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Eagle Eye

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This is an android stealth spyware I have developed which can remotely control android device and track almost everything in the device in realtime

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Eagle Eye

  1. 1. Navneet Kumar
  2. 2. DISCLAIMER The views and opinions expressed in this presentation are of my own. My employer does not have any influence on materials presented here. Bluejeans does not promote or support any type of privacy invasion.
  3. 3. MOBILE SPYWARE MARKET 20 • % of teenager report trying drugs before they are 16 30 • % of small businesses collapse due to employee theft 68 • % of women cheat if they knew they wouldn’t be caught 74 • % of men cheat if they knew they wouldn’t be caught
  4. 4. DIFFERENCE Zero fee Real time Data Control Root not required AV Evasion Very Expensive Data Leak Buggy Requires root Blocked by AV EagleEye Others
  5. 5. Launcher File Camera Call Audio Base Admin Control PAYLOAD ARCHITECTURE Control Center Service Layer
  6. 6. Firebase Angular.js StorageServices CC ARCHITECTURE D B Realtime
  7. 7. STEALTH Use Protocol launcher for first time No Launcher
  8. 8. PERSISTENCE Boot persistenceHourly Sync
  9. 9. SMS PHONE Victim RADIO TRIGGER Command encoded in sms Missed call from a specific phone
  10. 10. SPY CAMERA Android does not allow to use camera without attaching to a surface !!! Set device volume to zero before using
  11. 11. ROOT FEATURES • Radio Proxy • Access Network • Access 3rd party Apps • WhatsApp DB cloning • Gmail tokens
  12. 12. PAYLOAD DELIVERY Wireless RCE MI Webkit vulnerabilty Social engineering MITM Kernel Vulnerabiltty Stage fright
  13. 13. Thank you