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Dfc designs select client work b

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Select design work done for clients across brand elements. If you would like to see more work write to

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Dfc designs select client work b

  1. 1. Dear Reader, I would like to first thank you for taking the time to go through this presentation! I know there are many other things you could be doing right now for your business, but here you are. So thank you! To keep this presentation short, I have shared only some select work done for clients. And a few design elements under each client work. This should give you an overview of what you can expect from us. If you like to see more designs from a client, or from any particular industry or any marketing element in particular like brochures, logos etc, I can send it to you separately. I have, at the end of the presentation, shared the kind of services you can expect from us. You can jump directly to that section by clicking here. Thank you once again for the taking the time to go through this presentation! I look forward to working with you in the future! Regards, Nishchal Founder & Principal Designer Thank you!
  2. 2. “One thing I liked about Nishchal is the empathy for a client’s project/product and commitment to get it right the first time. I would recommend him to people who need to create a unique design to reflect the spirit of the project along with an empathetic understanding of the end user.” R Senthilnathan, Managing Director - RIBO Industries & Founder - Purva Foods (Tiruchi, Tamil Nadu) “I approached Nishchal because I liked his thought process and the concepts. He is creative with a good sense of what will work and what may not. He helped me by converging our thoughts and channelizing them into his design interpretations. One thing I liked about him is that he is very responsive and collaborative. It is fun to work with him.” Baqar Naqvi, Business Director - Wazir Advisors (Gurgaon, Haryana) “We wanted to revamp our corporate brand identity and Nishchal helped me by understanding our business, analysing our competition and helping us arrive at a brand positioning. One thing I liked about him is he went deep. I found the experience introspective. I would recommend him to people who need insights driven branding and brand building.” Niloy Debnath, Managing Director - First Rain Exhibits (Mumbai, Maharashtra) “One thing I liked about Nishchal was he was open to improvement. I found the experience highly professional. I would recommend Nishchal to people who need high quality and professional work.” Praveen Kumar Atmakur, Director - Dharani Projects (Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh) Client speak
  3. 3. “I approached Nishchal because I was looking for creating a marketing deck solution right from website to brochures and case studies, where he could understand our business, think from the marketing perspective and brainstorm with us to achieve the right output. One thing I liked about Nishchal was his participation in the process to come to achieve the objective. I found the experience satisfying as he is quite flexible and is more focused on the output.” Paresh Bafna, CEO - Perennial Systems (Pune, Maharashtra) “One thing I liked about Nishchal is clarity of thought. I found the experience extremely satisfying and exactly to our requirements. Absolutely loved the design. I loved the complete process flow and found it really professional yet friendly. I would recommend Nishchal to people who need to create a unique identity with very classy designs and anybody who wants to create a design which creates a lasting impression.” Siddhesh Dandekar Partner, 3Q Wealth (Pune, Maharashtra) “I approached Nishchal because we were looking for instore communication/graphic for our sale activity. Nishchal helped me by his prompt service and fabulous design. One thing I liked about Nishchal was his indepth knowledge, creativity and timely delivery of his work. I found the experience very satisfying.” Anirudh Rathore, Owner - Democracy Homes (Gurgaon, Haryana)
  4. 4. Select projects
  5. 5. Old logo New logo Paragon Apparels Pvt. Ltd. is a one of the largest manufacturers of polyesters sportswear. As all their business came from across the globe they needed a new identity that truly gave them a global appeal. We redesigned all their elements from their logo to stationery to swatches to their brochure and media kit to their website.
  6. 6. Old logo New logo First Rain Exhibits (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a multinational experiential space design company. They wanted to give life to their identity after more than a decade of existence. We designed all their elements from their logo, to in-house vision and mission posters, to their ID cards and their corporate presentation.
  7. 7. Old logo New logo RIBO Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a world class boiler component manufacturer and exporter. They wanted to appeal strongly to their international clients and felt that their current identity was not upto the mark. We helped RIBO by redesigning their logo, their brochure, website, their tradeshow kiosk and even their trade magazine advertisements. RIBO has been a client since 2012.
  8. 8. Old logo Refined logo Wazir Advisors Pvt. Ltd. is a management consultancy specializing in multiple verticals including textiles and retail. Wazir needed a fresh infusion of design to give their name a stronger identity. We engaged with them right from refining their old logo to creating brochures, whitepapers, annual reports, their website and marketing collaterals at events. We have been working with Wazir since 2014.
  9. 9. CORE IDENTITY DESIGN: Brand naming Logo design Positioning/Tag line Website* Business card Letterhead Envelopes Corporate Presentation Template AdvertisementDesign Template Brand Standard Manuals Email signature * This service will be third party executed/programmed, we shall craft the concept, design, copy or script as applicable, and supervise the output and quality of the deliverable. MARKETING DESIGN: Corporate AV* Information design (e-book, whitepaper etc) Corporate presentation Packaging and label Customized greeting cards Calendar Infographic Exhibition stand* Exhibition stand – communication (posters/banners) Greeting card/e card ENVIRONMENT DESIGN: Office branding Signage Vehicle branding Shopping bags Design Services
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