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50 'First 90' Days. Win by Acting Like a Noob #First90

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50 'First 90' Days. Win by Acting Like a Noob #First90

  1. 1. 50 ‘FIRST 90’ DAYS
  2. 2. Every 90 Days Start Again
  3. 3. Every 90 Days Challenge Assumptions
  4. 4. Every 90 Days Make new Connections
  5. 5. Every 90 Days Be a NooB
  6. 6. Every 90 Days Ask Noob Questions
  7. 7. Every 90 Days Ask old questions with new conviction
  8. 8. Every 90 Days Connect with different people
  9. 9. Every 90 Days Read new sources
  10. 10. Every 90 Days Fire Yourself
  11. 11. Every 90 Days Hire Yourself Again
  12. 12. Every 90 Days Find New Energy by getting curious Again
  13. 13. Every 90 Days Walk different corridors / Tread a different path
  14. 14. Every 90 Days invite yourself to new / different meetings
  15. 15. Every 90 Days Reject the old “We Can’ts” & sidestep the naysayers
  16. 16. Every 90 Days Welcome the noobs & keep their fresh spirit alive
  17. 17. Every 90 Days Listen to different customers & ask different questions
  18. 18. Every 90 Days ask why to every answer
  19. 19. Every 90 Days Introduce yourself like a noob & see what you learn
  20. 20. Every 90 Days Tell others to join you by starting again
  21. 21. Every 90 Days Ask people what they’d do if they joined today
  22. 22. Every 90 Days Ask why can’t we complete “this” in 90 days
  23. 23. Every 90 Days Act like you have 90 days to save the company
  24. 24. Every 90 Days Imagine you just bought the company
  25. 25. Every 90 Days Act like a startup, assume anything is possible
  26. 26. Every 90 Days Invite other to join your #90days Project
  27. 27. Every 90 Days RELAX, recharge, Then go GO GO!
  28. 28. I’m @Nick Kellet Every Day I experiment daily
  29. 29. A fun place to make & share great collaborative numbered lists. For Slides there’s Slideshare. For Videos there’s YouTube. For Listicles there’s Listly. I rejoin my Projects Every 90 days An award winning board game available in 12 languages globally. 20+ awards (including a Spiel des Jahres prize) 80,000 copies sold since launch in 2006. Visual-segmentation tool acquired by Business Objects (now SAP) in 1999. ANDS & ORs are too hard for mere mortals. Selecting visually is quicker, simpler & more fun. LISTLY GiftTrap AnswerSets
  30. 30. 2. FESTIVO 3. FIRST TEST 4. MULI FONT CREDITS NICK KELLET BACK STORY I’m adding a back story to all my future decks. I’m starting to credit fonts that I use to help you and save me. Font’s are funny business. A deck on that soon. This deck was inspired by the #FIRST90 theme from Linkedin Pulse for Jan 2015. In life we’re either getting more into something or less. Plateau truly plateau. Seeking to be act like a newbie every 90 days is a great trick I’ve learned to keep me hyper motivated. Perhaps it’s not what Linkedin/Slideshare were expecting, but isn't that the essence of great content. Surprise people. Make them think just a smidgen, make them feel part of the story. This is a #90days story you can put into action today. Perhaps this deck will trigger some of your first 90 day memories. Perhaps it will make you want to go and create strong memories for your next career move. You own your outcome. Treat life like a first date. I’ve not seen anyone provide a backstory. Perhaps it’s a trend that will catch on. It just feels right. 1. BRADLEY HAND
  31. 31. Come JOIN Me on Listly, Twitter & Linkedin & Slideshare