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  1. 1. ValueAn art element concerned with lightness or darkness.
  2. 2. Value ScaleRepresents a range of lights and darks
  3. 3. Contrast Strong differences between light and dark Henry O. Tanner The Banjo Lesson 1893 49 x 35 1/2 in. oil on canvas University Museum Hampton, Virginia
  4. 4. Tints &Shadesvariations of dark and light in colorcreated by adding white or black
  5. 5. Shadingtechnique used to create shadow
  6. 6. Drawing with Value
  7. 7. a sphere drawn with value
  8. 8. HighlightAn area or a spot in a drawing, painting,or photograph that is strongly illuminated
  9. 9. Chiaroscuro• From the Italian meaning light-dark.The use of value contrasts to represent the effects of light and shadow
  10. 10. CaravaggioSaintJerome1600 A master of light and shadow in painting
  11. 11. Chuck CloseContemporary painter - Realism Portraits based upon grids and values
  12. 12. Chuck Close
  13. 13. Hatchingapplying tone using parallel stokes, this isusually done with broken or wavy lines.
  14. 14. Cross Hatchingformed by applying one layer of parallellines over another
  15. 15. Albrecht DurerA classic Durer engravingwith hatching.
  16. 16. Stippling• creating tone with clusters of dots, these can be applied with a pen or fine tipped brush
  17. 17. detail of a newspaper engraving with stippled shadows