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Build Features, Not Apps

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Presented at Tokyo iOS Meetup

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Build Features, Not Apps

  2. SWIFT ROBOT ▸ ▸ This Week in Swift ▸ Swift Jobs ▸ try! Swift - TRYTOKYOIOS
  3. Most smartphone users download 0 apps per month
  4. An average app loses up to 95% of users within the first month
  5. !!!
  6. !"
  8. Can your app work via Notifications only?
  10. "As speech recognition accuracy goes from say 95% to 99%, all of us in the room will from barely using it today to using it all the time. Most people underestimate the difference between 95% and 99% accuracy - 99% is a game changer" - Andrew NG, Chief Scientist at Baidu
  11. SIRI INTENTS ▸ Audio or video calling ▸ Messaging ▸ Payments ▸ Searching photos ▸ Workouts ▸ Ride booking
  12. Can your app work with Siri only?
  14. "It took Line Messenger almost four months to find its first two million users ...
  15. … but after stickers were launched, it took only two days to find the next million...
  16. The company now makes over $270M a year just from selling stickers."
  17. Can your app be used as an extension?
  19. ! -> "
  21. ▸ Frameworks all the things! ▸ Vectorize Images ▸ NSUserActivity FTW
  22. ! ⌚ #
  23. !
  24. 'I HAVE A FRAMEWORK IDEA' - REPEAT LESS, SHARE MORE. by Fabio Milano at #Pragma Conference 2016
  26. .PDF
  27. iceCreamImageView.tintColor = .purple
  28. VECTORIZE IMAGES ▸ Single Scale PDFs ▸ Template Image for Icons
  30. // AppDelegate func application(_ application: UIApplication, continue userActivity: NSUserActivity, restorationHandler: @escaping ([Any]?) -> Void) -> Bool { if userActivity.activityType == NSUserActivityTypeBrowsingWeb, let webpageURL = userActivity.webpageURL { // separate webpageURL using NSURLComponents // present the correct View Controller if valid // otherwise, open link in Safari } return false }
  31. NSUSERACTIVITY ▸ Handoff ▸ Universal Links ▸ Search ▸ Location ▸ Contextual Reminders ▸ Contact Interactions
  32. ▸ Frameworks all the things! ▸ Vectorize Images ▸ NSUserActivity FTW