alleviates symptoms of hangoverMildly diuretic5 Folic acid 100 mcg Maintains mental agility andverbal fluency6 Phyllanthusamarus 60 mg Rapidly eliminates alcohol andacetaldehyde from the body7 *BioPerine 5 mg For enhanced bioavailability* Patented - US & International Patents31
  32. 32. One in two women of age 50-Usually suffer an osteoporosis-related fracture in their lifetime-Chances of developingOsteoporosis increase with age.32
  33. 33. Prevalance of Osteoporosis28 million Americans (10 million with osteoporosis; 18 million with low bone mass); eight millionAmerican women and 2 million men (NWHIC)Risk FactorsFactors that increase the chances of having osteoporosis and fractures include:•Being Asian•Being female•Being older (50+ years)•low body weight•menopause or surgery to remove both ovaries before menopause (resulting in lower levels of thehormone estrogen)•history of fracture as an adult•close relative with history of fracture as an adult•long-term low calcium intake•inadequate physical activity•Smoking•Alcoholism•Use of certain medications such as corticosteroids and anticonvulsantshistory of anorexia nervosa.33
  34. 34. OsteoStrong by Sami Direct is a health supplement for40+ women who face an increased risk of declining bonedensity and fracturesLoaded with natural ingredients like Calcium Citrate malate, Soy extract,Red Clover extract and BioPerine,OsteoStrong not only strengthens the bones from within but also helpsprevent osteoporosis, and postmenopausal symptoms in women.34•Soy extract + Red clover extract provide all 4 isofavones which togethermimic the role of estrogen.• Estrogen without calcium is of no use•Calcium citrate malate is the best bioavailable form of CaThus OsteoStrong® is perfect in the management ofosteoporosis.
  35. 35. •Binds at estrogen receptors and prevents the body from over-producingestradiol•Dilutes xenoestrogen-type toxins by binding at receptor sites andfunction as anti-estrogens•Boosts progesterone expression and helps to normalize the bodyʹsimportant estrogen to progesterone ratio35
  36. 36. Suggested use level: 1 tablet  2 times daily.Sl.NoIngredients Quantity Applications1 Soy extract (40%Isoflavones)30 mg Phytoestrogens2 Red Clover extract 10 mg Maintains proper bonedensity3 Calcium Citrate malate 500 mg Calcium supplement4 *BioPerine® 5 mg Bioavailability enhancer* Patented - US & International Patents36
  37. 37. 37MANAGEMENTLeanGard ™ GlycaCare®R3Power ™LeanGard®ProteinDrink Mix
  38. 38. Condition in which thenatural energy reserve,stored in the fatty tissue ofhumans exceeds healthylimits38
  39. 39. 39•More than 80% of people with Type 2 diabetes are Obese orOverweightSource :Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)•Obese people have an increased incidence of heart disease, and thusfall victim to heart attack, congestive heart failure•Obesity leads to Hypertension•Obesity leads to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)•Childhood Obesity causes liver, lung, heart and musculoskeletalcomplications as well as psychological ones
  40. 40. LeanGard® contains an advanced spectrum of natural ingredients thatwork synergistically to support satiety, lean body mass, and a healthybody composition, with a beneficial impact on healthy body weightLeanGard® is an effective and safe Dietary Intervention forWeight Management support40
  41. 41. 41
  42. 42. • LeanGard® is Supported by Clinical Studies• LeanGard® ensures 2.5% loss in body weight / month.The beneficial effects are best obtained when used in conjunction with asensible diet & healthy lifestyle measures
  43. 43. 43
  44. 44. • Increases lean body mass• Decreases body fat accumulation• Stimulates the release of fatty acids from the body fat forenergy uptake• Provides antioxidant benefits• Supports satiety• Supports general fitness and overall well-beingLeanGard® assists a meaningful lifestyle modification to normalize and maintain healthybody weight.44
  47. 47. Diabetes is ametabolic disorder 47
  48. 48. Diabetes is a life-threatening condition•Worldwide, 3.2 million deaths are attributable to diabetes every year.•One in 20 deaths is attributable to diabetes; 8,700 deaths every day; six deaths every minute.•At least one in ten deaths among adults between 35 and 64 years old is attributable to diabetes.Three-quarters of the deaths among people with diabetes aged under 35 years are due to this conditionDiabetes is a common condition and its frequency is dramaticallyrising all over the world•At least 171 million people worldwide have diabetes. This figure is likely to more than double by 2030.•In developing countries the number of people with diabetes will increase by 150% in the next 25 years.•The global increase in diabetes will occur because of population ageing and growth, and because ofincreasing trends towards obesity, unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyles.•In developed countries most people with diabetes are above the age of retirement, whereas in developingcountries those most frequently affected are aged between 35 and 64.Source - WHO 48
  49. 49. Source - WHO 49
  50. 50. GlycaCare® is a carefully formulated productthat contains effective ingredients that supportnormal blood sugar levels, when combined witha healthy diet and lifestyle50
  51. 51. • GlycaCare is a unique composition containingherbal extracts and nutrients that help to supporthealthy blood sugar level• Maintains healthy blood sugar levels• Support the body’s natural ability to utilize insulin• Maintains a healthy life style51Especially recommended for people with family history of Diabetes.
