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Blue blood

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Blue blood

  1. 1. Blue Bloods By Melissa De La Cruz Airelle David Pd. 1
  2. 2. I have the cover the way it is because it shows that the book is about vampires. There is a bite on the neck of a person, so that shows that something will happen. This book is a mystery and fantasy.
  3. 3. Schyler Van Alen is very different in her school. She never fits in and she wears clothing that's baggy and dark. She lives with Cordelia, her grandmother and has a best friend named Oliver. When Schuyler turns fifteen, she starts to act differently. She starts to see blue veins on her arms and craves raw meat. She didn't fit anywhere. She didn't know why.
  4. 4. While Schyler and her friend, Oliver, are at a club, Schuyler sees a popular classmate get hit by a cab. Seconds later, he stands right infront of her. His name is Jack Force and he starts to like Schuyler. The next day, the dean announces that a classmate has been killed. Her name is Aggie Carondolet and her death was unlike any other. Her blood was completly drained from her body. During the funeral, some people were wearing black and others were wearing white. Black is the color of night. Wh is the true color of death.
  5. 5. Schuyler starts to find out why she was craving meat and why she had blue veins in her arms. She is a vampire. Not just any vampire, but a Blue Blood. Jack Force is also a Blue Blood and they start to hang out a lot. They talk about what it's like to be a vampire and since Jack knew more, he teaches Schuyler the things they could do. She was a vampire. Immortal. Dangerous. Her fangs were sharp enough to draw blood-to pierce the skin of a human being. She was one of them.
  6. 6. While walking home, something attacks Schuyler. It had red eyes and it had fangs like her. The fangs start to puncture her neck. She couldn't run away even if she used her strenght. The vampire was sucking the life out of her, but Schuyler's dog had come to rescue her. Her dog is her protector. The next day, she had told Jack what had happened. He's been suspecting that something is after them. Sadly, Jack could not help her. He wouldn't tell her why. With Jack not wanting to help her, Schuyler turns to her friend Oliver. As she was telling Oliver that she was a vampire, he interupts her and says that he knows that she is a vampire. He is a Conduit, someone who serves Blue Bloods. A dark, giant creature...tall and strong as a man, a dense and noxious presence with... crimson eyes... crimson eys with silver pupils shining in the dark, staring at her...boring her brain...and then she felt it.
  7. 7. Now Schuyler has someone to help her find out what attacked her. They find a word that they think might be helpful to their research. Schuyler asks her grandmother what the word "Croatan" means. It's an ancient word that means Silver Blood. These are powerful creatures that have drank the blood of Blue Bloods. These creatures are dangerous and will keep drinking the blood of Blue Bloods until there are no more. Now Schuyler has to stop the Silver Bloods. Will she defeat them of will they defeat her? A creature that preyed on vampires. A Silver Blood.
  8. 8. Airelle David Period 1