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  1. 1. Testing is all about confidence.Are you confident that the data provided is reliable and accurate?
  2. 2. The Purpose of Testing The purpose of testing is to find the errors inyour system and to correct them. This is shown in schools as you are tested ever so often and improved in the areas you are not so good on, well that’s what should happen. This improves your system to hopefully become perfect for the user.
  3. 3. An example of testing is shown in cars. Every car has to undergo a MOT Test, it is extremelyinconvenient if your car fails the MOT Test as it is the same if you fail to test your database on your course work. :MOT sign
  4. 4. How to complete correct testing• Draw up a test plan that will test all aspects of your solution• Create a testing table that will show the outcomes of your testing• Include screen shot evidence in the testing table
  5. 5. What Type of testing are you doing?There are 4 different types of testing:1.Functional testing – each function as it is developed using normal, erroneous or boundary2.Navigational testing – each making sure hyperlinks or macros work using test data (clicking on mouse)3.System testing – system works as a whole4.User testing – allows the user to give feedback that the system works appropriately to their needs.
  6. 6. What data is going to be tested?It is very important to know what type of datayou are testing.• There are three types of test data: – Normal – Erroneous – Boundary(extreme)
  7. 7. Normal Test that the system working under normal conditions, is providing the correct data.Should show that your solution accepted that data
  8. 8. ErroneousThat the system will reject values outside of the acceptable limits. Should specify if the data is just outside the boundary or is the wrong type completely.
  9. 9. BoundaryTo test that the system accepts both extreme ranges of test dataShould specify that the data is just inside the boundary that is accepted by your solution
  10. 10. Test Data example A field in a database is designed to acceptexamination marks between 0 and 90. Validation rules have been set up for this. Normal Boundary Erroneous For example: A For example: data 0 For example: data value of 63 would or 90 should be “smith” or “92” be fine accepted should be rejected
  11. 11. Test Plan• Test plan needs to include tests that ensure: – Output is 100% accurate – Output is clear – Data input is validated – Printed output is as expected – Solution meets client requirements – Solution is user friendly
  12. 12. What should a Test Plan show?1. Validity of data input2. Accuracy of the output3. Presentation of the output4. That the solution meets the client requirements5. That the solution is useable by the end user6. Incorporates the test data to be used with the expected results
  13. 13. A Test plan Table should look like thisTest Number Purpose of Test Test Data Type Data Value Expected Outcome
  14. 14. Example TestTest Expected outcomeTest that all macro buttons work All macro buttons workText that all images are clear Logo and company name is clearTest VLOOKUP Price per 1000 should be £32.00Choose A4 colour 2 sides
  15. 15. Example test2Test Expected outcome Actual Outcome EvidenceTest Total cost 318.00 318.00 Testing screen shot 1Test validation of 1000 [extreme value] Error message only Testing screen shot 2formulas – OK appears on erroneous 990 [erroneous test value] - rejected
  16. 16. MUST REMEMBER• Do make sure your screen shots are not too small• If you crop any screen shots, do not cut off any part that may be useful (formula tool bar)
  17. 17. Summary• Designing a Test strategy is necessary• Choosing the right type of data• Testing validation rules• Involving other users in the testing is useful• Documenting test results and corrective action is necessary.