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Voc Review Ecosystems Interactions

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Voc Review Ecosystems Interactions

  1. 1. Ecology Vocabulary Review Get out vocab sheet. Ecology: The study of how living things interact with nature
  2. 2. Ecology <ul><li>The study of how living things interact with nature </li></ul>
  3. 3. Abiotic Non Living parts of the environment
  4. 4. Biotic The living parts of the environment
  5. 5. Symbiosis A relationship where two different species live closely and interact often.
  6. 6. Mutualism A type of symbiosis is when two species help each other.
  7. 7. Commensalism A type of symbiosis when one species benefits from another but the second species isn’t affected
  8. 8. Parasitism A type of relationship where one organism benefits while harming the other organism.
  9. 9. Carrying Capacity The maximum number of organisms of a species an ecosystem can hold
  10. 10. Limiting Factor The scarcest resource or the one that runs out first that causes a population to decline.
  11. 11. Adaptation A trait that helps an organism survive.
  12. 12. Predator An organism that hunts others for food
  13. 13. Prey An organism that is hunted for food
  14. 14. Coevolution When a relationship between two species causes them both to adapt.
  15. 15. Population All of the members of a species in an area
  16. 16. Ecosystem A community of organisms and their environment.
  17. 17. Biosphere All of the living space on earth.
  18. 18. Community All of the different organisms of different groups in an area
  19. 19. Competition When two organisms fight over the same resources
  20. 20. herbivore An animal that eats only plants
  21. 21. Carnivore An animal that eats only other animals
  22. 22. Omivore An animal that eats plants and animals
  23. 23. Food Chain A diagram showing how energy passes from one organism to the next
  24. 24. Energy Pyramid A diagram showing how energy decreases as it goes up a food chain.
  25. 25. Decomposition When dead organisms break down into simpler chemicals
  26. 26. Decomposer An organism that breaks down material in dead organisms.
  27. 27. Biodiversity Large amount of different organisms
  28. 28. Food Web A diagram showing all of the connected food chains in an ecosystem