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Jill lintner's portfolio

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Jill lintner's portfolio

  1. 1. It is my desire to work with a dynamic team at a competitive design firm using interpersonal skills to meet client’s needs.My enthusiasm for design and commitment to success will lead to creating comfortable, flexible spaces for each clientwhile adhering to all residential and commercial codes. I take initiative in my work; I am passionate and self-motivatedin regards to reliability and dedication to projects.BFA in Interior Design at Oklahoma Christian University - Anticipated graduation April 2011High School Diploma at Upper Bucks Christian School, Sellersville, PA ( June 2007)Intern at MKSD Architects (Fall 2010)• Accompanied architects at on site projects• Coordinated and selected finishes for commercial projects• Revamped and Scaled old drawing sets and implemented them into AutoCAD• Office liaison: wrote addendums for job site sub-contractors and lead architectsIntern at Le Blue Goose Custom Interiors (Summer/Fall 2010)• Administered advice to clients on projects ranging from high end residential to small commercial ventures• Placate customers fears by aiding in the process of selecting furniture and finishes to meet clients’particular needs• Initiated and constructed contracts for clients• Office liaison: contacted company representatives, took measurements to ensure proper installationand costumer satisfaction, and utilized AutoCAD skills for space planning needsSales Associate for La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries (Summer 2009/2010)• Assisted constituents in the selection process to ensure practicality and contentment• Was the on staff liaison to the in-store designer• Aided with in-home measurements and installations• Kept record of customers orders, conducted follow-up interviews to ensure satisfaction, and organized andadministered paperwork to make sure the customers experience was exemplaryASID Student member(2007-2011);served as an officer in 2010Social Service Club Gamma Rho (2007-2010)Vienna, Austria- Went with a team to do maintenance onhouse in the Alps doing road work, interior/exteriorpainting, added insulation to the attic(June 2010)Ronald McDonald House Volunteer- worked asa receptionist (Spring 2010)Tutoring at a local elementary school (Spring 2010)Dominican Republic- Worked on a school buildingproviding safety within the community (August 2009)Costa Rica- Mission trip teaching the childrentechnical soccer skills (May 2008)1584 Crested Rd. Coopersburg, PA 18036 - T/ 610-739-6420 - E/ jilliankylie@gmail.comExperienceEDUCATIONobjectiveProfessionalAmy BeauchampInterior Design Program Director at Oklahoma Christian University; she successfully broughtOklahoma Christian University through CIDA Accreditation in Spring of 2010; in addition, Ms.Beauchamp has a MFA degree and is a practicing designer in Edmond, OKT/ 405-706-1441E/ amy.beauchamp@oc.eduCindy BrodyOwner and Chief designer of Le Blue Goose Custom Interiors; Ms. Brody has owned her own businessfor over thirty five years, and is versed in both residential and commercial interior design; further, shehas been honored to have been selected to exhibit her work in various showcases including the VassarShow House, the Decorator Show House for the Eberhart Museum, and the Bucks County DesignerHouseT/ 610-584-9800E/ cynthiabody@verizon.netPersonalStacy SchraderMrs. Schrader has successfully completed her bachelors degree, and now home schools four children; Ihave been their nanny for over two years, and have been a live in nanny for just over a yearT/ 405-830-6281E/ schraderfam@airosurf.comResume “To not dare is to have already lost. We should seek out ambitious, even unrealisticprojects…because things only happen when we dream.” Andree PutmanorganizationsVolunteer WorkReferencesTechnical skillsProficient in: Knowledge of:AutoCAD Autodesk RevitCinema3D Adobe PhotoshopSketchUpMicrosoft WordMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft PowerPointMicrosoft PublisherTop 10 Finalist for the Benjamin Moore EnvisionColor Competition (May 2010)Awards
  2. 2. CommercialCommercial/ResidentialResidentialTuscan ResortWorld CupAirbus 380SkyboxHarbor HouseAuthor’s CottagePeppers RanchArtworkSelf StudyArtwork/ Self Study
  3. 3. Commercial
  4. 4. TuscanResortTuscan Resort
  5. 5. Tuscan ResortThe Villagio tuscano“The Villagio Tuscano” is a luxurious resort and spa encapsulating a quaint Tuscan village. The exterior has saffron yellow venetian plasteredwalls which depict the architecture found throughout the countryside of Tuscany. Muted hunter green shutters and wrought iron balconieshave been placed on the façade to portray a village home. Terracotta roofing has been specified to continue with keeping the integrity ofthe design. Another feature that guests will see upon arrival at “The Villagio Tuscano” are the tall cypress trees that line the circular drive andexterior landscaping.
