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Adventures in Houston

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Our trip to Houston.

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Adventures in Houston

  1. 1. Untitled (2009), Maurizio Cattelan
  2. 2. David Sanchez, author of Don’t Forget the Accent. He succeededin life while embracing his Mexican heritage. Math professor andworked at Texas A&M for a while.
  3. 3. Died at 19It is believed that he wasmurderedHis remains are still in Egypt; theexhibit has an exact replicaEach organ was placed indifferent coffinsScientists have investigated hisDNA and found who his father wasAMAZING EXHIBIT!
  4. 4. Irma’s  Delicious and traditional Mexican food (Mole tasted exactly like my Grandma’s).Artista  Best Tres Leches ever!
  5. 5. One of the workers told uswhat an art critic sharedwith them:•Don’t judge too quickly•When looking at art, give art achance and time•The art alone has a lot going onfor you to just judge right offthe bat