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Oracle business intelligence overview

This is an overview of Oracle's BI Strategy and a closer look into OBIEE which is it's key tool

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Oracle business intelligence overview

  1. 1. Rajesh NadipalliRev2Jan 2012
  2. 2. This is an overview of Oracle’s key BI product OBIEE, formally known as Siebel Analytics. The presentation will start with an overview of Oracle’s BI strategy and then OBIEE configuration and then development.For complete product details, please visit Oracle’s site bi/enterprise-edition-066546.html
  3. 3.  Oracle’s BI Strategy OBIEE Architecture (11 g) OBIEE Report Development OBIEE Meta Data Development 11g key new features
  4. 4.  Oracle acquired several companies in the BI space (Siebel, Hyperion, Endeca) and now markets BI under it’s Fusion middleware. It is positioned to dominate the BI space which includes competition from SAP BO, IBM Cognos, Pentaho, Tableau, Qlickview etc Oracle has embraced the Big Data, NoSQL trend and plans to extend it’s architecture to support them
  5. 5. User Experience Interactive Reporting, PuCapability Dashboards, blishing, Ad- Scorecards, K Alerts Multi Data PI Dimensional Discovery Mobile BI hoc OBIEE Answers, Pub OBIEE Agents, S Hyperion Endeca Tool Dashboards lisher Scorecards cheduler Metrics, Aggregates Enterprise Manager Oracle Database Endeca MDEX Hyperion Essbase Data Staging & Processing Oracle Data Oracle Hadoop Hadoop Integrator Tools , HDFS Data Sources Sentimental / Applications Databases Documents Crowd Sourcing
  6. 6. and BIserver are the keyservices
  7. 7. Component Configuration File Default File LocationBI Server NQSConfig.ini, instancesinstance1configOracleBIServerComp logconfig.xml onentcoreapplication_obis1Presentation Server, Instanceconfig.xml instancesinstance1configOracleBIPresentatioBI Scheduler nServicesComponentcoreapplication_obips1Cluster Controller ClusterConfig.xml instancesinstance1configOracleBIApplication coreapplicationJavaHost Config.xml instancesinstance1configOracleBIJavaHostCo mponentcoreapplication_obijh1BI Presentations mw_homeuser_projectsdomainsbifoundation_Services plug-in domainconfigfmwconfigbiinstancescoreappli cation
  8. 8. Vertical Scaling: Same hardware, multiple BI environments . Examples – QA and User Beta separate code bases but on same server. This can be done using the Fusion Middleware control Horizontal Scaling: Multiple Servers for same environment. Example to support more users on production. I’ll explain this more on next slide
  9. 9. Configure shared files and Directories During Install, select “Enterprise Install” and then “Scale out BI System” Scale out to the new hosts; OBIEE will setup managed servers like “bi_server1” “bi_server2” “bi_server3” Configure an HTTP server with a load balancer to distribute requests across the multiple managed servers (this is based on weblogic clustering)
  10. 10.  Oracle’s Enterprise manager is one stop for Fusion Middleware control  OBIEE is now an application under Fusion  Bifoundation_domain includes AdminServer and bi_cluster  Coreapplication is under Business Intelligence
  11. 11. Answers, Dashboards
  12. 12. Navigate to Specific Build New Dashboard ReportsNavigateto YourSavedContent
  13. 13.
  14. 14.
  15. 15.
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Also Known as RPD
  18. 18.  This is where you have to map the physical table to presentation objects  Support Dimension, Hierarchies and Content Switches for performance  Caching is also enabled here  This drives the intelligence and dynamic queries from the
  19. 19.
  20. 20.  Keep Physical model close to what’s in the database  Business Model is where you can define new logical column – example shown on left is aggregation done on Business model
  21. 21. Closer look at some popular new features
  22. 22. Integrates BI Dashboard with external applications making BI actionable Can invoke any web service over http See right side process flow on how this works
  23. 23. Support for Level based like time hierarchy Support for Parent - child example Product Category - > Product Support for ragged hierarchy like employee reporting chain Answers shows a “+” to expand this hierarchy RPD Presentation layer allows to create this object (see right screen shot below)
  24. 24.
  25. 25.
  26. 26. has attempted to simplify creation of a simple report alternative tothe tab based selections
  27. 27.  1-obiee11g-architecture-internals 44/getstart.htm endeca/general-presentation-517133.pdf man_obiee_reporting_nf.pdf
  28. 28.