  52. 52. Suggested use level: 1 tablet x 2 times daily 30 minutesbefore food.Sl.No.Ingredients Quantity Application1 Momordicin® 100 mg Normalizes elevated Blood Sugarlevel2 Chromiumpicolinate50 mcg Maintains normal Blood Glucoselevel3 Zinc (ZincMonomethionine)15mg Helps control blood glucose level4 Cinnamon extract 100mg Has a positive effect on plasmaglucose level5 Silbinol® 100 mg Maintains healthy Blood Sugarlevel6 *BioPerine® 2.5 mg Bioavailability enhancer* Patented - US & International Patents52
  53. 53. Most Common isOsteoarthritisOther forms•Rheumatoid arthritis•Psoriatic arthritis•Septic arthritis•Gout 53
  54. 54. CDC Reports 50 Million U.S. Adults Have ArthritisFriday October 8, 2010Anyone Can Develop ArthritisArthritis Is More Common Among Women Than MenArthritis is America’s Leading Cause of DisabilityAccording to the CDC, each year approximately 19 million U.S. adults report that they have activity limitationsdue to arthritis. Of all working age adults (ages 18-64), about 1 in 20 report that they have arthritis that limitstheir work.Arthritis Leads to Physical Inactivity, Which Is a Risk Factor for Other Diseases54
  55. 55. R3 Power is a sustained release composition containingherbal extracts and nutrients that help support healthyjoints and connective tissues in the body.55
  56. 56. • Rebuilds decayed bone, by Re-establishing bonedensity• Relieves joint pains subsequent to trauma or injury• Restores normal bone function subsequent toarthritis, tendonitis or bursitis• Prevents inflammation of joints or arthritis• Prevents inflammation of the tendons or tendonitis• Prevents inflammation of the bursa or bursitis56
  57. 57. 57
  58. 58. Suggested use level: 1 Tablet x 2 times dailySl.NoIngredient Quantity Applications1 Glucosamine HCl 750mgHelps to replenish the buildingblocks of connective tissues in thebody, thereby supporting theintegrity of connective tissues2 **Boswellin® PS 100mgAnti-inflammatory3 *Curcumin C3 Complex® 100mgAntioxidantAnti-inflammatory4 *BioPerine® 5 mgBioavailability enhancer* Patented - US & International Patents58** Patent Pending
  59. 59. LeanGard® Protein Drink Mix59
  60. 60. • It is an IDEAL PROTEIN RICH DIET.• Helps in WEIGHT MANAGEMENT.• Contains ESSENTIAL MICRONUTRIENTS.• Contains unique DIGESTIVE INTOLERANCE BLEND (DIB)**Patent pending60What is LeanGard® Protein Drink MixLeanGard® Protein Drink Mix
  61. 61. LeanGard® Protein Drink MixDigestiveIntolerance BlendMicronutrientsMacronutrients61What it contains….LeanGard® Protein Drink MixIngredient 100g Servingsize of25gTotal calories 330.7KCal 82.7KCalProtein 32.6g 8.2gCarbohydrate 53.4g 13.3gDietary fibre 12.3g 3.1gTotal fat 1.3g 0.3g
  62. 62. Ingredient FunctionProtease(fungal origin)• Improves protein digestion• Increases absorption of amino acids• Prevents protein allergy/intoleranceLactase • Improves digestion of milk sugar, lactose• Beneficial for lactose intolerant individualsLactoSpore®(contains Bacillus coagulans)• Probiotic• Contributes to good bacteria in the digestivetract• Prevents infection in the gut• Relieves diarrhoea62DIB is made up of protease, lactase and LactoSpore®DIB - FunctionsLeanGard® Protein Drink Mix
  63. 63.  Increases lean body mass Helps in weight management Increases satiety Prevents lactose intolerance Enhances protein digestion Reduces the load on the kidneys Helps to maintain good gut health Provides easily absorbable minerals Decreases the serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels Stabilizes the post prandial blood glucose level Reduces the rise of blood glucose level following a meal63BENEFITSLeanGard® Protein Drink Mix
