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[Feb 2020] Cours IoT - CentraleSupelec - Master SIO

  1. Internet of Things CentraleSupélec Ingénierie des Systèmes Informatiques Ouverts Feb. 4th, 2020
  2. About us • Judith Kreyder • University Programs Manager • judith.kreyder@sigfox.com • Nicolas Lesconnec • Head of Technology Adoption • nicolas.lesconnec@sigfox.com
  3. Agenda • A few words about IoT • Sigfox in a nutshell • Use case example • Deep dive in the technology • Hands on workshop • Industry usecases overview
  4. Internet of Things 1995 20071983 2019
  5. Internet of Things • IoT is not restricted to computers • Can be anything, anywhere • No need for user interaction • Full autonomy
  6. Building the future
  7. • IoT is taking off now (25B connected things by 2021 – Gartner) • Global impact, on all businesses • Shortage of professionals, with Technology and Business expertise • Data collection : sensors, edge computing • Data valorisation : AI, predictive maintenance Opportunities for pioneers
  8. Reliable data • Live information • No human error (measure, input) • Structured, easy to associate with Data Analysis platforms, feed AI models, …
  9. Unexplored data mine Internet has demonstrated the value of data The volume of sensor-based data we can extract from objects is much larger IoT aims at providing the means to customers to extract value from data generated in the physical world MARKET PAIN POINT SIGFOX DISRUPTIVE VALUE PROPOSITON
  10. About Sigfox
  11. SIGFOX is the world’s largest 0G Network… IoT Bringing the 4th industrial revolution to all sectors BACK-UP BROADBAND Secondary connectivity & additional services for systems using broadband networks 0G Cost efficient Low Power Global Network …built as the most reliable and affordable network to transmit small messages
  12. The 0G message journey A network for connected objects transporting the data from your device to your IT systems Customer ITBig Data analytics platforms Object data Partners with specific applications for your business Data storage and intelligence for verticals Identification and authentication integrity 0 to 12-byte messages optimized for sensor data High capacity network: over 1 million messages per Base station per day 0 to 140 messages per day per device Transmitted through its radio protocol on the public spectrum Global network SIGFOX cloud
  13. Usecase : supply chain
  14. Usecase : packaging supply chain
  15. 17 Track automotive packaging to optimize logistic loop & usage Track parts within and out of manufacturing sites between Airbus and its suppliers. Track containers to reduce lead times and stocks REDUCE CAPEX REDUCE OPEX INCREASE ETA ACCURACY REDUCE HANDLING COST INCREASE USAGE REDUCE INVENTORY INCREASE ETA ACCURACY REDUCE RISK OOS
  16. Zoom on a business case Intercontinental sea-freight tracking solution
  17. Supply chain managers are blind on part of their flows
  18. Applied to the supply chain, IoT acts as magic glasses with the ability to remove the fog.
  19. 21 • Complexity to get information all along the way. • Strong dependency on shipping companies • Several days of latency on getting notifications regarding events during the flow. • No real time: Outdated or no alerts in case of delays. 1 expedition=28 stakeholders = 200 interactions Initial thought – data generated from the monitoring of intercontinental flows can be improved.
  20. T/SPORT PORT Export zone logistics Intercontinental logistics Import zone logistics WH WH • A tracker is added to the shipment • Access to a platform enabling to follow orders • The tracker is taken out of the container at unloading • Trackers are sent back to be reused Container loading Shipment follow-up Container unloading Trackers reverse Generate an end to end visibility and real time data on intercontinental shipping. Complete disintermediation Send data when/where it makes sense
  21. IoT for the supply chain • Data visibility • Traceability • Identify & tackle hidden costs • Learn, Monitor & Anticipate
  22. Coverage
  23. Global network • Sigfox is offering a global network • Devices will work the same all over the network, no matter where they were registered first
  24. Deployment model • All deployments aims to achieve a nationwide coverage quickly • Low density of access points : metropolitan France is covered with 2200 stations • Low cost of base stations + Small number = Low CAPEX & Low OPEX = Low subscription costs
  25. Densification • Micro base stations available for sale online (400€), to extend coverage if needed (remote areas, deep indoor, ..)