  6. 6. Tuscan ResortThe Site plan starts with the circular drive leading to the covered portico.After walking through the lobby you enter onto a patio that includesoutdoor seating for the restaurant as well as extra areas for guests to getout of the warm sun and enjoy the view with some shade. The next thingthat captures the guests eyes are the quatrefoil planters found on eitherside of the patio showcasing ancient pots with soothing sounds of bubblingwater. The center quatrefoil is a small water fountain that starts theoverflow of one into the other. These lead into the main quatrefoil thatmakes the vast infinity pool that fades off into the ocean. The pool featuresa swim up bar which is an extension of the outdoor bar area and a customtile lining the edge of the pool. Located nearby are three hot tubs that canbe enjoyed by the guests. If those do not meet their relaxation needs thenthey can head over to the massage pavilions for a massage with theextravagant ocean views. Added lounge areas with oversized furniture, apicnic patio for casual dining, and a relaxation deck for sun bathingcomplete the rich outdoors of “The Villagio Tuscano”.Custom Pool Tile
  7. 7. Tuscan ResortFurniture plan- First Floor
  8. 8. Tuscan ResortRestaurant Bar ElevationResort RestaurantFurniture and flooring specifiedFinished Concept
  9. 9. Tuscan ResortTexture, with the use of different types of stone and finishes, replaces color in the spa. Thecontrast of chiseled marble to translucent glass tiles gives an elegant feel and allows theguests to relax in a clean, peaceful environment. The various depths of the tile also givesdimension to the space. The natural stone elements have also been used in the specifiedlight fixtures.Bronze finish specified for all fixturesWhirlpool roomsWhite, clean, serene.
  10. 10. Tuscan ResortFurniture plan- Second Floor
  11. 11. Tuscan Resort2 room guest suite furniture planWood beam ceilingsKing BedEntertainment cabinetBedroomArea rugAccent Seating
  12. 12. Tuscan ResortFurniture plan- Third Floor
  13. 13. Tuscan ResortAccessory package for suitesKing suite joined to a double suitethrough the living room area
  14. 14. Commercial
  15. 15. Commercial
  16. 16. WorldCupWorld Cup Annex Building
  17. 17. World CupDesign Concept:The annex building is located adjacent tothe Maracanã Stadium, home of the future2014 World Cup. It is a four-story buildingthat has been gutted and ready for therenovation. The renovation will take placeon all four levels of the building. The groundfloor consists of a café, bookstore, and aretail shop. The café will provide services forluncheon meetings as well as eveningreceptions and is conveniently located nearthe elevators and reception halls. Thedesign of the first floor will be centered onthe futbol exhibits; both permanent andtemporary. These exhibits will displaytrophies, photographs, autographedclothing articles and soccer balls. Thesecond and third floor design will have openoffices created using systems furniture.Oscar Niemeyer’s design style of modernopen buildings was a source of inspiration asthe materials and fixtures were selected. Thecolors chosen throughout the building stemfrom the World Cup 2014 logo. They willappear in the textiles, finishes, materials,and wall surfaces. Natural lighting will be theprominent lighting source throughout theentire building and space planning hasbeen well designed to keep employee workareas adjacent to each other.
  18. 18. World Cup-Plumbing Areas-private/Office Areas-Retail/Exhibit/Public Areas-Public AreasGround Floor First FloorSecond Floor Third FloorSpecial planning went into how the plumbingaligned vertically throughout the building in order tocut down on costs.
  19. 19. World CupAugust MorningBlueberryMidnight NavyClaret RoseCedar Green
  20. 20. World CupFirst floor wayfinding and security plan of the museums
  21. 21. World CupPermanent museum hand rendered floor plan and perspectives
  22. 22. World CupReception areas are located on second, third and fourthfloors. These renderings showcase the curvilinear lines of thebuilding and inspiration derived from the architect, OscarNiemeyer. Colors were selected from Benjamin MoorePallets for the Envision color student contest.
  23. 23. World CupElectrical Plan Second Floor Furniture Plan- Third floor using systems furniture
  24. 24. Public Restrooms General Coordinator’s OfficeReception AreaConference/General AreasTypical OfficeWorld Cup
  25. 25. Commercial
  26. 26. Airbus380Airbus 380
  27. 27. Airbus 380Design Concept:Shaikh Salman, Crown Prince of theKingdom of Bahrain, has purchased anAirbus 380 at the cost of $350 million. Theinterior design has a budget of $150 millionto purchase textiles, materials, and finishesas well as furnishings and appliances.There is an estimated 7,000 sq. ft toaccommodate all the required rooms.There are two levels on this aircraft. The topfloor for the men and the lower level is theHarem for the women. Privacy is the mostimportant design aspect throughout theaircraft. The design layout chosen keepsanyone from a direct view from room toroom; this also resembles the streets inBahrain being curved and very private. Aspiral staircase ,located near the kitchen,connects the two levels without goingthrough private rooms. Anotherconsideration in the design was furniturebeing fixed in place along with lighting. Allthe seats have hidden seatbelts toaccommodate take off’s and landings.Throughout the Airbus 380 high endmaterials and finishes were selected toshow Shaikh Salman’s wealth and power.FAA rules and regulations have beenadhered to throughout the design toensure safety and comfort while enjoyingthe elegance of the Airbus 380.
