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Gelb Brochure

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Feeling pressure to grow revenues? Strategy is about how to best
allocate resources. Gelb’s
process begins with a thorough
understanding of your market
to help you make the best
choices for your growth.

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Gelb Brochure

  1. 1. Feeling the pressure to grow revenue?
  2. 2. Strategy is about how to best allocate resources. Gelb’s process begins with a thorough understanding of your market to help you make the best choices for your growth. UNDERSTAND CREATE DEPLOY MONITOR
  3. 3. Marketing is a process, not a department. If you had an unlimited budget, it wouldn’t matter much where you put your marketing resources. But you do. And executives have expectations of you and your team’s performance. To succeed, you don’t just need a marketing research report or a great action planning workshop, or implementation oversight. You need a potent combination of these things to grow quickly and smarter than your competition. The challenge is finding a firm that is competent in these areas. You need a strategic marketing firm. Gelb is that strategic marketing firm. And with our 44-year track record, Gelb is best positioned to help you. Gelb merges analysis, strategy and technology to help organizations achieve their growth objectives. We are experts in research, excellent strategists, and can monitor your performance using our dashboards. We are glad to have an opportunity to introduce our capabilities to you.
  4. 4. Just the help you need. We understand that you aren’t faced with strategic challenges every day. At Gelb, our professionals support your team and provide a game plan. We customize our process to meet your needs and provide you with the extra help needed to execute the right plan, the right way. We guide our clients through developing market insights, planning forward- looking and feasible strategies, and supporting the implementation of programs that create attainable growth. Allow us to help you get a clearer picture of your market, develop consensus- based plans that are more effective, and efficiently demonstrate your impact on revenues. Gelb will make you more successful. Our deliverables provide leaders with clarity and confidence to focus their resources on the people, products and services that matter most in revenue growth. In the end, Gelb delivers an experience that enables leaders to achieve revenue goals to build stronger companies. Gelb will give you the tools to achieve your revenue growth goals. Strategic marketing planning is the process by which organizations identify and prioritize market opportunities to meet business objectives. Gelb’s process maximizes the value of your existing information to describe market segments and identify potential knowledge gaps. By creating market segment profiles, we then lead your team through a series of exercises to prioritize them based on your business strengths and the attractiveness of each segment.
  5. 5. We want to be your trusted advisors. Ultimately, we want marketing decision-makers to think of us as their trusted advisors. We’re the people you call in the most trying of situations because you know we can deliver. Gelb differs from other firms in a few significant ways: First, we’ve been around for more than 40 years. That’s quite an accomplishment for a small business in Houston, Texas. We would like to think that our longevity is due to our ability to consistently anticipate and meet our clients’ needs. Second, we have successfully integrated marketing research and marketing strategy. Most firms are able to execute one or the other. Our teams are designed to work collaboratively to learn about the market and facilitate strategic thinking. Third, we’re passionate about learning…learning in all forms, but particularly learning about you and your organization, filling informational gaps about your industry and situation. We believe that our strategic recommendations flow from this inquisitiveness, and we teach our employees to diagnose a company’s history as fully as the dynamics of current and future markets. This intelligence provides the necessary foundation for all Gelb assignments. Fourth, we believe in transferring knowledge to our clients. We don’t use black-box processes. At the end of the day, we want our clients to understand and believe in what we do – they’re part of the process and play a key role in implementation.
  6. 6. What results can you expect? Marketing executives are drawn to Gelb for many reasons. We help them successfully address the most difficult situations and grow – organization initiatives, addressing the conflicting needs of C-Level executives, or marketing challenges requiring pragmatic and swift solutions. At Gelb, we are personally rewarded when we help our clients successfully transcend these situations and grow. Among the most frequent requests made of Gelb: Build a corporate brand that’s an asset of increasing value. Define marketing strategies to get ahead of the competition. Assess and improve current experiences to retain more customers. Make go/no-go decisions with new products and services. Use market insights to create high-potential product concepts. Protect brands, trademarks and trade dress.
  7. 7. You see an opportunity? Together, let’s take advantage of it. Our professionals concentrate on helping you make an impact. Our view of failure is a report that sits on a shelf. We can get started by providing educational presentations, imparting our thought leadership in white papers and articles, or discussing your most urgent need. We at Gelb would feel privileged to discuss the prospects of an engagement aimed at improving your business. For an appointment, you are invited to call, write or email at your convenience. John McKeever P +1 281.759.3600 ext.1022
  8. 8. Gelb Consulting Group, Inc. 1011 Highway 6 South Suite 120 Houston, Texas 77077 P +1 281.759.3600 F +1 281.759.3607