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Techno-Vernacular Creativity and Innovation

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My presentation for INTA PhD seminar at Georgia Tech.

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Techno-Vernacular Creativity and Innovation

  1. 1. Techno-Vernacular Creativity & Learning in Underrepresented Communities of Practice By Nettrice R. Gaskins, Ph.D Candidate
  2. 2. techno – vernacular creativity : cultural art and technology created by ethnic groups underrepresented in STEM
  3. 3. Creativity & Innovation Reappropriation Improvisation Creativity & Innovation Identity
  4. 4. Muchiri Njenga . “Kichwateli ,” 2011. Production images. Courtesy of Studio Ang.
  5. 5. Sun Ra's technological appropriation critiques dominant views on socio-technical change by showing how African Americans and other ethnic groups that are excluded from high technology engage with artifacts on their own terms. How might contemporary artists from ethnic communities whose artworks involve STEAM inform research & practice in the future?
  6. 6. Sun Ra in rehearsal October, 1971 Oakland, CA. Photo from; Cyrus Kabiru’s C-Stunner.
  7. 7. The appropriation of technology such as electronic instruments, virtual worlds and game console platforms counter the notion of the digital divide that usually only looks at computer technology. How can we as researchers and educators tap into the energy of this production to inspire students from underrepresented groups to explore STEM?
  8. 8. Artist Ellen Gallagher who is interested in the ocean’s depths and ecologies. Her Osedax multimedia installation explores diverse microclimates existing in otherwise uniform ocean environments. The installation consists of 16mm film and painted slide projections inspired by a species of undersea worm that buries into the bones of whale carcasses. Hip-hop pioneer Grandmaster Flash who played a key role in the technical design of Rane Corporation’s Empath mixer. His technological rhetoric acknowledges that he understood he was re-creating technology based on his own personal aesthetics as well as using scientific methods to develop his technique. Former graffiti artist and break dancer and current interdisciplinary artist Sanford Biggers who programmed a player piano using a MIDI controller to perform his original arrangement of the American jazz standard Strange Fruit. Sound architect Young Guru who contributed thousands of digital loops/beats to the EarSketch program engages students in computing principles through collaborative computational music composition and remixing.
  9. 9. Culturally Situated Arts-Based Learning Tools Left: Sanford Biggers. “Lotus,” 2011. Courtesy of the artist; Center: Saya Woolfalk. “Untitled (photo shoot),” 2013. Courtesy of the artist; Right: Will Wilson. “eyeDazzler,” 2012. Courtesy of the artist.
  10. 10. Nettrice R. Gaskins. “Sun Ra Scepter (in Second Life),” 2010. Courtesy the artist.
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  12. 12. Nettrice R. Gaskins