  28. 28. Airbus 380Upper level floor and finish planFloor CeilingNorth East South West HeightF6 W2 W13 W2 W2 10F1 W8 W8 P1 W8 10F1 W8 W8 P1 - 10F9 P2/W6 P2/W6 P2/W6 P2/W6 10F7 W10 W10 P2 P2 10F4 W10/P1 W7 P1 P1 10F7 W10 P2 P2 W10 10F4 W10/P1 P1 P1 W7 10F5 W2 W4 W4 W4/W14 10F5 W4/W14 W4 W2 W4 10F6 W2 W3 W2 W2 10F5 P1 - W11/W12 W11/W12 10F5 W2 W11/W12 W2 - 10F5 W9 W9 P1 W9 10F5 P1 W9 W9 W9 10F5 W2 W2 W2 w3 10F2/F3, F6 W2 W2 W2 W2 10F2/F3 W1 W1 W1 W1 10F8 P1 P1 P1 P1 10WallW4W1 W2 W3 W5F1 F2Other materials:M1 M2 M3Wall coverings:Flooring:
  29. 29. Airbus 3804. Reception Area2. Master Bath1. Kitchen3. TheaterUpper Level Finishes and Fixtures
  30. 30. Airbus 3801. Grand Entrance2. Living Room3. Typical Restroom1.2. 3.Lower level floor plan, finishes, and lighting fixtures
  31. 31. Commercial/Residential
  32. 32. SkyboxSkybox
  33. 33. SkyboxDesign Concept:“City Sounds” is a jazz record companywith luxurious style. They have decided topurchase a skybox at the Heinz Field,home of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The designof the skybox will reflect the companiessophisticated taste . Guests enter theskybox on a red carpet and immediatelyfeel the elegance of the space. A customlight fixture suspends above the diningarea located in front of the pass-throughfireplace. There has been carefulconsideration toward all switches in thereflected ceiling plan, allowing forversatility through the use of dimmers and3-way switches. This project has both acommercial space on the lower floor anda residential suite on the upper level.
  34. 34. SkyboxFurniture plan- First floor.
  35. 35. SkyboxCustom Light FixtureDetailPreliminary SketchInspiration
  36. 36. SkyboxReflected ceiling plan with switches.
  37. 37. Commercial/Residential
  38. 38. HarborHouseHarbor House
  39. 39. Harbor HouseDesign Concept:The Harbor House Youth Shelter is home tokids who do not have a home. These kidsrange from ages 3-18 and come fromvarious backgrounds. Being aware of theirneeds and making the client feelcomfortable is of the utmost importance.The colors chosen in the space are tranquilshades of blue that help to stimulate theirminds and reassure the client they are in arestful, healthy environment. Light, naturalwood was selected for the first floor to givethe space an open, clean feel; ensuringthat those coming into the space do notfeel enclosed or trapped. The HarborHouse raises many of their own fundsthrough the sandwich shop located in thebuilding. “The FORT” is a place to relax,unwind, and enjoy being a kid. It wasinspired by backyard forts that many mayhave grown up building. The materials andfurniture used in “The FORT” were inspiredfrom materials that kids could find in theirbackyard. The sandwich shop is also opento the public and allows opportunity forthe kids at the youth shelter to work andgain a better work ethic and sense of self-satisfaction as well as being able tosupport themselves financially. The firstfloor holds the offices and sandwich shopwith the second floor containing residentbedrooms and common areas.Fort inspiration
  40. 40. Harbor HouseFurniture ScheduleKey Quantity Manufacturer Description Fabric/Finish Remarks13 8 Vahohaus Oil Drum Chair Seat: recycled advertising canvases Recycled oil drums14 2 Home Design Warehouse Ring Bar Stool Metal structure/ black leather seat Strategically bent scrap metal spray painted black13. 14.12.12 33 Kitsch-U-Like Recycled Rubber Car Tire Table Rubber tire Glass table top placed on topFloor plan- First floor.
  41. 41. Harbor HouseElevations and Sections in “The Fort”
  42. 42. Harbor HouseNon-rated, finishedfloor to finished ceiling,acoustically insulated.Non-rated, slab tounderside of structure,acoustically insulated,water resistant.Rated 1 hr, slab tounderside of structure,acoustically insulated,fire-rated GWB bothsides.General Notes:-All corridors must be a minimum of 44” w/ 5`-0” turn radius at changes of direction-All door openings at minimum width of 36”-Bathrooms are all accessible (barrier-free) with a 5`-0” turn radius-Door swings cannot encroach turn radius more than 12”-Sinks all have clear knee access with a skull shield to prevent burns-Walls in bathrooms covered in tile; impervious to moisture up to 5`-0”A.F.F-A partial glass wall in the Group Meeting Room keeps the visibility and opennessof the spaceFloor plan- Second floor.
