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Scaling CQRS in theory, practice, and reality

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Slides from my presentation at O'Reilly Software Architecture 2018, co-presented with Allard Buijze.

Much hyped architectural pattern CQRS is getting a lot of attention, but it does actually deliver on its promises of managing complexity and scalability when used with the right abstractions. Casumo, a Malta-based online casino, adopted the principles of CQRS based on these promises. As the company scaled to hundreds of employees and over a hundred services, these promises were put to the challenge.

Allard Buijze and Nakul Mishra discuss the challenges Casumo faced while scaling its system to millions of financial transactions per day and applying event sourcing with billions of events to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the gaming industry.

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Scaling CQRS in theory, practice, and reality

  1. 1. allardbz nklmish Scaling CQRS in Theory, Practice and Reality Allard Buijze Founder & CTO, AxonIQ allardbz Nakul Mishra Sr. Engineer & Architect nklmish
  2. 2. allardbz nklmish
  3. 3. allardbz nklmish
  4. 4. allardbz nklmish
  5. 5. allardbz nklmish Layered architecture User Interface Service Layer Data Access Layer DomainModel
  6. 6. allardbz nklmish Service Service Service
  7. 7. allardbz nklmish ‘Normal’ SQL QUERY 22 JOINS 6 SUBQUERIES
  8. 8. allardbz nklmish Layered architecture Ponder and deliberate before you make a move. —Sun Tzu User Interface Service Layer Data Access Layer DomainModel Method invocation Cache Worker pools Web Cache Session replication Distributed 2nd level cache Query Cache
  9. 9. allardbz nklmish Source:
  10. 10. allardbz nklmish Microservices systems • Splittingup systemsinto smaller, simplercomponents • Agility • Scalability
  11. 11. allardbz nklmish CQRS
  12. 12. allardbz nklmish Command Query Responsibility Segregation Command model Projections Client Events T: 1 mln / s Resp: < 10 ms T: Thr. 20 / s Resp: < 100 ms T: 10 mln / s Resp. < 100 ms T: 1 / s Resp. < 10 ms
  13. 13. allardbz nklmish
  14. 14. allardbz nklmish Are you tall enough? Source:
  15. 15. allardbz nklmish “Noun Driven Design”
  16. 16. allardbz nklmish “Entity Services” è
  17. 17. allardbz nklmish Monoliths St Breock Downs Monolith -
  18. 18. allardbz nklmish $
  19. 19. allardbz nklmish Location transparency A Component should not be aware, nor make any assumptions, of the location of Components it interacts with A component should neither be aware of nor make any assumptions about the location of components it interacts with. Location transparency starts with good API design (but doesn’tend there)
  20. 20. allardbz nklmish Microservices Messaging Commands Events Queries Route to single handler Use consistent hashing Provide result Distribute to all logical handlers Consumers express ordering req’s No results Route with load balancing Sometimes scatter/gather Provide result "Event" and “Message" is not the same thing
  21. 21. allardbz nklmish
  22. 22. allardbz nklmish
  23. 23. allardbz nklmish ComponentB ComponentAWrites / event sourcing consume event-A ComponentC Projection consume event - A Read / replay Built with Axon Framework publish event - C BigData Platform Readshistoricalevents consumes new events EventStore (Percona)
  24. 24. allardbz nklmish Casumo • Event storewith >30 billionevents • Hundreds of millions of events, every day • Every event is EQUALLY important “I was thinkingI might win 50 poundsbut when it went all the way to the jackpotI was shocked.” - Mega Fortune£2,700,000 jackpot won on the 3rd spin.
  25. 25. allardbz nklmish
  26. 26. allardbz nklmish
  27. 27. allardbz nklmish Event Store operations • Append • Validate‘sequence’
  28. 28. allardbz nklmish Event Store operations • Full sequentialread
  29. 29. allardbz nklmish Event Store operations • Read aggregate’sevents
  30. 30. allardbz nklmish Serialized form • Keep it small • Use aliases & abbreviations • Carefully select serializer
  31. 31. allardbz nklmish Partitioning and archiving
  32. 32. allardbz nklmish 0: Wallet created € 7 in wallet @ 3 2: € 1 wagered 3: € 2 wagered 1: € 10 deposited 4: € 1 wagered 5: € 2000 won 6: € 1000 withdrawn 7: € 10 wagered 8: € 1M jackpot won!! € 996 in wallet @ 7 Loading aggregates - snapshots
  33. 33. allardbz nklmish Replays Event Handler TRUNCATE TABLE xyz;Projection
  34. 34. allardbz nklmish Partial replays Event Handler TRUNCATE TABLE xyz; “Reasonable” timeframe Idempotent event handling Perform selective, ad-hoc, replays Projection
  35. 35. allardbz nklmish
  36. 36. allardbz nklmish Exchange Queue Queue Event Store
  37. 37. allardbz nklmish Exchange Queue Queue Event Store Queue
  38. 38. allardbz nklmish
  39. 39. allardbz nklmish Evolutionary microservices Commands Events Queries
  40. 40. allardbz nklmish
  41. 41. allardbz nklmish
  42. 42. allardbz nklmish
  43. 43. allardbz nklmish Unmanageable mess Bet Placed Bet Accepted Bet Won Bet Lost Bet Reverted As a Wallet module I want to know when to withdraw money from the wallet
  44. 44. allardbz nklmish Communication = Contract
  45. 45. allardbz nklmish Bounded context Explicitlydefinethe context within which a model applies.Explicitly set boundaries in terms of team organization,usage within specific parts of the application, and physical manifestationssuch as code bases and databaseschemas. Keep the model strictly consistentwithin these bounds,but don’t be distractedor confused by issues outside.
  46. 46. allardbz nklmish Within a context, share ‘everything’
  47. 47. allardbz nklmish Between contexts, share ‘consciously’As a Wallet module I want to know when to withdraw money from the wallet Bet Placed Bet Accepted Bet Won Bet Lost Bet Reverted Bet placed à Claim Funds
  48. 48. allardbz nklmish Lessons learned
  49. 49. allardbz nklmish
  50. 50. allardbz nklmish
  51. 51. allardbz nklmish
  52. 52. allardbz nklmish
  53. 53. allardbz nklmish Thank you!