  64. 64. 64Prevalence of Alzheimer’s Disease & Cancer in South Asia ismuch less compared to the US & Europe64ChemopreventiveSkin, liver, colon, stomachDiabetesCardiovasuclar diseasesCholestrol, platelet aggregation,inhibition of smooth muscle cellproliferationArthritisAntiflammatoryChemotherapeuticAntioxidantLung fibrosisNephrotoxicityCardiotoxicityWound healingHIV replicationCataract formationMultiplesclerosisAlzheimerdiseaseGall-stonesformation64Curcumin
  65. 65. 65Curcumin and Alzheimers disease:In light of epidemiological studies that suggest a link between long-term use of non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and thereduced incidence of Alzheimers disease (AD), one group of researchers evaluated whether dietary Curcumin (at low dose160 ppm and high dose 5000 ppm) would have a similar effect in Alzheimer transgenic APPSw mouse modelCurcumin and diabetes:The efficacy of turmeric and curcumin on blood sugar and polyol pathway in diabetic albino rats was examined. Administrationof turmeric or curcumin to diabetic rats reduced the blood sugar and glycosylated hemoglobin levels significantly.Curcumin and colon cancer:The efficacy of curcumin in inhibiting the development of adenomas of the intestinal tract has been confirmed in earlierstudies. A recent study explored the chemopreventive efficacy and pharmacokinetics of curcumin in the Min/+ Mouse, amodel of familial adenomatous polyposis.Curcumin and prostate cancer:Curcumin was shown to enhance cytotoxicity of chemotherapeutic agents in prostate cancer cells by inducing p21(WAF1/C1P1) and C/EPBbeta, in two androgen-independent prostate cancer cell linesCurcumin and skin cancer:The increased incidence of non-melanoma skin cancer, consisting of basal and squamous cell carcinoma, is amajor health concern in recent years and is attributed to the action of solar (UV) B radiation as a result ofatmospheric ozone layer depletion.
  66. 66. Curcumin C3 Power™ is a proprietary composition ofCurcuminoids containing our patented BioprotectantComplex – Curcumin C3 Complex® and the natural patentedbioavailability enhancer, BioPerine®66
  67. 67. 67The first book to comprehensively list the medicinal claims of Curcuminoidswas published by SABINSA in 1993
  68. 68. • Offers the health benefits of quality curcuminoids fromturmeric roots, in a convenient form that is better absorbed inthe body.• Fast-acting, long-lasting, bioavailable Curcumin.• Supports overall wellness and good health.Curcumin C3 Power™ plays powerfulAntioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-parasitic, Anti-mutagen, Anti-cancer & Detoxroles in biological systems68
  70. 70. Suggested use level: 1 Tablet twice a daySl.noIngredientsDosage Application1 *Curcumin C3 Complex® 525 mgAntioxidantAnti-inflammatory2 *BioPerine® 5 mg Bioavailability enhancer* Patented - US & International Patents70
  72. 72. 72
  73. 73. 73Mean serum CoQ10 values during supplementation of120 mg of CoQ10 with and without 5 mg of piperine
  74. 74. 74
  75. 75. 75CATEGORYDETOX ToxiFlush™BioProtectant™OsteoStrong®LivStrong™Organic SpirulinaOmega BioPlus™CoQ Energizer™GlycaCare™LeanGard®LeanGard® Protein Drink MixR3Power™ABSORPTIONPRODUCT NAMEBioPerine®MANAGEMENTNUTRITIONPREVENTIONCurcumin3Power ™