  43. 43. Residential
  44. 44. Author’scottAgeAuthor’s Cottage
  45. 45. Author’s CottageDesign Concept:To create a clean streamline cottage withsustainable products. The writer does not likeclutter and wants a space where he feelsinspired by the outdoors. I have chosen thecolors and furniture based off the style of aJapanese Pagoda and given the space acalming Zen feel.Green design was exhibited in this projectnot only through the use of materials used tobuild this project but also through the finishes,furniture, and fixtures that were specified.Bamboo flooring, countertops made frompressed paper, paints with low VOC’s, andfurniture with natural materials are just a fewof the eco friendly ways this Author’s cottagebenefits and protects the environment andpersonal wellbeing.Benefits of straw-bail construction:1. Uses and unwanted waste product.2. Thermally efficient and energy conserving.3. Less labor involved.
  46. 46. Author’s CottageThe floor plan shows the exterior wall thickness of the straw-bailconstruction. Also showing the creative space planning for this smallcottage with a master bedroom, on-suite and guest bathroom, livingroom, dining area, kitchen, and an open office area to inspire the author.An emphasis on “Green” design was shown in all the finishes and furniturecoming from sustainable or recycled materials. Only energy-efficientappliances and fixtures were specified.
  47. 47. Author’s CottageColorboard showing sustainable furniture and finishes
  48. 48. Residential
  49. 49. Residential
  50. 50. PeppersRanchPeppers Ranch
  51. 51. Peppers RanchPeppers Ranch Mission:“Through shelter, counseling, and growth-oriented activities, Peppers Ranch seeks to"break the cycle" of child abuse andneglect. By creating a network of caring,supportive adults on whom children candepend, Peppers Ranch is committed toproviding quality care and a safeenvironment where physical andemotional wounds can heal.”Design Concept:These boys have been given theopportunity for a new start. The designmust make these boys feel at home andcreate a space that is both comfortableand safe. Natural elements such as stone,log beams in the great room, and copperdetailing seen in the kitchen sink, barstools, and in the glow of the stampedconcrete flooring have been specifiedthroughout the home. The boys rooms area comforting blue and green with furniturethat can be easily be rearranged as theydesire allowing them to make it their ownspace. The master bedroom is a space ofretreat for the Adoptive parents. A gameroom on the lower level allows the boys toplay while others do their school workupstairs. The open floor plan is key to thecreating a space that is unifying andengaging for the boys and the adoptiveparents.
  52. 52. Peppers RanchFurniture Plan with window/door schedule symbols
  53. 53. Peppers RanchWindow and door schedules for Peppers Ranch
  54. 54. Peppers RanchDimensioned Furniture Plan of the Game room and safe/storage areaThe safe room followed FEMA (Federal Emergency ManagementAgency) design and construction with a focus on reinforcedconcrete.
  55. 55. Peppers RanchNorth elevation of the kitchen
  56. 56. Peppers RanchWest elevation of the kitchenSouth elevation of the kitchen Detail blow-up of the kitchen
  57. 57. Artwork
  58. 58. artworkArtwork
  59. 59. ArtworkThe Tower theater is an Oklahoma Citylandmark. The goal was to restore anddesign both the interior and exterior of thebuilding.
  60. 60. ArtworkArtwork from Fundamentals of Drawing, 2-D Elements of Visual Thinking, Rendering Class.
  61. 61. Artwork4D Models created in Cinema 4DAbove: Original Below: Copied Model
  62. 62. Artwork
  63. 63. Self Study
  64. 64. SelfstudySelf Study
  65. 65. Self StudyInternship Experience:I had the opportunity to work with a localdesigner in Skippack , Pennsylvania thesummer and fall of 2010. We met withclients on projects ranging from high endresidential to small commercial ventures.Part of the design process is to reassureclients and take away any fears they mayhave about their project. It was my job tocontact company representatives to checkon the status of an ordered item or to findout if a product is still current. Another taskwas to initiate and construct contracts withclients. Finally, I was able to utilize AutoCADskills for space planning needs.The pictures are from a Philadelphia citytownhome. The designer and I selected thefurniture, finishes, and designed the layoutfor the space in accordance with theclients needs and desires for the space.
  66. 66. Self StudyContinuation of living room/dining area-Furniture-Paint-Custom window treatmentsMaster BedroomKitchen backsplash
  67. 67. Design PortfolioJillian Lintner
  68. 68. Copyright 2011All drawings, designs, renderings, and content is subject tocopyright and cannot be reproduced without permissionfrom Jillian Lintner or Oklahoma Christian University. All rightsreserved.