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Java Stammtisch Würzburg - CONAIR

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Java Stammtisch Würzburg - 24.02.2014


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Java Stammtisch Würzburg - CONAIR

  1. 1. CONAIR Java Stammtisch Würzburg 24. Mai 2014
  2. 2. _inspired by innovation AGENDA 2 I JEE Architecture EJB, JPA, JAX-RS I REST, AngularJS and Bootstrap I Print-Out via Excel (based on XLS Templating Engine) I Authentication via LinkedIn (OAuth 2.0) I Hosting Server Infrastruktur: Apache HTTP Server, Glassfish4, MySQL I CI / DevOps Cloudbees I Backup using Dropbox
  3. 3. _inspired by innovation PROJECT SOURCES 3
  4. 4. _inspired by innovation JEE ARCHITECTURE 4  EJB, JPA, JAX-RS ECB Pattern I I 195110.html Boundary: EJB SLSB, JAX-RS Controller: CDI managed beans (seldom used in ConAIR) Entity: JPA, DTOs (own package for DTO?) Example: accounting package
  5. 5. _inspired by innovation REST, ANGULARJS AND BOOTSTRAP 5 Strict separation between I business logic (provided by JAX-RS) and I UI (realised with AngularJS) REST API is still in progress  I URI: api/<plural>/<id> I Communication with DTOs and Map’s AngularJS ( I Routing, Controller I Problem: How to handle validation and calculation in UI and backend Example: travel costs Twitter Bootstrap ( I Component library
  6. 6. _inspired by innovation PRINT-OUT 6 The print out solution is based on xls worksheets which are prepared for printing. XLS Based Templating Engine I Syntax similar to AngularJS I Features: Replacement, Loop, Format I Template location: OneDrive
  7. 7. _inspired by innovation AUTHENTICATION 7 OAUTH2.0 is a nightmare! Usage of third party library Scribe //TODO: Interceptor for REST services I Interceptor for server side JAX-RS REST services I Interceptor for client side AngularJS AJAX services
  8. 8. _inspired by innovation HOSTING 8 I Virtual machine at server4you (8,90€/month) I Apache HTTP server, Glassfish v4, MySQL 5.1 on RHEL mod_proxy  /etc/httpd/conf.d)
  9. 9. _inspired by innovation CI / DEVOPS 9 I Jenkins @ Cloudbees Problem Amazon E2C I Packaging: maven-release-plugin I Deployment: cargo-maven2-plugin Cloudbees authorisation by certifcate I Jenkins configuration mvn release and cargo redeploy
  10. 10. _inspired by innovation BACKUP 10 Backup 2 Dropbox I Authenticate via Key for Dropbox Application I Dump MySQL and store server configuartion I
  11. 11. _inspired by innovation UPDATES @matthiasreining
  12. 12. HEAD OFFICE Via San Gregorio, 34 - 20124 MILANO Tel. +39 02 6691177 Fax +39 02 6692173 FACTORY Via Cesare Pavese 6 - 10015 IVREA, TO Tel. +39 0125 618000 Fax +39 0125 634059 OFFICE GERMANY Plattnerstr. 2, D-97070 Würzburg Tel. +49 931 710 565 46 Fax. +49 931 710 565 47 IVREA TURIN MILAN VERONA ROME REGGIO EMILIA BOLOGNA DUBLIN PARIS FRANKFURT WÜRZBURG TUNIS Matthias Reining Technical Manager Insurance ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RGI Deutschland GmbH Plattnerstraße 2, 97070 Würzburg, Deutschland mob +49 172 9917260 – tel +49 931 710 565 46 mail: – web