  26. What we can’t do (with Sigfox only) • Devices who need a huge number of messages ( ATM, POS etc) • Important payloads ( Camera, videos, etc) • Device you need to wake up remotely instantly ( garage doors) 29
  27. What Sigfox is perfect for • Devices who travel across countries • Multiple years battery life devices • Asset tracking • Sensors data monitoring • Security use cases ( as a backup) • Agriculture • Etc. 30
  28. Small & optimized messages Uplink messages Downlink messages Note: Change configuration (2^64 = 4B possibilities) Adjust sensor scale Adjust sampling frequency Request additional data
  29. Small messages 1 % duty cycle for Objects Up to 6 messages/hour UPLINK 12-Byte payload - Sensor data - Event status - GPS fix - Application data DOWNLINK 8-Byte payload - Action / actuator trigger - Device management - Application parameter setting 10 % duty cycle for Base Stations 4 guaranteed downlink msg/day SIGFOX CLOUD
  30. Radio Spectrum
  31. Ultra Narrow Band 868.0 868.2 f (MHz) 192 KHz wide 100 Hz Currently spreads on a 200KHz part of the spectrum High spectrum efficiency 1bit/s = 1Hz of bandwidth Each message is ~100Hz wide ✓ ✓ ✓
  32. Ultra Narrow Band Each repetition is 100hz wide
  33. Demonstration
  34. Random Access Unsynchronized transmission between the network and the device The device transfers a small amount of energy on a random frequency with no protocol overhead (frequency hopping) SIGFOX Base stations permanently listen to the spectrum and interpret received UNB signals The same frame is sent 3 times enabling time and frequency diversity Frame1 @F1 Frame2 @F2 Frame3 @F3 Uplink message t1 t2 t3 2.08s for 12B payload Frequency Time ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
  35. High Network Capacity 0.00% 25.00% 50.00% 75.00% 100.00% 125.00% 0 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8 0.9 1 Success rate vs. input load Pure non-slotted Aloha w/ spatial div. w/ repetitionsIndoor penetration Nb of messages / station >1M other wireless technologies UNB Frequency & Time diversity Spatial diversity + + = Massive capacity & High Quality of Service
  36. Bi-directional communication Requested by the device to the network Static downlink message size of 8 bytes Agreed frequency of downlink ✓ ✓ ✓
  37. High Energy Efficiency Designed to maximize energy efficiency No Pairing 10 to 50mA during a few seconds (25mW; 14dB) depending on the chip and the size of the payload Idle consumption: negligible Idle state Communication state 6 µA 30 mA Current Time ~6 sec 99.x% of the time ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
  38. 42 SDR cognitive spectrum monitoring overcome the complexity on the device side, generally using expensive TCXOs Data is relayed to the network back-end. Latency is lower than 5 seconds for 90% of the exception reports Base stations also ensure SDR simultaneous multi-carrier transmissions to terminals enabled with the UNB bidirectional feature ✓ ✓ ✓ Flat architecture
  39. Protocol specification The full Sigfox device radio specifications are available online: https://build.sigfox.com/sigfox-device-radio-specifications
  40. Uplink frame
  41. Security
  42. Security
  43. Strong Security Mechanisms
  44. Build a product
  45. Lots of devices, but not that different
  46. What does a device look like ? • Usually quite the same thing inside ! • Casing • Battery • Sensors • Microcontroller • Sigfox Modem • Antenna
  47. Module • Sigfox is not a hardware vendor • Stack is free for semiconductors & module makers • Components sourcing from multiple partners
  48. Antenna: THE most important part • PLAN IT WHILE DOING YOUR PCB • Balance between design & perf • Depends on the use case • Target best radio performance • Hire an antenna guy if you need so • https://build.sigfox.com/antennas 5 3
  49. • Lots of providers off the shelves (Molex, Pulse, Linx..) • Can do your own • All depends what you have & need! • Sens’it antenna: Open source design
  50. Antennas ( small feedback) 5 5 Antenna Price Size Integration Perf u0 possible ? External YES Internal wire YES Ceramics NO PCB printed YES
  51. Batteries • Sigfox predictability. 1 message = X uAh • Different types of batteries = Different Use Cases Coin cell: short lifetime Can work with extra (super)- capacitor circuit Prefer multiple smaller batteries over a big one
  52. Cloud
  53. Get your data • View messages : Sigfox web platform • Get messages : REST API (pull) • Receive new messages : HTTP Callbacks (push)
  54. Callbacks • Each message received from your devices will be forwarded to your application server(s) • Fully customizable HTTP requests • Used to send data back to the device as well • Easy integration with major Cloud solutions : • AWS, MS Azure, IBM, SAP, theThings.io, Thingworx, …
  55. Sigfox integrates with Azure IoT hub natively Sigfox <=> Microsoft cloud-to-cloud integration Each message sent from Sigfox devices having an Azure subscription is automatically forwarded to Microsoft IoT hub 2-ways native connector at Sigfox back-end level
  56. AWS IoT AWS Cloud Sigfox integrates with AWS IoT natively AWS-sigfox connector uses AWS CloudFormation to manage Identity and Authentication Rules Engine allows to route sigfox messages to other AWS services
  57. 63 Some Platform Partners Storage, Analytics & Device management Smart building Logistics Smart Cities Agriculture Utilities Industry
  58. Geolocation services
  59. What do you need ? • Expected precision • Admissible extra cost • Indoor, Outdoor
  60. Sigfox Geolocation services • 100% network based : kilometric precision • Wifi-based : highly precise geolocation • 2019 : Sigfox Bubble
  61. Build your own • High precision + outdoor : GPS (💸 + 🔋) • Indoor : Wifi and/or Bluetooth (complexity)
  62. Thank you! Email me: nicolas.lesconnec@sigfox.com Join the conversation on Slack: https://builders.iotagency.sigfox.com