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114 surah an-nasr (the help)

What does “Islam” mean?

The word الإسلام [Islam] is an infinitive word derived from س ل م [silm] root in if‘al pattern and used as noun and infinitive. The word silm means “release/keeping away; and to be distant from fear, doubt, trouble, lack of peace, unhappiness, fight, war, pain, suffering, material and spiritual inconveniences, weakness and decaying, and all the negativities.” This word is also the root of salim, selam, teslim, Islam etc. The word’s “Islam” form means “strengthening” [removal from problems, worries, fear, unhappiness, fights, wars, and similar negative things]. Hence, the religion Islam means the “the religion that strengthens humans [entire range of principles that protects and secures people by putting a distance between them and problems, worries, war, weakness, spiritual illness, unhappiness, and similar things].”

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114 surah an-nasr (the help)

  1. 1. 1 SURAH AN-NASR (THE HELP) MEDINAN PERIOD Division: 722 1,2When the help of Allah and the conquest come and when you see the mankind covert to the religion of Allah in groups, 3immediately exonerate Him from all deficiencies with praise TO your Rabb [the Lord, the Cherisher, the Nurturer, the Sustainer] and ask Him for forgiveness. Surely, He is the Ever-Accepting of repentances and giving chance to repent. (114/110; An-Nasr/1-3) Allah is the Most Knowing of the truth and His own purpose. To Allah belongs the perfection.